Friday, November 6, 2009

Link Dump 11/6/2009

I left you guys hanging way too long, here's a pretty monstrous link dump for your enjoyment:

I hate to kick someone while they're down but quite a few UGA articles were written this week. I remember about 4 years ago when the sky was falling in Tallahassee too. I'm so glad we've embraced mediocrity because we're passed all this:

1 - Is it time to make a change in QB? This article even includes a little poll for you to chime in.

2 - Ten possible replacements for Willie Martinez, UGA's D-Coordinator. Bleacher Report

3 - And finally, some bowl projections. I'm surprised, FSU is actually projected to make a bowl! I don't think Coach is gonna like UGA's projected bowl.

4 - Florida State and Ohio State are going to trot out some new uni's in the coming weeks. The uniforms were designed by Nike. If anyone else can find some more uni's fitting this mold let's get em posted in the comments.

5 - Auburn's recent winning ways are already paying dividends.  A HUGE in-season signing for the "War Turkeys" as Coach calls em.

6 - At least the Maxwell Award is showing my boy Christian Ponder some love.

7 - More awkward, this tombstone or Jordan's HOF acceptance speech?  I don't care, I love the pettiness of both of them

8 - I guarantee you this rule will come into play at a big moment this season. Shades of AJ Green vs LSU anyone?

9 - Great pics here.  Some new, some old, but all really good.  The hockey sign is pure GENIUS.

10 - Back before the NBA on TNT jumped the shark they put together some funny commercials.

Time for your non-sports links:

First up, a couple links courtesy of the Coach:

11 - The best Man Caves around

12 - Coach loves this commercial, I tend to agree with him.

13 - A sad sign of the times from Texts From Last Night.  I wonder if he updated his Facebook status post-coitally (is that a word?)

14 - Ever wondered what the most famous grave robberies ever were? Well wonder no more!

15 - Your Oscar season primer.  Be sure to take this to the shitter with ya.

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