Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The Roomdawg Goes On A Field Trip

Ever so often we will take field trips here at Captain and Coach and this is the first installment. Neither the Captain or the Coach participated in this field trip, however the coaches roommate Cory went up to Green Bay for Brett Favre's return to the frozen tundra of Lambeau Field. From the sound of this story it sounds like great food, great sports, great company and more importantly great root beer. Take it away Roomdawg.....

Great weekend, in a couple great cities, by a Great Lake!!!

Got into Milwaukee on Saturday to spend some time with the family.  Still did not have any tickets for the Vikings @ Packers and Favre's return to Lambeau Field.  My buddy Scott (from high school) was coming in Sunday Morning and we'd drive up to Green Bay for the 3:00 local time kickoff.  We had decided the night before that we would rather buy tickets online and know we had legit tickets than to show up at the stadium and either buy fake ones or not have enough cash.  After Scott landed in Milwaukee we went to one of our favorite local pizza places (Rocky Rococos) where we received a phone call.  Ticketmaster had been in touch with the Packers box office on trying to help me purchase tickets if they became available.  The call was from the Packers and an employee had returned 2 tickets at the last minute and we were able to purchase them.  On the 2 hour ride up to Green Bay, we had Scott's wife post our other tickets on craigslist, and we had them sold within 5 minutes of leaving Milwaukee.  Scott and I got into one of the biggest regular season games ever in any sport.... for face value.  This was my 3rd game ever at Lambeau Field and all have been against the Vikings.  Unfortunately I would be 1-2 after this loss.

We ended up sitting in the endzone about 60 rows up, but there aren't 3 levels like the GA Dome, so every seat was a good seat in my mind.  Here is a view from the seats....

The fans booed when Favre came out of the tunnel for practice, they booed when he left the field, booed when he returned before the game started, booed when he walked out for the coin toss, and booed before every snap the Vikings had their first few possessions

Unfortunately, the Vikings took a 2 score lead and dominated the Packers during the first half which took the fans out of the game.  Thankfully, the Packers had a great 2nd half and made it a game.  Scott and I were just happy that we had a chance and that made it all worthwhile.  The Packers had the ball at the Minnesota 25 yard line down 5 points in the 4th quarter..... oh so close.  After the game we were listening to some of the talk radio, and someone pointed out how Favre is at his best when he is emotional (2 games against the Packers and the MNF game after his dad died), but not always the best when it counted (2 playoff games ended the drive after a Favre interception, and 1 playoff game where Favre had 6 interceptions).  Overall though, it was a great trip.  Any trip to Lambeau Field is a great trip.  I think it equally gave me a little closure to the Favre drama getting to boo him and vent some frustration but also freshened the wound a little bit seeing him play so great for our biggest rival.  I can now appreciate what Bears and Vikings fans have felt facing Favre 2 times a year for 15 years.  After the Packers went 13-3 and lost to the Giants in the NFC Title Game, I was telling people I thought Favre would probably play another 2 or 3 years.  I don't think it ever hurt being so right like I was about that.

Finished the trip with dinner at the restaurant I used to work at, and lunch the next day at the number 1 place I would send somebody visiting Milwaukee for the first time.... Kopps..... its a burger joint with the best burgers, the best frozen custard, and the best locally brewed root beer.

Well done Roomdawg, well done. I was very intrigued by Kopps so I did some research and this is what I found. 

 I foresee a trip in the Coach's future to both Milwaukee and Kopps. 

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