Friday, February 5, 2010

What Did We Learn This Week?

As always we will begin with a little Arcade Fire.......everyone together...ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

What Did The Coach Learn?

I learned that this week has been the busiest so far in 2010 and they are only going to get busier. I will need to get my life together. I learned that there is an awesome meat and two in Macon called The Bear’s Den and an overrated Hot Dog Stand called Nu-Way Wieners. Nu-Way does have some of the best ice I have ever had with my Coca-cola. I also learned that Fritzy on The Dan Patrick Show has better game than I had previously thought and that McLovin might be the world’s worst dresser. Seriously what is he wearing in this video clip? 

I learned I have a couple of Super Bowl party offers but since the Colts are playing I might make it a low key event and watch from the comforts of my living room. I was at a party last year in which I could not hear the game and that would drive me bat-$hit crazy this year now that I have more than a casual rooting interest. I also have committed $90 to squares this Super Bowl and would love to see a return on my investment. Good luck to me.

I learned that Thursday night TV on NBC was awesome. Great work by Community, Office and 30 Rock. In addition to awesome Thursday night TV was Thursday’s dinner. The roomdog cooked some Stouffers vegetable lasagna and it was AWESOME. Good work by the roomdog…I am proud of him. I also learned I am ready for spring and warm weather. I am also intrigued by the thought of a road trip to spring training. Maybe watch the Yankees one day and the Braves the next. Is anyone else intrigued?

What Did The Roomdog Learn?

I learned that I ended up with 2 great squares possibilities...... not bad for only buying one in each pool.  I learned I wouldn't be working a lot at the part time job in February thanks to the NBA All Star Game, a short month, and not a lot of Bucks home games.  I learned I'd have to wake up a little early on Saturday to work part of the Select a Seat event.  I learned how great John Travolta can be when he gets a great character (i.e.  From Paris With Love).  I learned that it can take 2 hours to cook a frozen lasagna (one thats big enough to feed a family... or me and JJ for a dinner plus leftovers).  I learned that Ben Folds is coming back to The Tabernacle in March, and he plays a show that never gets old to me.

What Did Evan Learn?

I learned that Bacarri Rambo is a wee bit hypocritical, but I still like his quote about the UT commit Da’Rick Rogers. I guess it’s not ok for UGA’s commits to back out to another school, but when other commits back out and go to UGA, its ok? Interesting….  To sound ridiculously cheesy….it looks like Rambo is looking for First Blood.  I learned that UNC is having a great year on the hardwood, as is Louisville. The only thing that could possibly make this season better (besides a NC) would be for Duke to just absolutely TANK IT, except vs UNC. I learned that while we all joked about calling from phone books in Atlanta, it’s an unfortunate reality in Mississippi. I almost laughed when he told me to go to I’ve also come to the conclusion that I may be living in Seattle South. It has rained 9 out of the 17 days I’ve been here…miserable. I learned that IU has lost a handful of games by less than 5 points. If a couple balls bounce their way, they’re not sitting at 9-12 and they have a very legit chance at the tournament. Next year isn’t shaping up to be another easy win for the ‘Cats. Thanks, Tom. AJ Ogilvy must be the MOST over-hyped big man in the SEC (besides Atlanta’s own Randolph Morris). Evan Turner—yea he’s pretty good. Imagine his stats if he doesn’t sit out 6 weeks. I also learned that John Wall is having fun again, and the media blew that episode WAY out of proportion…oh well, it’s just good to be relevant again. I learned that I have no real rooting interest in this Super Bowl, so I find myself rooting for the Colts because they have Jacob Tamme sitting on the bench, and my allegiance lies with any Wildcat.

Just as an fyi, The Admiral, Coach Dan and Coach Mitchell learned nothing.

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