Friday, February 12, 2010

What Did We Learn This Week?

As always some Arcade Fire to lead us off...I think we all learned over the weekend that the NFL loves Arcade Fire just like DP and some fine Americans in Georgia's and Mssissippi's capital honor of the end of football season everyone together now and yes that includes you Dan...ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

What Did The Coach Learn?
I learned that the New Orleans Saints and not the Indianapolis Colts are Super Bowl Bowl Champions and that fact sucks. I learned my second favorite player in the NFL Drew Brees is an awesome athlete and even beat Andy Roddick a couple of times at Tennis growing up in Austin, Texas. Speaking of Andy Roddick, I learned that his wife the pulchritudinous Brooklyn Decker (I just broke out a SAT Word for what we learned) is on the cover of the Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition and that fact helped me get over the loss of the Colts. I learned that this week was the first time in my life I have been jealous of Andrew "McLovin" Perloff as he got to ride in SI Swimsuit Airplane from NYC to Las Vegas and now he will spend a few days in Sin City with swimsuit models. I guess its good to be McLovin. I also remembered the time I was living in NYC and a good friend worked at Sports Illustrated and told me the day after the big swimsuit party that she could have gotten me and another buddy access. I have only been a subscriber since my 5th birthday that has to get me in to a party in the future I hope.  I also learned that when Tom Glavine made his official debut with the Braves on August 17, 1987 I was 16 days shy of my 6th Birthday. I think this means I am starting to get old. I also learned the Olympics start tonight and I am excited. I also learned that UGA alum and former hammer thrower Andras Haklits will compete for Croatia in bobsled in Olympics. He's 2nd UGA Winter Olympian.The first is some guy named Herschel. I learned a lot this week and I am excited to see what everyone else learned.

What Did The Roomdawg Learn?

I learned that Mrs Andy Roddick would be on the cover of the SI Swimsuit Edition.  I also learned that she was named Brooklyn, b/c her mom had a friend whose dogs name was Brooke... and she liked that.... and then her dad suggested Brooklyn jokingly, and her mom liked it.  I learned that it can be tough to break plans with someone b/c you accidentally made plans with two different people for the same night.  I learned that people who say there can't be global warming b/c of all the snow are idiots.... well, I shouldn't say idiots, but from what I've read the reason we are getting so much snow is b/c of what a warmer climate/earth does to the moisture in the air which causes more powerful snow storms when they do happen... and we are years (a lot of years) away from getting to the point where the Earth would be too warm to even have snow in America.  I learned the Braves made an offer to Jonny Damon.  I learned one of my friends in Chicago who likes every single show I like, didn't actually like one of my favorite shows of all time (Boston Legal) and hated it with a passion. I also learned my old roommate Scott will be reffing the celebrity basketball game at all star weekend in Dallas, as well as the D-League All Star game.

What Did Coach Eanes Learn?

I learned the following:
First off I learned a great SAT word courtesy of the Coach:

I also learned that the Saints may indeed been a team of destiny.  After much debate and confusion I have finally learned what Drew Brees says in his pre game chant thanks to the following video:

I also learned that Drew Brees may be the single best definition of what a leader is. I do not think anyone in the Saints locker room questions who the leader of the team is. It is pretty rare to have an undisputed team leader that has the respect and admiration of the offense, defense, special teams, coaching staff, and a city. I am also learning that I am all in the Drew Brees band wagon (in my defense I was a big Brees fan before the Super Bowl).

I will also learn that this weekend’s slam dunk contest is going to be a joke. The “Big Names” in basketball owe it to the game, the fans, and the legends before them to participate in at least 1 dunk contest in their career. Dwight Howard made it fun the past couple years and brought back the excitement and entertainment that is supposed to be in a slam dunk contest. I really hope I am surprised this weekend, but I truly believe it will be an event to miss. No disrespect to the high flying athletic superstar that is Shannon Brown (of course being sarcastic).

Peace fellas have a good weekend…Lunch thoughts?

What Did The Admiral Learn?

I learned that the Super Bowl commercials overall this year were below average. There were some good ones from Doritos and InBev/Bud Light but overall I thought they were poor. I learned that Dennys must have had over ten million to spend on commercials last Sunday and they were so bad. I learned that the NFL season is over and that saddens me. Spring training is just around the corner and I can’t wait to see this team come together. I learned that I have high hopes for Heyward this year. I learned that the AYCE pancakes at IHOP are amazing and I hope to make it a weekly lunch. So good and so cheap. I learned that I didn’t learn to much this week.

What Did Coach Mitchell Learn?

I learned Atlanta can’t handle the snow.  I learned the NFL Network loves some DP and Arcade Fire.  I learned while the Saints were the better team on Sunday, a couple of breaks going the other way and Peyton is being fitted for his second ring.  I wrote some questions into the Coach and I am anxiously awaiting his responses in Monday’s mailbag.  Let’s hope for an early departure from work today…

What Did Evan learn?

Because of the snow in Mississippi he has no internets and learned nothing.

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