Monday, November 30, 2009

Ten Things JJ Thinks He Thinks

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and if you know of any names or emails to add to the distribution list let me know. I hope everyone had a fabulous Turkey Day. I know  I did. Greatjob by the good doctor having an extra ticket as I got to see the Dawgs win a game I did not think they could win. Without further ado here are the Ten Things.

1. Georgia Thoughts

This is by far the happiest I have been waking up on a Sunday morning in a long, long, time. Not many people gave us a chance and I was one of them. I thought we would score some points against their defense but I did not think our defense could hold that offense to only 24 points. Last week I challenged Mark Richt, (okay lets be serious I doubt he took my considerations or challenges serious or even heard about them) but if you are a Bulldog fan this quote by Joe Cox will show you that the UGA program no matter the recent struggles is always in a good spot with Mark Richt as its leader. Mark Richt was as focused and serious as he has been in the past. "You could definitely notice it. He had a chip on his shoulder for this game just like we did. That was good to see. You could definitely see he wanted this game more than anything. He coached hard and he had a lot of pride in this game." I can not read that Joe Cox quote without cracking a smile.

I also need to credit Mike Bobo who is known for trying to have a "balanced" offense for starting the game with 13 consecutive running plays. The ability of Georgia to dominate the rushing game definitely shortened that game and probably cost Georgia Tech a couple of possessions which clearly kept points off of the scoreboard. Speaking of our running game has anyone improved more through a season than Caleb King this season? He just completed his red-shirt sophomore season and with freshmen teammate Washaun Ealey UGA might have the best 1-2 running back combo in America next season. (Yes I am getting too excited for 2010). I love the mental and physical toughness of Ealey and this quote from David Hale says it all about the freshmen from ECI; "We knew he had it in him to run the ball as well as he did, but it was probably fair to wonder how the kid would recover from the devastating fumble at the goal line in the final minutes against Kentucky last week. He heard plenty of criticism -- even from his own coaches -- last week, and King said the play was "still messing with his head" but Ealey responded with a spectacular performance. He picked up 183 yards in the game -- nearly matching the high-water mark for Knowshon Moreno's career -- on just 20 carries, averaging 9.1 yards per touch."

While one game does not erase as season of frustrations it does say something about the UGA program when we can beat GaTech when they are having one of their best seasons since 1990 and UGA is having its worst season under the Richt administration. With all of that being said changes are in store and they might come as soon as today. All signs point to a change at defensive coordinator and potentially changes at the defensive end and linebacker coaching positions. Everyone that calls themselves a UGA fan should give Richt and the Georgia administration time to put together a defensive staff that I am sure will be tops in the SEC within the next few years. Richt has made all the right decisions so far in his tenure in Athens, why would he make a wrong one now?

Btw if you want to read more into what the next few days and weeks in Athens will look like read this article from Hale that was published before the game on Saturday.

2. Colts Thoughts

I have said this phrase multiple times and will continue to say it, A win is a win is a win is a win. How the Colts keep coming back is beyond me, I am just glad that they do. With the win Sunday and the Jaguars loss the Colts have no clinched the AFC South and a playoff appearance for the 8th straight season.  Peyton Manning continues to be a miracle worker as he orchestrated the 42nd fourth-quarter comeback of his career. This is Manning's sixth 4th quarter comeback this season and his 5th in the last 5 games. The NFL has never seen anything like this. In 90 years, nothing like the last five weeks has ever happened, ever. However, I have to get on Manning a little bit for his carelessness with the football. After throwing only four interceptions in his first seven games, Manning has had seven in the last four. Manning had two Sunday against Houston as the team fell into a 20-7 halftime hole.

Hopefully the Colts can clinch home field advantage in the next few weeks and start getting some injured players healthy. DE Dwight Freeney (abdomen), DL Keyunta Dawson, WR Anthony Gonzalez, K Adam Vinatierri, backup S Aaron Francisco and CB Kelvin Hayden missed Sunday’s game and hopefully are back soon. In addition Manning was limited all last week with an injured glute, this is a team that should be able to take full advantage of home field advantage if they can keep doing what they do.

I love this question that CNNSI writer Don Banks asks in his snap judgements; which of Indy's latest feats is more impressive: The 20 consecutive regular-season wins, just one shy of New England's 2006-2008 league record, its NFL-record seventh straight year of at least 11 wins, or its 11-0 start under rookie head coach Jim Caldwell? I have no idea they both are pretty impressive in my opinion.
3. Bowl Preview

Please note if your bowl is played before Christmas I am not going to give it a projection. Yes their are way to many Bowl Games and this is by far one of the most difficult tasks I have completed. Just like last week I still have Clemson upsetting Georgia Tech in the ACC Championship game but Georgia Tech unlike last week will not get an at-large BCS Bowl bid. A couple of other intriguing match ups include Bobby Bowden in what is his potential last game playing West Virginia the school he was coached before FSU. Another interesting game is the battle of the Carolina’s in Nashville. Probably the most intriguing match-up is the Gene Chizik bowl when Auburn plays Iowa State in the Independence Bowl. It should also be mentioned that Iowa deserves to go to the Fiesta Bowl but I believe the Fiesta Bowl will choose ratings and Penn St. Let me know your thoughts.

Little Caesars Pizza-Detroit 12/26
Middle Tenn St. vs Ohio

Meineke Car Care-Charlotte 12/26
Florida St. vs West Virginia

Emerald-San Francisco 12/26
Stanford vs Boston College

Gaylord Hotels Music City-Nashville 12/27
South Carolina vs. North Carolina

AdvoCare V100 Independence-Shreveport 12/28
Auburn vs Iowa State

EagleBank-Washington DC 12/29
Marshall/Army vs Bowling Green

Champs Sports-Orlando 12/29
Miami vs Northwestern

Roady's Humanitarian-Boise 12/30
UCLA vs Idaho

Pacific Life Holiday-San Diego 12/30
USC vs Oklahoma St.

Bell Helicopter Armed Forces-Ft. Worth 12/31
SMU vs Air Force

Brut Sun- El Paso 12/31
Oklahoma vs Oregon St

Texas- Houston 12/31
Missouri vs Navy

Insight- Tempe 12/31
Iowa St vs Minnesota

Chick-fil-A- Atlanta 12/31
Virginia Tech vs Georgia

Outback-Tampa 1/1
 Ole Miss vs Wisconsin

Capital One-Orlando 1/1                 
LSU vs Iowa

Konica Minolta Gator J'ville 1/1
Georgia Tech vs Pittsburgh

Rose Bowl Pasadena 1/1
Oregon vs Ohio St

Sugar- New Orleans 1/1
Alabama vs TCU

International- Toronto 1/2
Rutgers vs Temple Birmingham 1/2
UCONN vs Kentucky

AT& T Cotton - Dallas 1/2
Nebraska vs Tennessee

Liberty - Memphis 1/2
Arkansas vs Houston

Valero Alamo - San Antonio 1/2
 Michigan St vs Texas Tech

Tostitos Fiesta - Phoenix 1/4
Penn State vs Boise St

FedEx Orange- Miami 1/5
Clemson vs Cincinnati

GMAC- Mobile 1/6
Central Michigan vs Notre Dame

National Championship Game -Pasadena 1/7  
Florida vs Texas

4. Things In Which We Are Thankful
I will let my good friend Ben get the homework assignment started. Great work by everyone who participated.

Ben's thankful list:
1.1995 Atlanta braves, the one and only championship any of teams have
been apart of.

2.Sidney Eugene Bream, watching him round third in the 1992 NLCS still
gives me chills (also nothing gave me hope that i could be a major
leaguer like watching Sid Bream run the bases)

3.UGA pregame Videos, epically when teenage wasteland is the soundtrack.

4.Instant replay in both the NFL and College. (I like the college replay best)

5.The fact that no team of mine has Orange as a color.

6.Fantasy Football, Would i really care about watching the Texans play
the Titians if Chris Johnson wasn't on my fantasy team?

7.All Star Festivities: Home Run Derby and Slam Dunk Contest are tops,
but i'm a big fan of the Futures game as well.

8.High Definitions Televisions: has anything enhance sports like HD

9.ESPN Top 10 Plays

10.The invention of the Blooper reel. who came up with the word blooper?

11. Tailgate food, who doesn't like to graze for hours? My favorite:
Chick-fil-a Nugget tray.  (this should have been number 1)

12.The retractable dome, what an amazing concept!

13.The way small towns rally around the local high school teams.  I
love driving through the middle of a small town and seeing signs hung
on all the local businesses.  I think that is the only relevant thing
cheerleaders do...couldn't resist.

14. Tomahawk Chop at a braves game, although it has lost its luster
from the glory days of the 90's, its still a favorite of mine.

15.Basketball players wearing longer shorts.  As great as player as
Pistal Pete was i can't help but get the "uh-oh" feeling watching him
run around in his daisy dukes.

16.UFC, enough with the padded gloves, let um fight

17.Filling out a Bracket for March Madness.  Was thier a better time
had than at the Johnson resident on opening weekend of the tourny?

18.NFL on Thanksgiving day

19.Steroids, blast away but who didn't like watching Big Mac crush 70

20.Brett Farve not retiring, i admit the circus was getting annoying
but how fun has it been to watch him this year.

Co-worker and reader Stacey gives her list (I wrote it in pink just for her)

3-D Tool Race
Championship Bling
Flames that shoot out when the Thrashers score because they provide 5 seconds of warmth
My Hawks telescope because it allows me the ability to scope out the celebrity row
Superbowl Parties
My Pink Ribbon tennis racket
On-Screen Dance Offs
Fun Post-game concerts
Team Sweatshirts (Preferably in Pink)
Face Stickers
Eye Black
High Fives
Game Winning Grand Slams
Stadium Lemonade
SI Photos of the Week
SI Twitters of the Week
Throw Back Jerseys
Fans who wear Superhero Capes
Overcast Days with NO RAIN
Retiring the Jersey of a Superstar
When the Tomahawk Chop makes it to the third round

 The Roomdawg gives his list

-The Green Bay Packers
-Ted Thompson choosing Aaron Rodgers over Favre (gotta think longterm)
-NFL Sunday ticket and a roommate willing to split the cost
-Working in sports/baseball
-Working for one of my 5 favorite teams in all of sports and one of my two favorite baseball teams
-Getting to watch my high school friend referee an NBA pre-season game
-Having a part time job where I get to watch basketball and my favorite basketball team... The Milwaukee Bucks
-Ted Thompson's only big free agent signing has worked out GREAT..... Charles Woodson having averaged an INT almost every other game
-The Bucks drafting Brandon Jennings... Might be the most exciting player to play for Bucks since Kareem
-The Braves possibly having the best rotation in all of baseball
-working for a baseball team and being able to see games for free where I work and other local venues b/c of contacts we have
-being able to see one of the biggest regular season football games ever (Favre @ Packers/Lambeau) for essentially face value
-Tom Crean and Indiana finally being back on track for good things (still will take another year or two to get there)
-dvr and being able to watch games that are important to me even if I can't be home to watch them
-tabbed browsing in a web browser.... Allows me to keep open all the sports articles I want to read
-"Read it Later" plug in on Mozilla Firefox browser allowing me to shut down my computer and come back to saved sports articles I want to read (its basically like bookmarking, but better I think)
-the 16 great years Favre gave the Packers
-my buddy Joe who got me my job at Turner Sports watching basketball
-Tommy Hanson and I can only assume Jason Heyward
-Ryan Braun and Prince Fielder
-Herb Kohl and formerly Bud Selig being owners commited to doing whatever it takes to keep sports teams in a small city like Milwaukee
-Big Ten Network and being able to watch EVERY IU/UW game that I want to without leaving the house and being able to read about and follow sports in the state of Wisconsin and being able to follow IU sports and recruiting
-always being able to see old County Stadium in Milwaukee by flipping on the movie Major League

What Co-worker Dan is Thankful

-Flaming spears at the 50 yard line
-Reformed pot head running backs who still have a step
-Thanksgiving football

What my good buddy and the greatest kicker in Screven County football history is thankful
1. Erin Andrews
2. Dale Earnhardt SR
3. The guy who chugs the rally beer at Thrashers games
4. Phoenix Suns and Arizona Cardinals cheerleaders (just spent a wedding with many of them) and their boob doctors
5. Luther Welsh
6. The guy who works for the Braves and has supplied me with many tickets to various sporting events in ATL

Great work by everyone who replied. Everyone is thankful for your great responses.

5. MLB Thoughts
a. How awesome is the MLB network? I get home Friday afternoon, flip on the MLB Network and watch the 1990 All-Star game from Wrigley Field. I was not old enough to appreciate how talented Ozzie Smith was defensively but I am old enough know and they only person that comes close is Omar Vizquel in my opinion.
b. By the way Will Clark might be one of the most underrated players of all time.
c. I have no arguments with the MVP awards that were announced this week and this is coming from one of the biggest Derek Jeter fans.
d. As always the Sunday Notes section in the Boston Globe is must read. Great stuff in there from Derek Lowe.
e. Very interesting week ahead with teams offering free agent players arbitration.
f. The following players are first time Hall of Fame candidates; Robert Alomar, Barry Larkin, Fred McGriff, Edgar Martinez, Robin Ventura, Eric Karros, Ellis Burks, Ray Lankford, David Segui, Todd Zeile, Shane Reynolds, Kevin Appier, Pat Hentgen, and Mike Jackson. Holdovers from last season include Andrew Dawson, Bert Blyleeven, Harold Baines, Don Mattingly, Mark McGwire, Jack Morris, Dale Murphy, Dave Parker, Tim Raines, Lee Smith, and Alan Trammell.
g.  Of the first timers I think Alomar and Larkin are locks with Alomar probably getting in this year. The real discussion is over Fred McGriff and his place in history. Do not forget the Crime Dog hit 493 home runs in a pre-steroid era. Lots of arguments for and against McGriff, but we can not forget that he did endorse Tom Emanski videos.
h. Great stat: Among catchers, the leading home run hitter of the decade was Jorge Posada, who had 208. He was followed by Mike Piazza (187), Ivan Rodriguez (161), Jason Varitek (148), and Javy Lopez (141).
i. One more great stat; Over the last six years, Miguel Cabrera has averaged 159 games per season. His 953 games are tied with Ichiro Suzuki for the most over that time period.
j. Sad news for anyone that has ever been to Yankee Stadium and heard what Reggie Jackson calls 'the voice of god' public address anouncer Bob Sheppard is officially retiring at 99 years old. While he has not worked at Yankee Stadium since 2007 every Derek Jeter plate appearance the last two years has had a recording of Bob Sheppard introducing the Yankee Captain. Here is video the Yankees played on their Diamondvision during their Bob Sheppard Day festivities on May 7th, 2000. (By the way this is awesome video, unbelievable I was able to find this)
k. Great read by Joe Posnanski on Joe Mauer who he says is the best player in the game. Tough to argue with him and if I was starting a baseball team tomorrow and I could pick anyone I wanted, I would probably lean Mauer over Pujols as my first pick.
l. Posnanski also brings up some pretty good stats about Barry Bonds and just how good he was in 2004. This is what Posnanski says about Bonds is 2004, we all believe we have the Barry Bonds story figured out, one way or another. But no matter what you believe: The first 25 games of the 2004 season, Bonds was intentionally walked 22 times. His numbers: .463/.704/1.111 with 10 home runs, 44 walks and six strikeouts. No matter what he may have taken to get there, those numbers are simply beyond belief.

6. What I read this week
Two stories from the NY Times as our articles of the week and they both deal in high school sports. The first story takes an in depth look at the Valdosta High School football program which is the nations all-time winningest high school football program with a record of 850-200-34. However, the past ten seasons have been less than friendly for the wildcats and they are now looking for their fourth coach in the past eight seasons after not renewing the contract of Rick Tomberlin. Multiple issues are discussed in the article which seems like a real life Friday Night Lights episode.

The first story probably discussed everything wrong with the sporting culture and the second story will show at least some good in the sports world. This story discusses high school basketball in Indiana. Before you begin thinking this will be another Hoosiers esque story, stop right their and read the article. The article looks at Medora High School and their 23 year old high school coach who went 0-22 last season. Medora is a dying town of only 500 people in southern Indiana where most players wear boots at practice as they can not afford to wear sneakers.

7. Football Thoughts for the week
a. This is how seniors are supposed to end their careers; 28-38 passing, 5 td's for 372 yards. Great job Riley Skinner.
b. Why do organizations allow fired coaches to attend the press conference? Nothing good can happen and we end up with Virginia coach Al Groh reading the poem, The Guy In The Glass.
c. Something to be said for a struggling program upsetting its supposedly upstart rivals. With its27-0 win Saturday, Oklahoma has won 30 straight home games, marking the longest such streak in the nation. Furthermore, Bob Stoops improved to 9-2 against Oklahoma State. Cowboys coach Mike Gundy dropped to 0-5 in the series.
d. Why does it seem Jake Delhomme throws a pick six every game?
e. For someone who heard boo birds by his own fans last year Auburn QB Chris Todd had a pretty nice senior season. All he did was set Auburn's single-season record with 21 touchdown passes.
f. It is a shame Cincy QB Tony Pike got injured or he might be the Heisman front runner. On Saturday Pike set the school record with 6 touchdown passes. Pike broke the record of former Cincinnati quarterback Gino Guidugli, who threw for five touchdowns against Southern Miss in 2004. It has to be mentioned that Gino's younger brother Ben had two touchdown catches on Friday.
g. How even matched has the LSU-Arkansas series been the last few years? It was the second straight time that the two teams played in overtime in Baton Rouge and the last five meetings between the two teams have been decided by 13 points.
h. Did anyone else see Dennis Dixon's dad wearing old school Pittsburgh Pirates hat last night....AWESOME
i. What has happened to the New York Giants running game? The Broncos held the Giants to 57 rushing yards.
j. Vince Young just keeps winning. Young threw for a career high 387 yards, won his ninth straight start and improved to 23-11 in his career Sunday.My good friend The Admiral might be the happiest man alive with the way Young has been playing.
k. By the way Young led an 18-play, 99-yard drive in the final 2:37 that was the stuff of legend.All he did was go 9-of-16 for 94 yards, including the 10-yard winning TD to Kenny Britt. He also converted three times on fourth down (4th and 4 at their own 7; 4th and 4 at the Arizona 44; 4th and 10 at the Arizona 10 on the game's final play). The drive Sunday evening reminded me of a Young led drive about 4 years earlier and much to the chagrin of Coach Mitchell. In the 2006 Rose Bowl, Young scored on a 4th and 5 run from the USC 8-yard line to win the game. The QB he beat that night? Matt Leinart, who started Sunday for Arizona.
l. Bad loss for the Jaguars who now have to play the Texans, Dolphins and Colts at home within 12 days of each other. The Jags have been outscored 61-3 in games on the west coast this season.
m. Maybe Ricky Williams has found the fountain of youth. In a losing effort Sunday, Williams rushed for 115 yards and a TD, his third straight game with 100 rush yards.
n. How bad have the Lions been on Thanksgiving? The Lions have lost six straight games on Thanksgiving, and finished the decade with a 2-8 record.
o. The Chargers continue to improve each week. LaDainian Tomlinson rushed for 39 yards but had two TDs, giving him 149 for his career. Chargers have tough contests with trips to Dallas and Tennessee and a home game with Cincinnati. However, they do have games we can pencil in as wins with a trip to Cleveland next weekend and the Redskins at home the last weekend of the season.
p. How mad do the Skins have to be about having to fly across the country for their last game of a forgettable season.
q. Lots of coaching rumors and news will begin to fly the next few days. Lets not try to buy into all the crap ESPN tries to feed us.
r. Georgia Southern hired Jeff Monken as their head coach while he was not a name I named last week he does fit the profile of a Paul Johnson assistant with Georgia Southern ties. Georgia Southern football insider Dennette Thornton told me late Sunday night that Monken will be really good at motivating and he has lots of energy.
s. Football Quote of the Week: "I don't like Utah. In fact, I hate them. I hate everything about them. I hate their program, their fans. I hate everything. It felt really good to send those guys home."
BYU QB Max Hall who threw an overtime touchdown pass. I respect some good hate.
t. Should Georgia and South Carolina travel to Tampa for the ACC Championship this weekend? I kid, I think.
u. How did the Falcons win this week? Thanks Raheem Morris!

v. JJ's Heisman Top 5
1. Colt McCoy - Beat Texas A&M by himself by rushing for a career-high 175 yards and a TD and completed 24 of 40 passes for 304 yards and 4 TDs.
2. Toby Gerhart - All he did Saturday was rush for 205 yards and three touchdowns. He even added an 18 yard touchdown pass. You happy now Ben?
3. Tim Tebow - He should have won last season so hopefully we do not get any makeup votes this season.
4. Ndamaukong Suh - Probably next springs first pick in the draft. No one impacts the game like this guy.
5. Mark Ingram - With his performance and injury on Friday he has no chance to win but could get back in the conversation this week with an impressive performance against the Gators.

8. College Top 5
1. Florida - The win on Saturday extended the nation's longest winning streak to 22 games.
2. Alabama - The Crimson Tide are now 13-0 all-time when ranked in the top five and playing an unranked Auburn team.
3. Texas - One more win before the Longhorns return to the site of their last National Championship.
4. TCU - The Horned Frogs have won 14 straight overall, the nation's third-longest current winning streak.
5. Cincinnati - Brian Kelly must now keep himself and his team focused with all the Notre Dame rumors flying around.

9. NFL Top 5
1. Indianapolis - Amazing how they keep doing what they do. They never panic.
2. New Orleans - Tonight is probably their last real test before the playoffs.
3. Minnesota - Probably the most dominant football team week in week out this season.
4. New England - Could get their 4th loss tonight and still be everyones Super Bowl favorite.
5. San Diego - The home game in three weeks against Cincy is starting to look very intriguing.

10.Non Football thoughts for the week
a. The Boston Globe gives us a pretty good gift guide for the Cube Dweller in your life.For those that have Coach Mitchell or myself in the secret Santa, gift 20 would be perfect. Just saying.
b. I also need to admit I made mistake in my ten things last week and it deals with the travel prayer my grandpa would say. Here is the email from my good buddy Ben; Not to call you out, but Josh was famous for quoting your grandad as "I hope you get there and back without incident, accident, inconvenience or embarrassment". Not saying who's right, just saying. Both you and him are right I did forget to add incident.
c. Great job by my Mom in preparing an outstanding Thanksgiving dinner. We had Turkey, Ham, Cream Corn, Sweet Potatoes, Asparagus (on the grill) with some outstanding pumpkin pie selections. God job mom, I am proud of you.
d. My space bar on my blackberry keeps sticking and not spacing and it is really bothering me.
e. It is now the Christmas season and we will get hammered with Christmas themed programming for the next few weeks on television. I am not saying this is a bad thing. However, the following are my favorite Christmas movies of all time and will not be missed by me.
JJ's Top Christmas Movies
1.National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation- The standard. One of my favorite movie lines of all time...
2. Home Alone - How successful was Home Alone? By the time it had run its course in theaters, Home Alone was the third highest grossing movie of all time, according to the home video box. In total, its cinema run grossed $477,561,243 worldwide
3. Home Alone 2-Who wouldn't want to stay at the Plaza for a couple days this holiday season?
4. How the Grinch Stole Christmas - I am talking about the one from the 60's...your a mean one Mr. Grinch
5. A Christmas Story- Love this line, Only I didn't say "Fudge." I said THE word, the big one, the queen-mother of dirty words, the "F-dash-dash-dash" word!

f. Not sure what to make of the Tiger Woods situation. When I first heard it I thought 100% he was driving drunk, however the more I hear the more I believe the reports of This reminds me of the words of Georgia Baseball coach David Perno, nothing good happens after midnight.  I used to think that was crazy but trully nothing good happens after midnight.
g. Not sure what I think about all the debt that Dubai owes and that they currently can not pay back, but I do know Dubai is a place I would love to visit one day. I am interested to see how Wall St responds to this news this week?
h. How many crashes is the DC Metro going to have? This has to stop. Thank god no one was seriously injured.
i. Can not wait for the roomdawg to get back in town we have the last two Amazing Races Tivo'd and I am dying to see them. I am also wanting to see last weeks modern family.
j. How I Met Your Mother continues to be the best show on Monday night and this is saying alot because I am such a huge fan of The Big Bang Theory. In my opinion their is nothing like a good Slapsgiving.
k. Their is also news that Amanda Peet has signed to be a co-star on How I Met Your Mother, no idea on her role but I bet it will be outstanding. Her episode should air sometime in January. This guy can not wait.
l. The Dan Patrick Show will announce Sports Illustrated's Sportsmen of The Year this morning around 9:30. No idea on who the Sportsmen might be but this issue always is one of my favorites (behind the swimsuit edition, of course)
m. I watched a good bit of the 25th Anniversary Rock and Roll Hall of Fame concert on HBO Sunday night and the highlights were Bono and Springsteen singing I Still Haven't Found What I Am Looking For. Then after that song Bono, Mick Jager and Fergie sing the Rolling Stone hit Gimme Shelter. What a great 10 minutes of television. Also performed was Bruce, U2, and Patti Smith with Because The Night. (These are some amazing youtube videos someone shot from the concert)
n .Next was Bono and Jager singing "Stuck In A Moment" and it was almost as good as The Unplugged version "Stuck In A Moment" I heard about 6 weeks ago at the Georgia Dome.
o. The roomdawg has been gone for the past 9 days and here is his trip recap for the ride from Atlanta to Milwaukee which took place last Saturday the 21st. Just as an fyi he rode up with co-worker Erin. Great job by the both of them. Now onto the recap...good weather, good flow to trip, no traffic, lots of love for erin (she got a million calls from friends and family on ride up), a car that answers to voice commands, her phone plays through the radio which is crazy to me, good office gossip, good conversation, erin drove entire way, surprised my mom (she had no idea I was coming home sat. nite) chicken biscuits from chick-fil-a for breakfast, wendy's for lunch, great leadership finding starbucks from co-pilot cory in passenger seat, erin dissing all her friends in chicago by not stopping there, good music, dill pickle sunflower seeds.
p. My Thoughts...Sounds like great trip especially with the chick-fil-a breakfast. However, the dill pickle sunflower seeds sound awful.
q. Still watching the 25th Anniversary Rock and Roll Hall of Fame concert and the last two songs were song by both Billy Joel and Bruce Springsteen, they were "New York State of Mind" and "Born To Run." Long Island meets New Jersey and we get a pretty awesome result.
r. How have I not seen The Boss (Springsteen for those who live under a rock) in concert? I am better than this.
s. I can not get enough of the story about the White House Crashers. This can not happen and how much guts, balls, onions (as Bill Raftery would say) does it take to crash a White House Party?
t. By the way it is on my bucket list to attend dinner at the White House. I could care less whether I liked the President or not. I would love to put on a nice tux, have a nice piece of arm candy and go enjoy what has to be a marvelous meal at the White House. By the way how easy would it be to get a hot date to this event?
u. This is the ride home recap from the roomdawg. Trip departs from chicago, chicago traffic, rain, accidents, rain, more accidents, jamming to kanye, darius rucker, lion king soundtrack, matchbox 20 and ben folds. jamming to miley while passing through nashvegas, cory driving for 3 hours, $50 win on $10 scratchoff, tough loss for marquette, marquette is renamed the Fighting Sheehans by our favorite coach (Fighting Sheehans lost to the Fighting Buchanans of FSU) shakiras hips dont lie (still), texting marathon with jj (even as i type this) cory still hates tenn mtns (at least driving through them) kickboxing in arby's parking lot, erins boyfriend cancels his cellphone (which improves their lack of communication) erin gets kicked out of roomdawgs cousins kosher restaurant for bringing in starbucks, leading my fantasy football matchup by .04 at one point late sunday night, getting home about 230 knowing i dont have to work monday while erin does, realizing that pretty much all the 2009 trainees were done, importing fine milwaukee goods back to the atl (sprecher rootbeer, leinenkugels honey weiss and WI sharp cheddar cheese, erin does not like mtns either, cd has odd taste in food, they both found out they loved musicals, erin completed 40 hours of long distance driving within a week, and both are looking forward to the holiday party in 2 days(also a sweatervest wed).......good night and god speed
v. My thoughts: was it country darius rucker, you cant beat miley in music city usa, who would have thought starbucks was not kosher? I want in on some root beer. Whats your guys favorite musical?
w. For those of you that are music lovers make sure you DVR or Tivo the 25th Anniversary Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Concert.

Quote of the week 1

If the pilgrims would have given the pilgrims a donkey instead of a turkey we all would be having a piece of @$$ for thanksgiving.

My Cousin Kim who also makes a mean Biscuits and Gravy

Quote of the week2

Comes from Deion Sanders after being asked by Dan Patrick on Wednesday morning if he was a good cook.

"No but I am great provider."

Quote of the week 3

This quote comes from  Choose to believe what you want.

Tiger told a friend that his wife had "gone ghetto," and he had to "to run to Zales to get a 'Kobe Special.'"

Text of the week
I'm crying.

My good friend The Admiral in response to my text right after Vince Young pulled off Music City Miracle #2

It's a shame my Colts will have to beat his Titans next  Sunday. Sounds like a Carver's lunch in the future.

Everyone have a wonderful week and do not forget it is Cyber Monday! (What does that even mean?)

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