Monday, February 15, 2010

Ten Things JJ Thinks He Thinks

Here are this weeks Ten Things. I have been given some great ideas for the next few weeks so be on the lookout for what I think will be some awesome stuff. Also, if you have any thoughts on future content please do not hesitate to let me know as we enjoy the feedback.

1. Georgia Thoughts

A 1-1 week for the Men's hoops team. We continue to play well at The Stegasorous but struggle on the road. How do we lose at Auburn by 20 points? I'm starting to be amazed at the difference in how we play at home and on the road. I do not think its not a matter of talent -- Georgia has proven it has the talent to compete, particularly with a team like Auburn. It really seems like it's completely about attitude. How can the Dawgs finish so strong Saturday night after absolutely folding against the same team on the road just a couple weeks ago?

How is this for a NCAA tournament resume? Wins over GaTech, Tennessee, Vanderbilt, Illinois, and South Carolina. How many bubble teams wish they could claim those stats?

The GymDogs have seemed to right the ship beating Arkansas 196.725-195.825 on a snowy Friday night in the Classic City. The GymDogs scored a 49 on each rotation and are showing signs of great improvements. The Gym Dogs looked at least somewhat like the squad that captured five straight national championships. While a sixth NCAA crown is highly unlikely, Jay Clark’s Georgia team appears to be performing at or near its usual lofty level once again.

2. Football Wrap Up

Here are a couple questions I have as the NFL begins its offseason
a. What is Brett Favre going to do?
b. WHo is going to replace Kurt Warner is Arizona?
c. Where does Tim Tebow go during the draft?
d. How much money will Jerry Jones spend in a uncapped year?
e. How much will Daniel Snyder spend in an uncapped year?
f. Who will be the QB in Cleveland?
g. What team will pay Julius Peppers?
i. How will Mike Martz and Jay Cutler work together?
j. Is Matt Moore the Panthers QB of the future?
k. Do the Ravens get Joe Flacco a deep threat at WR?
l. Do the Ravens begin to find replacements for Ray Lewis an Ed Reed?
m. Can the Falcons find someone to cover a pass?
n. Will the Donovan rumors ever stop?

3. College Basketball Thoughts

a. Hard to believe that Jim Calhoun's days at UCONN might be getting shorter and shorter. There are questions concerning Calhoun's health and the fact they have lost five of their last six is not good for those in The Constitution State.
b. I know some readers like to gamble ATS on college basketball and here are some stats for those readers.
c. The five worst teams ATS are Youngstown State, North Carolina, Tennessee-Martin, Penn, and LSU.
d. The five best team ATS are Baylor, Princeton, Syracuse, Kansas State, and Cornell.
e. Great job by co-worker Richard Thornton who saw games this past Saturday at Duke, at UNC and at Wake Forest.
f. He told me he sat two rows behind the Maryland bench for free...I can not wait till hear that story on Tuesday.
g. I also asked him how many times did Gary Williams say the F word and his answer was, every time he opened his month. He also commented on how he would never play for Gary Williams. This is not the first time I have ever heard someone say this.
h. On Saturday Purdue held Iowa to 15 points in the first half. How does a Big Ten team only score 15 points in a half of basketball?
i. This weekend might have been one of the craziest in college basketball.
j. On Friday night the craziness began when Pittsburgh and West Virginia battled to three overtimes and the #4 Mountaineers were beaten by the #23 Pitt Panthers. Also on Friday Andy Bernard's 22-ranked Cornell Big Red were 16 point favorites and lost by 15 points to the Penn Quakers. By the way this was only Penn's 4th win of the season. Cornell righted the ship on Saturday beating Princeton by three. The Big Red next weekend play at a really good Harvard team on Friday before taking I-495 to play at Dartmouth on Saturday.
k. For those that do not follow the Ivy League all league games are played on Friday and Saturday and they do not have a conference tournament so who wins the league championship earns the leagues automatic bid  to the NCAA tournament. This weeks Harvard-Cornell game is huge.
l. Did I really just break down the Ivy League when it comes to basketball?

m. The craziness on Saturday included an A-10 school winning at an SEC school albeit Xavier is a really good team but Florida should have won at home if it wants to go dancing. Other craziness on Saturday include UCONN losing by 12 at home, Bradley upsetting Northern Iowa and San Diego St upsetting a ranked UNLV team.
n. Things really got out of control on Sunday as Louisville won at the Carrier Dome in beating Syracuse and Rutgers upset Georgetown. How does Georgetown lose to Rutgers?
o. Pat Forde of ESPN gives us a pretty good read this week on the different college towns that the basketball writers venture into during the winter.
p. Doug Gottleib gives us an even better read on the ten members of the Oklahoma State basketball family that died in a plane crash in 2001. Every college team that I know has a similar group of people that support the team in ways that do not catch the public's attention. Great job by Gottleib.

4. Hoops Power 5

1. Kansas - All they did was win both games by double figures this week.
2. Kentucky - Very intrigued to see how they play next Saturday at Vandy's Memorial Gym
3. Villanova - Every week is a grind in the Big East, this week Nova plays UCONN at home tonight before traveling to Pitt next week.
4. Purdue - Play at Ohio State for first place in the Big Ten Wednesday night.
5. Syracuse - The men of Orange were once up at home 22-11 before losing by 6 on Sunday. Something tells me Boeheim will have them ready for Georgetown this week.

5. Olympics Thoughts

a. I am dumbfounded Canada has not won Olympic medals in Luge, Nordic Combined, or Ski Jumping.
b. This is Canada's third time hosting the Olympics and as of Sunday afternoon they have yet to win a Gold Medal as the home team.
c. How awesome were the Opening Ceremony. I will even give Canada a pass for their technical difficulties in lighting the Olympic flame. Hey, this is Canada, were you expecting perfection?
d. I did think some of the Ceremony was awesome such as the whales swimming across the stage and the bear made me want to reach for a Coke.
e. Disappointed my favorite group of Canadian Rockers Arcade Fire could not get in on the Opening Ceremony.
f. In my opinion this is how O'Canada or any countries National Anthem should be sung. Check out the guy at the 1:00 minute mark getting into the Anthem.
g. On Sunday afternoon the USA won a medal in Nordic Combined and the reason I am mentioning this fact is this is the first time the US has ever won a medal in the Nordic Combined. Johnny Spillane who grew up two blocks from Howelsen Hill in Steamboat Springs brought home the silver in the sport that combines the skills of cross-country skiing and ski jumping.
h. I am also mentioning Spillane because my brother lives in Steamboat Springs and he told me Friday afternoon how the small skiing community in Northwestern Colorado had caught Olympic fever.
i. What makes the Spillane story even better is that he broke his best pair jumping ski's the day before competition.
j. Update on letter B Sunday Night: Alexandre Bilodeau becomes first Canadian to win gold on home soil. Does it in the men's moguls.
k. Great job by's Tim Layden in getting an interview with Lindsay Vonn after her first practice session Sunday afternoon. Vonn has been the early story of this years games and it now looks like she will ski on Wednesday. Good for her.
l. I also loved this factoid from the article, In the condo they have been using a home theater as a de facto training room for Vonn's treatment sessions. On Saturday night they combined the two uses. "The guys said 'It's Saturday night, let's watch a movie,'" said Vonn. "So we put on Transformers. I was getting treatment for about the first hour of the movie and then just watching for the second hour."
m. When need someone to hit a figure skater in the knee again because I have no interest.
n. On the flip side short track speed skating has to be the most exciting Olympic sport. It is amazing their are not more crashes.
o. UGA also has an athlete in the Winter Olympics. Former hammer thrower Andras Haklits will compete for Croatia in bobsled in Olympics. He's 2nd UGA Winter Olympian.The first is some guy named Herschel (more on him later).
p.A lot has been mentioned about the death of Georgian Olympic Luger Nodar Kumaritashvili. The video is awful and I will not post it but you can find it online without much effort. I am not sure who is to blame but I do not like how the IOC blamed human error. This was not a plane crash, it was luging accident.
q. I love the response by Georgia president Mikheil Saakashvili, "Well, with all due respect -- and I am not a competent person to talk about these issues, and I don't claim to know all of the technical details -- but one thing I know for sure: That no sports mistake is supposed to lead to a death. No sports mistake is supposed to be fatal."
r. Bruce Arthur a scribe for the Vancouver paper writes this outstanding piece on the accident.
s. Despite what has gone wrong at the start of these games we still have two more exciting weeks of athletic contests plus some hockey with NHL stars.

Halftime -

Here is some random radio-edited Third Eye Blind while we take a break and ponder a trivia question.

The first one to respond to me wins a prize out of the Captain & Coach prize closet.

Alabama and Purdue each have three Super Bowl winning Qb's...Name them all.

 6. NBA Weekend Thoughts

a. I will start with the bad and the Slam Dunk Contest. Has any event gone from must see television to highlights only in such a short time?
b. The four contestant for the 85 contest were MJ, Dominique, Clyde Drexler, ad Dr. J.....that's a Dunk Contest
c. I absolutely loved the skills contest and think they could have added more participants since it was the best event.
d. The three point contest is always fun as well especially with bigger names such as Paul Pierce, Stephen Curry, and Chauncy Billups participating.
e. The celebrity game on Friday night was also intriguing. It did not hurt that the roomdawgs former roommate and best friend from Milwaukee officiated the game.
f. Am I the only one who though the NBA All-star player intros are more entertaining than the actual dunk contest?
g. How did David Stern not have a heart attack during the halftime show of the NBA star game?
h. Why did Alicia Keys sing about having an Empire State of Mind when she was in Dallas?
i. Here is a stat for all you SEC homers (me included). There's actually 5 SEC products in the NBA All-star game more than any other conference.
j. The five players are Joe Johnson (Arkansas), David Lee (Florida), Al Horford (Florida), Gerald Wallace (Alabama), and Rajon Rondo (Kentucky).
k. There were also 5 All-Stars that did not play in college and they were Kobe Bryant, Dwight Howard, Kevin Garnett, Lebron James, and Amar'e Stoudemire.
l. The day-of-game walkup crowd was an insane 10K. That is one way to get to a record crowd of 108,713.
m. Before the game I told the roomdog I should bet $20 bucks on game mvp. $10 on DWade at +600 and $10 on Joe Johnson at +2500. The $10 bet would have paid a nice $70 since DWade won the MVP. Woulda, coulda, shoulda only get you so far in life.
n. I think I found someone worse than Mike Woodson in drawing up out of bounds plays...his name would be George Karl. I felt robbed out of a good ending to a decent All-Star game.
o. I was having a chat with Mr. Easton in NYC after the game and he gave me this great stat: Allan Houston and Latrell Sprewell were the last Knicks to make the All-Star game before David Lee this year. Sprewell and Houston were 2001.

7. What I Read Last Week and This Week

The best story that I read last week happened to appear in the AJC (that does not happen much) and was written by the chef de mission of the US Olympic Team. I am not sure how many people read the Malcolm Gladwell book Outliers but here is a great Outlier moment from the article, Nothing promoted a national following for speed skating. I grew up in West Allis, Wis., the only place in the country with a refrigerated 400-meter Olympic speed skating rink. At first I didn't know what it was, only that I would be skating in tights and making big circles, not little ones.

Also during Super Bowl week SI writer Peter King gave daily reports as he was the pool writer and got to observe Colts practice during the week. In one of the updates he gave his favorite Super Bowl memory. Instead of linking to the article here is the great Peter King's favorite Super Bowl memory;
I have quite a few of those, but I would say that my favorite one happened after Steve Young torched the San Diego Chargers 15 years ago. My job for SI was to tail Young for the entire postgame and then go back to the team hotel if possible.The game was played in Miami. It was a hot and humid evening. Young spent two hours doing interviews with every TV affiliate he could find after the game. At one point, he turned to me and said, "Can you get me something to eat or drink? I'm exhausted." I found him cookies and red Gatorade. Eventually we got into his limo with agent Leigh Steinberg for the trip back to his hotel.About five minutes into the trip, Young, cramping up and feeling nauseous, let loose a stream of cherry vomit all over Steinberg's shoes. "Well, Lee," I said, "You'll never wash those shoes again." Later, in his suite, Young laid on his bed and had to get two IVs because he was so dehydrated. And when someone in the Young party yelled out, "Joe Who?" in reference to Joe Montana and the long shadow he cast over Young's career in San Francisco, Young blurted out, "Hey, hey. Stop that. This is no time for that." Just a memorable night.

This past week I was scrolling through the Sports Illustrated archives and came across our second article of the week. This story comes from Tim Layden and he profiles Drew Brees. This issue was published April 30th 2001 and Layden follows Brees from the Rose Bowl loss to Marques Tuiasosopo and the Washington Huskies to NFL draft day in April. It is sort of long so it is worth a printout to take home and read in your easy chair. 

The fourth article of the week looks at USC Athletic Director and Heisman Trophy winner Mike Garrett. Garrett who has over scene the USC athletic department for almost two decades as come under fire recently as the NCAA has taken a look into his Basketball and Football programs.

8. Baseball Thoughts
a. Howie Kendrick owns a .302 career average. In four seasons though he has never even posted 375 ABs.
b. Most pitches per PA in 09: jayson werth 4.5 , Kevin youkilis 4.42, nick Johnson 4.30, Adam Dunn 4.33, Casey Blake 4.31
c. When Tom Glavine made his official debut with the Braves on August 17, 1987 I was 16 days shy of my 6th Birthday. I think this means I am starting to get old.
d. It is also hard to believe this October will be 19 years since I watched him pitched in Game 5 of the 1991 World Series
e. For those that doubt the Braves this season remember we got to the World Series with Rafael Belliard and Mark Lemke as our middle infield. Think how much better we are with the current duo of Escobar and Prado.
f. I am dumbfounded by this stat; in the last three years Kevin Gregg has 84 saves only 7 less than Brad Lidge and the 13th best mark in MLB.
g. Last 3 years, Phillies Brad Lidge has 19 blown saves, Kevin Gregg has 20. Lidge didn't blow a single chance in 2008.
h. Last season Zack Greinke had a 2.16 ERA The last AL SP to post a sub 2.20 ERA back-to-back other than Pedro Martinez in 99-2000: Hal Newhouser in 1945-46. Something tells me Greinke will not go sub 2.20 this year.
i. Lets compare some players by stats only:
Player A had close to a career year playing 143 games, 625 PA, 228 times on base (.365 OBP – not counting reaching on errors), 107 runs, 24 HR, 84 RBI.
Player B had what everyone considered a down year playing 129 games, 591 PA, 207 times on base (.354 OBP – not counting reaching on errors), 86 runs, 20 HR, 70 RBI.

j. Can you name the Players? See L for the answer

k. We will also compare pitchers:  All pitchers are active players. Let me know who you would take in the comments section of the blog and I will give the answers sometime Tuesday afternoon. For those that know the answers please do not ruin it for the others.

Pitcher A
4.19 Career Ear, 387 Games Pitched, 26CG, 7 Shutouts, 2253 Career K’s, 3 games above .500

Pitcher B
3.80 Career ERA, 326 Game Pitched, 24CG, 8 Shutouts, 1188 Career K’s, 38 games above .500

Pitcher C
3.49 Career Era, 311 Games Pitched, 22CG, 11 Shutouts, 1402 K’s, 70 games above .500

Pitcher D
3.81 Career Era, 234 Games Pitched, 14CG, 8 Shutouts, 1201 K’s, 31 games above .500

Pitcher E
3.79 Career Era, 228 Games pitched, 9CG, 4 shutouts, 1330 K’s, 38 games above .500

l. From I & J. Player A is Johnny Damon, Player B is Nate McClouth
m. I was looking at some Brian McCann stats over the weekend and I had no idea he won silver sluggers in 06, 08 and 09. While his power numbers dipped a little bit last season he still led the team in RBIs, home runs and doubles in 2009
n. While without a doubt he is the best offensive catcher in the National League I did find these stats to be troublesome, the biggest difference offensively for him between 2008 and 2009 seems to be his splits against lefties. His OPS went from .932 against righties and .820 against lefties in 2008 to .932 against RHP and .634 against LHP. In 2007 and 2006 his OPS against lefties was .756 and .809 respectively. I have no idea if his eye issues made it tougher to see southpaws or what other factors might be in play.
o. How much better will his numbers be with Glaus hitting in front of him and an improved Yunnel Escobar hitting behind him.
p. Has their been a more underappreciated player in Baseball the last 20 years than Frank Thomas? He went undrafted out of Columbus High School, was cut from the 1988 Olympic Team, and the following teams passed on Thomas in the 1989 draft, Orioles, Braves, Mariners, Phillies, Rangers and Cardinals in favor of Ben McDonald, Tyler Houston, Roger Salkeld, Jeff Jackson, Donald Harris and Paul Coleman. Imagine the late-'90s Mariners with Thomas, Ken Griffey Jr., Alex Rodriguez and Edgar Martinez in the same lineup.
q. How about the potential Hal of Fame class of 2014? Tom Glavine, Greg Maddux, Frank Thomas, Jeff Kent, and Mike Mussina.
r. Is Mussina a lock for Cooperstown?
s. Also of note I had no idea that Thomas had called for steroid testing as far back as 1995 and was part of the group of players called before congress except he appeared via videoconference because he was rehabbing a foot injury. I had no idea about any of this. Great job by Tom Verducci in this article.

9. Let's clean out the emailbag

I have received multiple emails-texts the last few weeks and I have failed to respond to them so their is no time better than the present.

The first email comes from my brothers best friend and the premiere pharmacist in Statesboro, Ga Ben Ross. Good write up this week, but i must say i'm highly disappointed in what was not even mentioned.  When Herschel Walker, at age 47, stepped into the ring and dominated (with very little effort) his first professional MMA fight i think that might be one of the most impressive athletic accomplishments of all time.  The fight went 3 rounds of intense fighting and yet Herschel was barely breathing hard.  Yea he looked a little green, but he was throwing bombs!!  If you haven't seen the fight its a youtube must!!   Watching Brett Favre perform at the level he has this year has been impressive but has been playing football for a long time, this whole MMA deal is all new to Herschel.  Another thing, don't give me this "he fought a nobody" excuse, Mike Tyson fought a nobody too his name was Buster Douglas.  The fact of the matter is his opponent was a professional fighter.  With all that said how do you not give the guy a little respect.  Not even a one liner congratulating him on his victory?  In the words of Justin Johnson "Your better than that".   Is it safe to say Herschel is one of the greatest all around athletes to ever live (i would have argued that before this).  I don't know about you but when i go play volleyball i'm sore for the next 3 day and i'm only 27 years old.
P.S. I don't believe in the Fountain of Youth but i want what he's drinking!!!

The fact I did not meniton Herschel Walker was a complete oversight on my part. In my opinion he is a modern day Renaissance Man. How many people do you know that have won a Heisman Trophy, published a book, was a contestant on The Apprentice, competed in the 1992 Winter Olympics in two-man bobsled - finishing seventh, holds a a fifth-degree black belt in tae kwon do and ran 100 meters in 10.22, the 100 yards in 9.3 seconds? It should also be mentioned that Herschel's combined rushing numbers for the USFL and the NFL (13,787 yards) would place him 5th All-Time on the NFL's career rushing list. I have also read where he sleeps fours a night and only eats one meal a day.

Here are some highlights when ESPN called him the greatest college running back ever. Nobody goes over the top for 6 the way he went over the top.

The second email comes from Coach Mitchell and he wants some more Super Bowl follow up:


I would like to add a few thoughts on the Super Bowl.
1.       I thought the interview from Lynch on DP should have gotten some play on Ten Things and I would like your take on the Saints having several different defensive game plans. The interview with John Lynch was brilliant and how he is not on the NFL Network or another network is a travesty. For those wanting to hear the interview visit The interview took place Wednesday January 28th a good ten days before the Super Bowl and Lynch said i he was game planing for Manning he would have a first half game plan, a third quarter game plan and a 4th quarter game plan. What did the Saints do? Exactly what Lynch mentioned. How many 4th quarter points did my Colts score? 0
2.       It will be interesting to see if the Saints were doing something down the field the cameras did not catch.  An example would be how the Pats beat the Rams in the 2001 Super Bowl.  They were constantly holding and illegally chucking receivers downfield so that Warner did not have time for Bruce and Holt to get open.  These rules were not changed until a few years later when the Pats were doing the same thing to the Colts and the league stepped in.  I have absolutely no doubt if the game was called as it should have been my Rams and The Greatest Show on Turf would be two time Super Bowl Champs (2 in 3 years no less). 

 I do remember seeing some highlights and how the Patriots just dominated the Rams receivers and Warner still threw 300 yards. I personally felt Mathis and Raheem Brock were getting held almost every play. In fact I remembe a couple times Mathis raised his arms in the air like are you going to call holding? I still do not think this cost them the game.
3.       The way the Colts were gashing the Saints on D, I wonder if Peyton had stuck to running the ball a little more what would have happened.  I will never doubt the smartest player to ever step on the field, but what if he had been a little more patient? I have said the same thing all year the Peyton needed to stick more to the running game but they did not stray away from the run until the failed

4.       There is not a lot to second guess on the Colts part from the game (like did Reggie give up on the route for the pick 6?), but how do they run a fullback dive on 3 and 2 with a minute left before half?  Why not give the 4 time league MVP a short drop and see if he can pick a first down and at least get a field goal before 
halftime?The more I think about the 3rd and 2 dive with Mike Hart the more I think the game was lost on this play. If they hit Reggie or Pierre on a simple slant it is a first down and at worse it is 10-3 Colts lead going into the half. Does Sean Payton onside to start the second half down 7 or 10 or 17 not 4? Speaking of the onside kick I would have challenged the play just to stop the game for two to three minutes. (Sort of like a basketball coach taking a 20 second timeout to stop a run). I would like a study done on how many times a team turns the ball over and the opposition scores when there is no television timeout compared to when there is a television timeout. I get mad every time I think about these plays and how different the outcomes could have been. No idea how Manning or Caldwell or any other Colt has slept the last week.

My good friend and greatest kicker in Screven County history sent me a text on Friday asking I see where Sidney Crosby and other NHL stars will be playing in the are they allowed to do this by their teams? This issue has been debated countless times and personally I think it is an awesome idea. There has been some discussion that this will be the last time the NHL allows their players to participate but this issue will be collectively bargained on in the next agreement for future Olympics. This idea started as a way for the NHL to piggyback off of the popularity of the Olympics. If John Q. Public sees Team USA battle for Team Canada for the gold in two weeks the thinking is that Mr. Public will be captivated by the NHL stars such as Crosby and will pay more attention when the teams make their push to the Stanley Cup playoffs. The 2002 tournament in Salt Lake City, where Canada defeated the U.S. to win its first gold medal in hockey for 50 years, drew massive television audiences. But it did not influence me to watch more Hockey. The president of the IOC Jacques Rogge says the NHL should realize that sending its players to the Olympics raises the league's exposure and increases its fan base. So do we really know? I do know a Canada-Russia final matching Crosby against Ovechkin and Kovelchuk will be must see TV.

10. Non football Thoughts
a. I can not help but love the Olympic theme song. Click here to listen to the song. I swear this song should play every time I enter a room.
b. This weeks How I Met Your Mother was just average but the Perfect Week episode two weeks ago was so good I will give HIMYM a hall pass for this week.
c. Speaking of HIMYM I found this read in Prychology Today that discusses the reason we enjoy shows like HIMYM and Friends is that in our subconciensce we want to be these characters. Here is to being like Joey and Barney.
d. Speaking of friends how did Ross ever land Rachel? This still troubles me to this day.
e. How about the pulchritudinous Brooklyn Decker (I just broke out a SAT Word for Ten Things) is on the cover of the Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition and she is absolutely stunning.
f. I saw Brooklyn on the Ellen show on Friday afternoon and she might have looked even hotter in a non-swimsuit than she did in the swimsuit.
g. How about the week Andrew "McLovin" Perloff of the DP show? He was able to fly on the SI Swimsuit Airplane from NYC to Las Vegas spent a few days in Sin City with swimsuit models. I guess its good to be McLovin.
h. This reminds me of the time I was living in NYC and I had a good friend that worked at Sports Illustrated and told me the day after the big swimsuit party that she could have gotten me and another buddy access. I have only been a subscriber since my 5th birthday that has to be a party I hope to attend in the future.
i. Speaking of The Big Apple. A potential great weekend trip this year would be to the Concrete Jungle the weekend of April 23-25. The Braves will battle the Metropolitans while the NFL Draft will take place at Radio City Music Hall.
j. I love watching HIMYM on Sunday Nights/Monday mornings on the Lifetime channel. The thing with Lifetime you see a different set of commercials that would never run on ESPN or the MLB Network.
k. Thursday night on NBC continues to make me laugh. The show Community seems to be getting better and better. The character Abed might be one of the better characters on television right now.
l. Speaking of great television characters my favorite five in no particular order are 1. Kevin from The Office 2. Sheldon Cooper from the Big Bang Theory 3. Abed from Community 4. Dr. Chang from Community 5. Cameron Tucker from Modern Family.
m. Other great characters include Jack and Kenneth from 30 Rock, Creed from The Office, Barney from HIMYM, Phil from Modern Family, and Raj from Big Bang Theory
n. The Amazing Race returned this week and got off to a great start. If I ever go on that show I would need a teammate who is not scared of heights and could easily walk across a zip line.
o. Also on the show is the former Miss. South Carolina who gave this great response a few years ago.
p. Just as a friendly reminder Eric Church is playing at Wild Bill's this Saturday night, I would like to rally a crew to go...who is interested? We also might need to move on tickets sooner than later so if we could have all the details worked out by Wednesday afternoon, that would be awesome.
q. Here is an awesome Eric Church song called Living Part of Life
r. Here is an song that is even better. It is called Young and Wild. A good friend of mine and me have this song as our UGA gameday song.
s. If you want some comic read the Twitter page of Kevin Smith....good stuff

Text Of The Week

From my best friend Lee Smoak....

Just drove back from augusta to syl in blizzard. Some people are born to rise to such occasions.

Quote Of The Week

We were driving back from getting a meal of food on Saturday night and Nabil commented on how he wished he knew how to drive a manual transmission. My reply was:

Then you could consider yourself pretty clutch. 

The roomdog said it was the best and worst joke he had ever heard. 

Tweet of The Week

From Bill Simmons

Dallas crushed by snow, tons of flights canceled. Last All-Star Weekend with this much snow was 1982, but that was cocaine.

Tweet Of The Week II

From Jimmy Fallon
Maybe Tiger and Toyota should team up for a comeback with the slogan: “Tiger and Toyota, we swear we can stop"

Have an awesome week!


  1. To answer your question:

    "How many people do you know that have won a Heisman Trophy, published a book, was a contestant on The Apprentice, competed in the 1992 Winter Olympics in two-man bobsled - finishing seventh, holds a a fifth-degree black belt in tae kwon do and ran 100 meters in 10.22, the 100 yards in 9.3 seconds?"

    Apparently, twelve...

    "Asked how many different personality facets, or alters, he has, Walker replied: "To be honest, I have no idea." But in the book, Walker talks about a dozen."

    Manny is one of my favorite characters from Modern Family.

    I'm also partial to "The Nard Dog" on the Office.

    I got Brees and Joe "Willy" Namath from Purdue/Alabama respectively. Did Kenny Stabler win a Superbowl? If he did that's two Bama boys.

  2. Also, Pat Forde's an idiot, how can Tallahassee be one of the best football towns and one of the worst basketball towns? dumbass