Friday, November 6, 2009

What did we learn this week?

In honor of the best sports talk show on radio (and television for that matter) I will give you a weekly update on what we learned this week. This idea came to us from the Dan Patrick Show as he always ask his crew (the Danettes) what they learned as they wrap up every show. On Friday's they play Arcade Fire and in my opinion it makes for a great start to the weekend. For the past couple of months we have had few people at work who have been on an email that answers the question what did you learn this week? Just like DP we use Arcade Fire as inspiration. Feel free to leave what you learned in the comments section.

Thus without further ado here is what we learned this week. 

What the Coach learned....
I learned this week that I am above average player in softball. I also learned that it is going to be a long, long, long time before UGA is competitive again in the Georgia-Florida game. I relearned that I hate a majority of Gator fans and on average they wear mullets and jean shorts. Also, the way some of these so called fans were ripping Tim Tebow Friday night I am starting to come to the realization that they do not know a damn thing about football. Except for GA-Fl weekend, downtown J’ville might be deader than downtown ATL and that is saying a lot. I learned UGA’s defensive coaches have no idea what they are doing for starting Bryan Evans when they have a player with the last name Rambo backing up Mr. Evans. By the way Baccari Rambo is twice the player of anyone in our secondary. I also learned that the Yankees had two players (Jonny Damon and Hideki Matsui) play the best they have in years, is it wonder they are now free agents? Someone is looking for one more big paycheck. I learned if you go anywhere with the Admiral you are in for a great time and some awesome stories. I learned there is not much better things in life than Sweetwater Blue after a day of playing softball. 

What the RoomDawg Learned....
I learned that I didn't learn anything the last 2 weeks before this one, but I'm not sure if its because I didn't learn anything or if I was just left off the list.  I did learn some things this week though.  I learned that deep down, I probably still like Brett Favre even if he's in a purple Vikings jersey.  It really hurts to see him like that, and I never want the Vikings to win any given week, but seeing Favre in person again brought back so many good memories.  I re-learned that I'm horrible at holding grudges..... i.e.  seeing Favre in person softened my stance on that issue.  I learned that jamming to Arcade Fire really motivates a person to write a great paragraph.  I learned that Dan Patrick appears to really enjoy what he's doing and I think he is having a blast doing his Dan Patrick radio show and not in the daily grind of Sportcenter.  I learned that nothing beats reading/listening/learning something from someone who can give great perspective on something.  Here are 2 articles from Andrew Brandt, former/longtime contract negotiator for the Packers for about 10 years and the guy who signed Favre to a 10 year $100 million contract extension several years ago.  I can't reccommend enough to read his articles.  He is a good writer and just has incredible insight into all the Favre drama of the last 3 years.  The 2 articles below are from before and after the game against the Vikings.  Please enjoy.


I learned that I still don't know the real reason why JJ is called "Z" or "Zorro", because I don't believe and have been told the story about him fencing is not true.  I learned there is a solid final four of candidates for the group sales opening and although I may have my own personal power rankings, I'll be happy with any of those 4 trainees staying on with the Braves and working closely with me as they sell group tickets.  I learned that its almost time for some of the trainees to leave the Braves and possibly move back home to wherever they are from.  Always a sad time.  I learned that although I can't agree with the self proclaimed title they gave themselves of best trainee class ever, that there are some great people in the group that I'll be sad if they aren't still with the Braves or move away from Atlanta.  I learned I learned a lot this week, but maybe I learned so much because I didn't learn anything the two weeks prior.  I learned you can't show up 15 minutes before a movie screening and expect to get in.  I learned that the person who worked for the screening last night was one of the biggest bitches I've ever met (Steve and Mark can vouch for this).... I know they have empty seats in those things and when we tried to sweet talk our way in to the movie yesterday, she got very rude with us and we had been very polite.  I learned the guy who did trivia last night at Diesel is a big pervert.

What did Dan learn this week?
I also learned that Justin “Z” Johnson is cat like on the diamond. He handles leather like a true athlete. I learned that B.J. Mitchell can certainly draft a softball team and give up someone’s chair like nobody else in the office. He proved that the best team on paper does not always bring home the hardware. I am sure Mr. Mitchell feels guilty about the way he handled some of his roster, but quote Ed O’Neil from the best show on T.V., Modern Family “Guilt will fade, but hardware lasts forever” so congratulations team Grey!  
I learned that the Thornton’s make some really cute kids. I had the pleasure of meeting the newest member of the family yesterday and young Connor is just as bad ass and cute as Avery is. In closing I learned that the Miami Dolphins  are very much alive in their respective division. They  may only be 3-4 on the season but have proven they can hang with footballs best (saints and colts) and all 3 of their W’s are in the division. They have a big test this weekend and can certainly use the win on a nationally televised 1 p.m. game against a AFC East powerhouse in the New England Patriots.  

What did the Admiral learn this week?
I learned that Talladega is everything that Ricky Bobby hyped it to be and more. Hours of cornhole, wearing an onesie ghostbuster costume for 24 hrs, and falling out of a golf cart equals a good time for this guy. I learned that I have a lot of inner redneck in me and nothing brings it out more than being around fans of NASCAR. When is it acceptable to cheer for a human being to crash a car and be flipped upside down at speeds close to 200 mph. I learned that you can’t spell victory without VY. In fact a victory starts with a Vince and ends with Young. Vincent Young is the spark that Titans need this season. There is still no chance of playoffs but he will make it more enjoyable to watch. I love watching him scramble around the pocket, probably miss two open receivers, make three defenders miss, and then pick up a 3rd and 3 all on one play. I learned that dancing to a Miley Cryus song in an undershirt might come back to find you on the internet. Thank goodness I wasn’t at that party but in the library reading. I learned that I enjoy playing a good game of softball and I need to get in a league next year. Hopefully some good learnings this weekend in the Great Smokey mountains at Pigeon Forge. Maybe even an airbrushed sweatshirt or two will return. 

What did BJ learn this week?
I learned we are the champions!!
That’s all. 

BJ is referencing the fact that he and the coach were on the team that took home the company's softball championship. I can only think of one tune to play.

We hope everyone haves a wonderful weekend and do not be afraid to let us know what you learned this week in our comments section.


  1. I learned that Carvers is truly the best Southern meal in the world. Thanks for the Trainee shoutouts and I agree that a good Sweetwater Blue after bonding over softball is the best way to work.

  2. I learned that not having a job doesn't mean any less busy. At this rate I'll need a vacation from being unemployed!