Friday, November 13, 2009

What did we learn this week?

In honor of the best sports talk show on radio (and television for that matter) I will give you a weekly update on what we learned this week. This idea came to us from the Dan Patrick Show as he always ask his crew (the Danettes) what they learned as they wrap up every show. On Friday's they play Arcade Fire and in my opinion it makes for a great start to the weekend. For the past couple of months we have had few people at work who have been on an email that answers the question what did you learn this week? Just like DP we use Arcade Fire as inspiration. This is Evan's last day so he will be giving us a version of what he learned this year and it is well done. Feel free to leave what you learned in the comments section. 

Thus without further ado, here is what we learned this week....

What the Coach Learned.....

I learned that Carver's on Monday is a great way to start the week. They have some vegetables on Monday that I had not seen before and that always gets me excited. It is almost as good as Friday’s when it is the best way to end the week. I learned that while nervous at first, tutoring the kids at the school up the street is going to be a lot of fun and hopefully rewarding experience. While watching the CMA's I learned multiple things; first Jamey Johnson is the new voice of country and his performance with Kid Rock was legendary. Second, I had not heard the Daughtry song Tennessee Line before Wednesday night. Great tune.

I learned my room dawg makes a great chili and that chili is even better warmed up the next day (I already knew the second part). I will discuss the topic on which foods are better the second time around in the ten things Monday morning. I learned I am really excited for the Gary Allan concert tonight. It should be a great time among friends and a great pregame party as well. I earned Jay Cutler is not worth all the draft picks that he was traded for, I thought that was the case in April now I know it. I learned that Warren Sapp makes a great guest on Dan Patrick and that Sapp loves watching on the 101 while preparing for NFL Network responsibilities. While a sad occasion I learned that releasing balloons while singing the Albert Brumley hymn "I'll fly away" after a funeral when everyone is gathered around in a circle is one of the better ways to honor the memories of a loved one.

What the RoomDawg Learned.....

I learned that Mr. Ingle was hired to stay on full time.  I also learned that Mark Hejduk is probably moving back to Cleveland soon.  I learned that Brandon Jennings has a great shot to win rookie of the year.  Besides opening up his career with a near triple double (only actually accomplished by Oscar Robertson), he recently dropped a career high 32 points as the supposedly "lowly" Milwaukee Bucks beat Western Conference runner up Denver Nuggets..... in the process hit 6 of 6 free throws to ice the game.  I learned that Brandon Jennings was the great risk great reward draft pick I thought he was going to be, and I'm happy to report it looks like he'll be great. 

I learned a stat/topic that JJ and I discussed awhile back actually got used during TNT's studio show during the mlb playoffs.  JJ and I were discussing how CC Sabathia had pitched in the playoffs for 3 different teams in 3 straight years, and we wondered if it happened before.  I emailed my friend Joe who works for TNT doing data research for their NBA/MLB shows and he came back with 5 answers....MIke Stanton (95-97), David Wells (95-97), Rod Beck (97-99), Randy Johnson (97-99) and Mr Sabathia.  I learned this week that Joe actually used that stat on the air at the end of one of their shows when they like to toss out an interesting stat that people might not know about.  Well done coach (he is learning about this as he reads it.... I hadn't told him yet).

I learned its going to take a week off over Thanksgiving for me to catch up on my sleep.  I've been at least a little tired almost everyday it seems for weeks now.  I learned that December 11th may be my last work day for the 2009 calendar year (I knew that already, I just wanted to brag).  I learned that I'll be going on an Alaskan Cruise in June 2010 and I can't wait.  I've never been on a cruise and I've been saving for almost 4 years to do this trip.  I learned that for the first time, I'm starting to have doubts about the future of the Packers with Thompson and McCarthy as GM and Coach..... too many issues to be having with the team 4 years or so into their terms.  I learned that my schedule is booked at least partially for everyday between now and when I leave for Milwaukee on November 21st.

I learned cooking isn't all that hard when you take the time to do it.  I also learned that there is a place called Real Chili in Milwaukee that I never heard of that I can't wait to try b/c I love Chili.  I learned of a new alcoholic shot that might sound crazy, but if you like pickles you might enjoy it as much as I do.  Its a shot of tequila followed by a chaser shot of pickle juice... yes, pickle juice.... the stuff you'd find in a jar full of pickles.  It does a great job of taking away the fact that you just did a shot of tequila.  Delicious, seriously!!!  Me and my friend Nick (who created the shot) have named the shot "Green Man" in honor of the color of pickles, and the costume worn by Charlie on "Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia".

What Mr. Mitchell Learned......

I learned Dan’s birthday won’t be nearly as fun this year without Tom shamelessly promoting and pimping it out as the greatest celebration of all time.  I’m sorry you won’t get a PS3 to go along with your XBOX 360 Dan.  That’s a damn shame.  I learned Coach has one hell of a weekend planned.  I learned I continue to love DP as much as ever, even though I’m not able to listen closely like I used to. 

I learned as happy as I am for Alex, I’m equally as disappointed EP is leaving.  One less soldier on our trips to Carver’s, among many other things.  Good luck sir.

What the Admiral Learned....

I learned that Atlanta is officially home for years to come and it is time to start apartment searching for 2010. I hate moving but when your kitchen is always full of bugs, I won’t hate it too much. I learned that the Titans look like a totally different team with Vincent Young at the helm. They are fun to watch again and are playing with a swagger. This is a clip from this past Sunday’s game. I went nuts in Tin Lizzys after this play from Justin GageWe have the Bills of Buffalo coming in this week. Look out for Finnegan vs. T.O. Could be interesting maybe even some fisticuffs. I learned that I love Thanksgiving food and excited about the upcoming eating holiday. I learned that I hate the cops of Fulton County. Apparently it is illegal to make a left hand turn from North Ave onto Peachtree from 4-6. All 22 hrs of the day it is fine but those two hrs are off limit. If you do, it will be a $195 ticket. I learned that I will be fighting that in court on December 3rd. I learned that reconnecting with old bosses will prove to be beneficial to me in the future with two of them guaranteeing me nights on the town celebrating the new job. I learned that Michael Jackson is in my opinion the best entertainer of all time. He might be the weirdest human being/alien ever to walk the earth but he could sing and dance. I learned this after watching This Is It. Not a must see but really interesting to watch him at rehearsals and him in his element. Nothing beats Man in the Mirror. Should be a fun weekend. Hope to see the Dores sneak one from the Cats.

What the Birthday Boy Dan Learned.....

I learned that The Group Sales Department is one of the best around. Not only are we all really good at what we do, we all get along as well. Not too many people remember fellow groupies birthdays and special events like this group does. With that said, welcome aboard Alex Ingle, you are joining one hell of a group! Big thanks for the Birthday Card! 

I also learned that the Chicago Bears are one of the most dismal teams in football. I say this because they made the “big moves” this off season only to see themselves struggle mightily. They are a team that has lost sight of who they are. Who would you blame?  Sorry LOVIE!

I also learned that the line “you wouldn’t do this to Dan” gets you out of a lot of situations in life, ask BJ! 

I learned that Cory eats a lot of chili and the room dog and coach  with a few bowls of chili and 1 bathroom has sitcom written all over it. Does Cory use “I own the place” as leverage to get seat priority? 

In closing I learned that birthdays are not as much fun the older you get…all the major milestones are in the review mirror and now you are just adding on numbers.

On a side note if anyone is up for going out Saturday or hanging on Sunday give me a shout I will be doing a lot of beveraging!

What Evan Learned......

At the special request of Coach himself, this will be a different form of the weekly column…this is what I’ve learned this year.

This has been a great year--new friends and new opportunities, what more can you ask for (besides PTO’s and benefits)? While I’m sure that I’ve learned a lot more than I’ll remember, I’ll give it a shot…

I’ve learned that 3 different people that have never met moving in together makes for an interesting roommate situation…it leads to having to drive around at 2:30am on Fat Tuesday looking for a certain Admiral, who SWEARS he’s at the corner of N. Decatur and Ponce (literally, a 1 min drive from the apt), then at Cucumber and N. Highland…which isn’t a real intersection. Turns out he had ½ the address right, it was Cumberland and N. Highland. Great Night! I’ve learned that sometimes it takes a little time to develop a relationship with your coach, you think he’s an ass at first, but in the end, he really is a good guy (with GREAT taste in tunes…). I learned that Cory grows a KILLER beard over the winter holidays. I learned that JJ knows how to pick a good restaurant, his suggestions have been impeccable. I don’t know what I’ll do w/o my weekly trips to Carver’s. I learned that just because you turned around 2 weak ass basketball programs in the state of Texas doesn’t mean you can come to the “Holy Roman Empire” of College Basketball and turn it around (This means you, drunkard Billy Gillispie). I learned that our new coach has a great relationship w/ “LBJ23”. He wants to come to a game at Rupp, and I can only hope that it’s one that I’m able to attend. I found out that I really REALLY miss a day at Keeneland. The girls in sundresses make losing money so much more tolerable, well that and the bourbon. I learned that you should never let an ex change the way you bet…my ex’s last name is Keller, horse’s name was Ms. Keller, and the damn thing came in 3rd, effectively keeping me from my superfecta….that girl is still messing my life up. I’ve known this, but is a great website to visit in case you’ve missed any of your shows, and they’re not on the tv stations website. I learned that NASCAR in person may be the greatest sport in this great country. What other sport venue allows you to bring your own alcohol, smoke in your seat, wear a NASCAR tank top, all while watching cars drive 200 MPH. An absolute must for anyone that likes getting drunk and yelling profanities at nasty, mullet-having women that wear home-made shirts that read, “I hate Busch so much that I shaved mine” (with an arrow pointing down to you know where…). Truly the American Dream. I learned that rooftop parties are like no other, great location, and great people. Couldn’t ask for more. As previously stated, I’ve learned you can’t go anywhere with someone that has a video camera, for fear of it ending up all over the internet. I learned that it’s not ok to wear a V-neck undershirt, even if it’s the ONLY clean one you have. I learned that Beach trips and Mountain cabins are a great time, possibly two of the BEST places to go and relax. I haven’t learned this yet, but I think it’s a forgone conclusion, I’m going to really miss all the free tickets to Hawks, Thrashers, Golf, NASCAR, etc. I’ve learned that I can’t wait for one more, great “last hoorah”. It very well may be next weekend in Athens. I’ll have no work the next week, lots of GREAT company (lots of college buddies in town, and of course the Sim’s and Coach’s tailgate + 7:45PM kickoff b/w the dawgs and ‘cats = LOTS OF DRUNKEN DEBAUCHERY. Is it to early to apologize for how I act next weekend? One thing I’ve yet to ‘learn’—is it more embarrassing striking out in slow pitch softball, or busting ass rounding 3rd trying to score? I’m still not sure. I’ve learned that Arcade Fire may have to be added to my ipod just so I can play it to myself every Friday at noon. And finally, I’ve learned that Eanes has no perception of time when it comes to jokes. Two jokes WAY too soon in two days? Really? You’re so much better than that.

When you start hear, they feed you the line that the people hear are like a family. At first you blow it off like another line of B.S., but over time, you realize it’s true. I’ve had a great time this year, and I don’t think there’s much I would change even if I could.

Thanks again for an awesome year gentleman…

 Well done everyone, well done.

As always please feel free to let us know what you learned this week.

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