Thursday, November 19, 2009

Link Dump 11/19/2009

Vintage footage of Shaq in high school and early college years.  The handles in shows in high school are damn good for a 7-footer.  Where did those go big fella?

Yeah, but where are your flippy-floppys?

Peyton Mannings best commercials.  #1 is actually his SNL United Way/NFL spoof that I hadn't seen before.  Genious.

The ten best jobs in football.  Sweet, Coach and I already have job #8!!

10 Best Players on bad teams, a.k.a stuck in purgatory.

There's some real talent on the all-disappointment team for college football.  I still think Sam Bradford makes for a hell of a pro as long as his health cooperates with him.

I've really never liked KG because he's always been soft on the court regardless of the chest bumping and machinations he goes through to look tough.  Now that he plays for the Celtics and is in Boston there are more and more stories like this of him being an ass coming to light; and I couldn't be happier.

The Wire's top 100 quotes.  If you haven't seen The Wire just do yourself a favor and quit reading right now, go to Netflix, and get every disc you can.  Every season is amazing.

Al Franken draws the United States from memory.  I've lived in Florida almost my entire life and I couldn't even draw the panhandle correctly.  He gets every little curve for every state correct.

The Silverdome is being sold for 583K.  SERIOUSLY?!?!?  It cost 50 Million to make, it's being sold for 500K? ridiculous...

Coach, the Bengals have a 41-yr old MILF as a cheerleader....  "You're Welcome".

Is that a shitter on the Auburn sideline?  Can someone fill me in here...

We haven't heard much from Bobby about his treatment by FSU's Board of Directors, but Ann Bowden sure isn't holding her tongue.

More bowl projections from Rivals.  FSU is in the Emerald bowl where we beat UCLA a few years ago.  I'd still prefer the Music City Bowl vs. UGA.

Finally, a big hit from this past weekends FSU/Wake Forest game.  Unfortunately it comes after an interception of EJ Manuel.  Jarmon Fortson still lays the wood with this one though.

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  1. Great job as always Captain. I would also love a UGA-FSU match up in the Music City Bowl, I can not think of a better way that to spend a couple of post Christmas Days in Music City USA. Also, how have you not seen the Peyton Manning SNL/United Way spoof before?