Friday, November 20, 2009

What did we learn this week?

In honor of the best sports talk show on radio (and television for that matter) I will give you a weekly update on what we learned this week. This idea came to us from the Dan Patrick Show as he always ask his crew (the Danettes) what they learned as they wrap up every show. On Friday's they play Arcade Fire and in my opinion it makes for a great start to the weekend. For the past couple of months we have had few people at work who have been on an email that answers the question what did you learn this week? Just like DP we use Arcade Fire as inspiration. 

Thus without further ado, here is what we learned this week......

What the Coach learned.......

I learned that being sick sucks and you think you will spend a nice day watching television at the house only to find out that there is nothing on during the day. I also learned that in the future I should stick with ESPNEWS instead of deciding the best movie that is on HBO, Showtime, or Starz that way I do not get stuck watching Bride Wars on a Tuesday afternoon. I learned Chris Johnson can not talk and how the Titans PR staff allowed him to do an interview on the Dan Patrick show is beyond me. On the same hand Fritzie has to do a better job screening the guests. I learned playing a game called catch up is fun but not responsible. I learned that you can always count on the good doctor to break any news concerning the University of Georgia whether it will make you smile or sad. I learned that I personally enjoy watching Community more than the Office, is that possible? Joel McHale is awesome. I know Saturday will be the last tailgate in Athens, Ga until September 4th, 2010 and that is making me sad. I need to try and organize a basketball or baseball tailgate with the same cast of characters. I learned that Chick-fil-a for four meals in a row Friday night/all day Saturday is AWESOME and at the same time a little extreme. I learned I can be awesome one night and then 24 hours later I can be a disaster, not good.

What the Admiral learned....

I learned that a night in Athens is never boring. No matter if you tailgate all day long or if you have to play a little game called Catch Up, both will make a game between the hedges memorable. Shout outs to Sim and JJ for a great tailgate that has produced good times and even some good photos. I learned that the Titans owner, Bud Adams, is a old man that still has no idea what the hell he was doing last Sunday. The double middle finger salute…awesome. . Titans look good. If the defense can improve every week, I hope Titans of Tennessee will make the Texans of Houston this MNF, the mighty Colts, and others “Remember the night they played the Titans!” . I’m excited about the rest of the season. Playoffs are hopeless but it is still fun to watch them. I learned how much I miss Vincent Young. By the way, this song pumps me up so much every Monday Night. VY loves playing in Houston and Christopher Johnson a.k.a. “A Coach’s Dream” might run for 3 tds all over 75 yards. I learned that a happy hour with Derek and Mike paying is a great way to start off the week. It is also a good time to see Evan drink an Appletini and Mark Heyduck do magic tricks for everyone. It was a good week of learnings.  

What Dan learned.....

I learned that I really do look forward to Thanksgiving and Thanksgiving football. No matter how bad the games on Turkey day may be it is always some of the best time spent between eating. I have no fonder memories than the whole family (even Peggy - minus JJ) sitting around the television half asleep watching football on my parents under sized TV. The day I don’t get to do this will be a horribly sad day for America.

I was elated to learn that Ricky still has tread on his tires. He is the freshest 30+ running back you will find in the NFL and maybe it was a blessing he did what he did. If he played consistently over the past 7 years he would not be a fin right now and no telling where that would leave us. He missed all the bad years and now is a part of a much better team that has a fighters chance to do something special down the stretch.

I will end this segment on the final note of what I learned. I learned that Matt Millen makes me want to drill out my ear drums. How he ran a NFL team, no, how he got a job with an NFL team is still one of the greatest unsolved mysteries in the history of the universe. We have a better understanding of alien life than of why Matt Millen keeps getting employment in the NFL. Matt Millen could not convince me to pour water on myself if I was burning alive. He destroys Thursday Night football and it is sad because I think Bob Papas is a very good broadcaster. I am so happy that that is really the only Thursday Night game I had to watch with sound.

Until next week let's keep learning....

What the Roomdawg learned.....

I learned how awesome Brandon Jennings is.  I'm pretty sure I learned that before..... But that was before he dropped 55 points on Golden State last Saturday.  So, I learned he was even more awesome than I thought he ever could be.  I learned what he did on Saturday was better than anything Kareem (then, Lew Alcindor) did his rookie year, 2 off the best game ever by a Bucks player, and the 5th best rookie game of all time, and the youngest rookie to score 50 points, and fastest to score 50 in his rookie season.  Wow, that was a lot to learn.  I also learned (try to follow me on this one) that Jennings has scored the most points by a rookie in his first 9 games among all active players.... Beating out Shaq for that honor.

I learned that working 3 of the 5 nights before you leave for a week kinda sucks.... Doesn't give you a lot of time to get ready.  Along those lines, I learned that trying to clear out space on the dvr for a weeks worth of shows can be tricky and time consuming.  Not only have I been trying to catch up on stuff, but new stuff has been recording all week.

I learned the Packers may actually still have a chance to make the playoffs, but beating San Francisco this weekend is crucial to that b/c they have a tough December coming up.  I learned that making the playoffs isn't a guarantee to win you an MLB award.... i.e.  AL Cy Young, NL Rookie of the Year and NL Cy Young went to 3 non playoff making players when there were candidates on playoff teams that were plenty deserving (Sabathia, Happ and Carpenter/Wainwright). 

What did Mr. Mitchell learn......

Good Stuff Dan.  Love the Millen comments.

I learned Charlie Weiss sucks.  I hate that f*cking arrogant prick and there are few things that make me happier than seeing his fat ass and that school who thinks they are better than everyone else suffer.  Good thing they signed him to that 10 year extension after a 10-3 season where they did not beat any good teams, got blown out by an Ohio St team that has proven they can't play with the elites, and one last thing: they weren't even his players he recruited.  I hope he sends residual checks to Ty Willingham for his overpaid lard ass...then again, he probably needs several million dollars to be able to eat every day. 

I don't remember the exact stories regarding Brandon Jennings when he entered the draft, but I know there are some very questionable character concerns with him. Beware Dalin and mark my word: this guy will be a serious cancer and you will have a T.O. like talent on your team and while he may be fun to watch and put up a shitload of points for a few years, I do not think he will ever make the Bucks a winner.  My prediction is he will be at the top of the league in points per game, but it won't be enough to make them a .500 team, he will be a coach killer, demand a trade within three years Brandon Marshall style, and eventually ending up like your former Big Dog.  Granted former Room Dog, you watch them play 41 times a year and I haven't seen them play at all, but I like to think I know what I'm talking about.  So I guess I learned not to make judgments' until I watch this future dog fighting convict play.

Please let us know what you learned this week in the comments section...Have a wonderful pre-turkey day weekend.


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