Thursday, November 12, 2009

Link dump 11/12/2009

1 - Well, it appears Brandon Spikes isn't the only eye gouge culprit.  I've never played organized football so I really don't have any idea but I have to believe this happens more times than the general public thinks.  Keep an eye on #40 at the bottom and to the left-center of the screen. Just in case you can't see this video too well here's a great pic of the incident courtesy of

2 - Always a fun read to take to the shitter with ya.  SI's Top 50 MLB Free Agents for 2010.

3 - Shaq's wife has filed for divorce.  The Big Lead has the link to the official story from TMZ with some additional information.  Including that it could be related to the fact that Shaq allegedly cheated on his wife with Gilbert Arenas's fiance.  Would you risk your marriage and $100 million+ over this? ugh....

4 - At least Shaq didn't get caught by forwarding an explicit email to someone like these Cornell employees did.  This is emabarrasing.

5 - I wonder if Sammy Sosa is also working on his Moonwalk?

6 - Looking to pass some time? Here's a grouping on websites to help you laugh at others.

7 - 10 best coaching meltdowns.  It includes some well known ones (PLAYOFFS?!), as well as some more obscure meltdowns.

8 - As a San Francisco fan I'm hoping for peaches and cream at the post game conference for Coach Singletary and not piss and vinegar like last weeks press conference following the Tennessee loss.

9 - Mike Vick doesn't have as many financial troubles as before.  Hell of a payday for him.

10 - Josh Smith, the Atlanta Hawks' mecurial small/power forward has long had a love/hate relationship with the Hawks' fans and coaching staff, mainly stemming from his shot selection over the years.

Josh is a 2-time NBA Dunk Contest Champion and one of the renowned leapers in the league.  He's posterized everybody in his short time in the league as well as becoming the youngest/fastest player to reach 500, 600, 700 and even 900 blocked shots in his career.  Yet even with all that leaping ability and athleticism J-Smoove still found it necessary to hoist 3-pointers at a fast rate, and at an embarrasing clip (27% career 3PT%).

This year it seems Josh Smith has turned the corner as he has yet to even attempt a 3 point shot through the Hawks' first 7 games of the season.  Could this be the season Josh Smith starts to address one of the major flaws in his game?

11 - Catching up with Jeremy Tyler, the High School Junior that dropped out to pursue professional basketball overseas.

12 - Addressing a few UGA Rumors.

13 - Possible landing spots for LeBron James according to the Orlando Sentinel.

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  1. Great job with the link dumps as always. Could not agree more on Josh Smith. He is scoring more by shooting less. Who would have thought?