Wednesday, November 11, 2009

It's a Live Blog: The CMA's

Here is a lame attempt at a live blog from while watching the CMA's. Enjoy and please do not hesitate to leave your comments.

7:30 30 minutes from showtime and the Red Carpet is in full effect. Here is a picture of tonight's host Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood  Johnson rehearsing yesterday. By the way former SportsCenter anchor and current Good Morning America host Robin Roberts just said she got her start in the business as a country music DJ. Who would have thought?

7:55  Just saw a live shot outside the Sommet Center and the scene looks absolutely amazing. I read a lot of places where UGA could be headed to the Music City Bowl on the 27th of December, if this is the case who is coming to Music City USA with me? Sugarland is being interviewed now, I am a huge fan of Jennifer Nettles. By the way she is a nice south Georgia Girl. 

8:03 Taylor Swift gets the evening started and clearly the producers of the show are trying to reach the non country music fans with this choice. Nothing about Taylor is country it is more pop than anything else. What am I missing about Taylor that everyone seems to love?

8:07 First random trivia note of the evening; We just saw the first camera shot of the Mrs. Brad Paisley who is Kimberly Williams the former actress who is best known for starring in the movie series Father of the Bride with Steve Martin.

8:12 The first award is Single of the Year presented by none other than Kid Rock. The top three nominees in my opinion are Chicken Fried, People are Crazy, and Then. Naturally, I Run To You by Lady Antebellum wins. Congrats to Lady Antebellum.

8:15 First of many wardrobe changes for Miss Underwood. Lets see if I can keep track of the changes. By the way both dresses have been AMAZING so far.

8:19 Darius Rucker sings "Allright" and goes into the audience. He stops a sings with a row of women who are currently about my age the first time he was famous 18 years ago.By the way their is a guy in a mustache that looks former New York Mets first baseman Keith Hernandez. How awesome is Keith Hernandez? By the way I need to learn how to take a picture from the TV and put it on the computer. I know I could take a picture with my camera but it would not be the same.

8:25 Award time again. This time Song of the Year. My favorite three nominations again are Country Fried, Then, and People are Crazy. This time In Color wins. Naturally. By the way Jamey Johnson looks like a young David Allen Coe.

8:33 Brad Paisley welcomes us back from break with one of his many hit songs, Welcome to The Future. How have I not seen Mr. Paisley in concert yet? In my opinion, the best guitar player in country music today.

8:35 Just as a reminder a group of us are going to Gary Allan on Friday night. In addition, their will be a pregame get together at the rooftop.

8:39 Zac Brown Band does an awesome rendition of the Devil Went Down to Georgia. My good friend the Admiral has seen Zac Brown Band in person and my best friend is seeing them in person tommorow night. Why am I not going to Augusta to watch Zac Brown with Brice? By the way the Admiral says Zac Brown Band is awesome in person. I need to see for myself.

8:44 Just received a text from Stacey and we are in agreement that the "Surprise Special Guest" has to be Garth Brooks. Who else could it be? Four years ago when I was living in NYC the CMA's were at Madison Square Garden...The World's Most Famous Arena and Garth Brooks did a concert in the middle of Times Square. I had an afternoon class a block and a half from Times Square and frequently used the Times Square Subway station to get home. That night there were alot of upset NYers because some hillbilly wanted to perform a concert. By the way it was absolutely pandemonium and freezing and their was no way I could get a good view of Garth so I went and saw Garth from the comforts of my living room.

I need to get to Vegas to see Garth Brooks before he retires for good.

8:50 Is their anyone cooler than George Straight in country music. He is the Jack Nicholson of country music. Another artist I need to see in concert.

851 Just received this text from Stacey, Dream performance...Reba and Vince Gll duet of the song they did back in the day ...she is better than that and if that happens I will go get some ice cream. (I might do that anyway).

852 Lady Antebellum is peforming now. A couple of weeks ago when I was in Music City USA Lady Antebellum was tailgating three spots down from Mr. Commodore himself and good buddy Andrew Walters. One member of this trio went to UGA and was a TA for Miss Fallon. By the way their are a couple of awesome pics of me and Mr. Walters on a knee. They will remain facebook free.

855 Patricia Heaton (who is to old to wear that skirt) and the janitor from Scrubs presents Vocal Group of the Year after a couple of bad jokes. My favorite three nominations include Zac Brown Band, Lady Antebellum, and Rascal Flatts. No surprise as Lady Antebellum wins. Congrats again, any group that has a UGA Bulldog should win every award.

9:02 Third wardrobe change for Carrie Underwood and they keep showing more and more skin. At this rate she will be in a very revealing outfit at the end of the night. By the way, she is singing about me a true Cowboy Cassanova!

9:09 The Judds are now presenting an award. Wynonna looks a little a orange. A little too much spray on tan? The category is best new artist of the year and my favorite three nominees include Jake Owen, Darius Rucker, and the Zac Brown Band. Darius Rucker wins and its Alright.

9:16 That was my first time hearing Tennessee Line. Pretty sure it will not be my last time. What an awesome song. Not sure how much Vince Gill added by joining Chris Daughtry. It should be noted I have seen Vince Gill in person. Here is the song for those who have never heard this song.

9:20 Fourth wardrobe change by Miss Underwood. Much to my chagrin, she has reversed the trend of revealing dresses. This one is still amazing nonetheless.

9:22 Keith Urban takes the stage and I will head to ESPNEWS to see if I have missed anything the last two hours.

9:25 I did not miss anything in the sports world, and as I return Tim McGraw takes the stage. Could my timing be any better? Speaking of Tim McGraw he was in the movie The Blind Side which everyone needs to go see. Click here for my review of the movie.

9:31 Text message update. From Lee Smoak: How sick is song Daughtry did with Vince
From Stacey: Can I pay the CMA's to not give Kenny Entertainer of the Year 

Could not agree more with both texts. I need to add that I hope Taylor does not win Entertainer of the Year either.

9:36 5th wardrobe change for Carrie. One of my favorite groups now takes the stage in Sugarland. Jennifer Nettles is absolutely stunning.

 9:41 Robin Roberts and Randy Houser are both from Mississippi? I had no idea and could their be an odder presenting pair? Album of the year and my three favorites include American Saturday Night (Brad Paisley), Love On The Inside (Sugarland), and That Lonesome Song (Jamey Johnson). Taylor Swift wins for Album of the Year and somehow more pop stations are playing her song. I should not be surprised.She did write every song on the album so I need to tip my cap because that is a remarkable feat.

9:49 During the commercial break we are treated to a great preview of The Blind Side, what an unbelievable story. Tough to believe it is true.

9:50 Brooks and Dunn gives us a CMA sendoff performance. What are the odds they get together in 10 years and do a couple of reunion shows when they know it will basically put $10-20 million in their pockets. I have seen these two in concert and it was just last summer at Turner Field. By the way this is my favorite Brooks and Dunn song and they did not perform it last year at The Ted.

9:56 Kid Rock and Jamey Johnson put on what has been the performance of the night in my opinion. Man what a great job by these dudes who do not care what the mainstream thinks of them.

9:58 The recently single Julianne Hough and Dale Earnhardt Jr present Vocal Duo of the year. My three favorite nominees include Montgomery Gentry, Sugarland, and Brooks and Dunn. Sugarland wins Vocal Duo of the year. Again Jennifer Nettles is dashing. By the way here is Julianne Hough youtube from her Dancing With the Stars. For all the gentlemen who read this, Your Welcome.

10:08 Taylor Swift just said she would never forget how it feels to be 15. I am glad, considering you were 15 four years ago. A little surprised ABC waited to so long for Miss Swift to perform when 80% of her fans are already asleep.

10:12 Lee Ann Rimes presents Male Vocalist of the Year. The nominees include; Kenny, George Strait, Brad Paisley, Darius Rucker, and Keith Urban. Any can win as long as it is not Keith Urban. And the winner is.......Brad Paisley, well deserved in my opinion.

10:17 Carrie Underwood with another wardrobe change, I think this makes 6 but who the hell knows. Jason Aldean is now performing "Big Green Tractor." By the way Jason is from the Maconga (Macon, Georgia) and sang the national anthem on Opening Day at Turner Field this season. By the way Jason has recorded this song on a demo cd but I do not think he has the rights to record the song commercially. Nonetheless, my good friend Donald Sheppard does an amazing cover of this song. The song would be Cowboy Lady and it would be one of my favorites.

10:21 Is this the 7th Wardrobe Change for Miss Underwood?

10:23 Is their a more talented female artist than Martina McBride? What an amazing version of the old Barbara Mandrell classic, I was Country When Country Wasn't Cool.....HOLD THE PRESSES...George Strait joins the stage to sing the last verse of the song. Mr. Strait ain't nothing but the man.

10:30 Carrie with by my count in her 8th wardrobe change.  Reba starts singing and the neighbors dogs start barking....coincidence?

10:40 Kris Kristofferson and Leigh Ann Womack (by the way has anyone ever met an ugly Leigh Ann...I know in all my travels I haven't) announce female vocalist of the year. My top three include Miranda Lambert, Carrie Underwood, and Martina McBride...would not surprise me if Miss Swift won though...the winner is...Taylor Swift. Great line by Taylor, "I just got a hug from Kris Kristofferson" and an even better line, "I want to thank everyone in this building (dramatic pause) for not running up on the stage during this speech." Well played Miss. Swift, well played.

10:47 Miss Underwood in her 9th different outfit introduces us to Kenny Chesney and Dave Matthews. I have seen Kenny in concert and he is AWESOME, there is a reason he keeps winning Entertainer of the Year. By the way, what a great job by these two singing "I Am Alive."

10:49 Still no sign of the "Surprise Special Guest"

10:53 The coolest couple in Nashville are presenting Entertainer of the Year, my favorite three include Kenny, George, and Brad......but surprise, surpirse, Taylor Swift is Entertainer of the Year. I can go without the tears but I do like the touch of bringing her whole band on stage to enjoy the award with her. Side note, Miss Swift just said she opened for all the other nominees this year.

11:00 Either I missed the Surprise Special Guest or Garth missed his flight from Vegas?

Closing thoughts: Stacey and me are in agreement that this was a boring CMA. In my opinion the best performance was Jamey Johnson and Kid Rock. The song was, "Between Jennings and Jones" and if I can find video of the performance I will post it. If not we will go with this version.

As always I am interested in your thoughts, comments, etc.


  1. Coach! You're at the CMAs? I had no idea you were even going. This outta be good, I'll be following!

  2. I think you are finally starting to understand the appeal of Dancing With the Stars.... Julianne Hough, Chelsie Hightower, etc......


  3. Nice write up coach, I enjoyed all the songs you linked to in the piece. I also enjoyed Jennifer Nettles a little too much, that was fun googling her pics :)