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Cleaning up the "Leftovers" of the Seminole's Recruiting Class

Well, here we are winding down the final 10 hours or so before National Signing Day on February 3rd.  If you're a recruiting junkie then this is your favorite time of year, and it's definitely in my top 5-10 sporting "events" of the year.  There are some highly talented athletes that have yet to announce, and while some of them are a little more obvious in their intentions than others, I will try to predict where they will end up.

Being a Seminole fan I'm really only concerned with the players that FSU are in the running for, but I'll expand the list to a couple others as I see an opportunity.  Also, when available, I will post any inside info or small tidbits of info concerning said player.

Before getting started here are some announcement time/LOI faxing times that will be observed tomorrow for FSU targets.  Some of these kids are already firm commits to the 'Noles and are just going through the motions of faxing in an LOI while some are actually going to be conducting a ceremony with an announcement.  If you're interested in watching/listening to any of it then I'd stay tuned to ESPNU, Rivals.Com, Rivals Radio on Sirius, CSS, CBS College and your favorite teams Rivals site; there will be announcements all through the day so stay informed as much as possible.

Once again, most, if not all, of this info is courtesy of Warchant.Com and the fine gentleman who do yeoman's work every year other there

Holmes Onwukaife 9:00
Mike Harris 9:00
Will Tye 9:00
Terrence Brooks 9:00
Jeremy Deering 9:00
Cameron Erving 9:30
Vincent Sanders 10:00
Kenny Shaw 10:30*
Christian Jones 10:30
Jarred Haggins 10:45*
Shayndon Akuna 11:00
Telvin Smith 11:00*
J.R. Ferguson 11:45
Bjoern Werner 12:05
Calvin Smith/ Corey Lemoiner 12:30
Chad Abrams 1:00*
Demar Dorsey 1:00
Damien Jacobs 2:00*
Darious Cummings 2-2:30*
De’Joshua Johnson 2:30*
Lamarcus Joyner 3:00 *
Greg Dent 3:00*
Nigel Terrell 3:15*
Christian Green 3:30
Tank Sessions 4:00*

Will be having a ceremony * (LOI may be sent prior to)

Using the above list I will post some info/predictions on a few guys that are not 100% firm to FSU as well as any interesting info I think might be relevant.

Jeremy Deering - Deering is set to announce his decision at 6PM tonight on Tampa Bay Online - you can watch here
.  Deering is predicted to play Safety at the next level and his 6'2" 200lb frame should allow him to be a solid D1 player.  He'll definitely help with depth as the 'Noles lost both starting safeties to graduation last year.  Captain's Prediction: Florida State 

Vincent Sanders - Really quick WR that is tall as well, definitely a match up terror.  Vincent leaned heavy 'Noles but he's from Mississippi and the home-state teams have been on him for much longer.  I hate to lose this kid as I think he's going to be a weapon for whoever gets him.  Captain's Prediction: Ole Miss

Christian Jones - I went on record as saying I think FSU needs Ego Ferguson on the field more than Jones.  However I think the 'Noles need Jones off the field more.  Keeping Jones at home and not losing him to the Gators (a disturbing trend over the last few years) will make a huge difference in the minds of future recruits about FSU being back to elite level.  I REALLY want this kid in garnet and gold come September.  Captain's Prediction: Florida State

Shayndon Akun: Really interesting and under the radar LB that would be a nice piece to our roster.  I just think it's too far for him to go (Akun is from Hawaii) especially since he didn't take a visit to Tallahassee.  Captain's Prediction: Oregon State

Telvin Smith: Contrary to my prediction last week Telvin committed to the 'Noles last night at an event held at a Valdosta, GA sports bar. 

J.R. Ferguson:
Ferguson is COMPLETELY all over the map with the most recent development being that his position coach at Hargrave Military was hired by Tommy Tubberville to coach the D-Line at Texas Tech.  Ego's list includes: Tech, FSU, LSU, Miami, UF, Auburn, Southwest Tech State A&M (Just checking if you're paying attention) which I think is really indicative of where his mind is right now.  Apparently Randy Shannon has a really good relationship with JR's father.  Captain's Prediction: Miami

Bjoern Werner:
Werner is flying under the radar big time because he's only played one season of high school football in the states once transferring from Germany.  There's some question about his academic eligibility due to problems with some class credits being accepted in the states but his coach and family keep insisting he won't have a problem.  Recruit experts in the know really like Werner as a sleeper so he'll be a decent enough piece if the 'Noles miss out on Ferguson.  It helps that Werner's teammate, TE Will Tye committed to FSU just a few weeks ago.  Captain's Prediction: Florida State

Calvin Smith/Corey Lemoiner:
What a package duo this would be for FSU.  Both guys are top ranked recruits on their own merit but getting both teammates to play on the same team in college would really help FSU generate that pass rush that was missing in 2009.  Lemoiner has reportedly been back-and-forth between his final two, FSU and Auburn.  From what I hear immediate playing time and opportunity to see the field is his #1 priority and that can happen right now at FSU but Auburn's depth chart at DE is pretty crowded.  However it's also reported that Lemoiner just feels more at home and comfortable at Auburn.  

Calvin Smith initially committed to Tennessee but decommitted once Lane Kiffin left.  Smith has expressed an interest to play his college ball outside of the state of Florida and surprisingly the University of New Mexico has become a finalist for Smith's services.  

I don't think the package deal is as sure a thing as everyone assumes.Captain's Prediction: Corey Lemoiner - Auburn/Calvin Smith - Florida State

Demar Dorsey:
I love Demar Dorsey if for nothing else than he decommitted from the Gators.  He's a special talent at the safety position and currently ranked as the 2nd overall safety according to ESPN.  He's ready to make an impact right now, FSU has an immediate need for an impact player at safety right now, and Dorsey's last recruiting visit, that went to FSU, was reportedly a perfect 10.  Captain's Prediction: Florida State

Darious Cummings:
No news on Darious himself, he's been the longest committed recruit to FSU for 2010, having committed way back in April of 2009.  Ever since committing to the 'Noles Darious has been a tenacious recruiter and has been trying his hardest to get players to join him in Tallahassee for the next 4 years.  Keeping us updated on Darious' recruiting efforts is a personal friend of his that posts at Warchant.com.  Just this morning that friend posted a small tidbit about JR Ferguson:

"Just got some very interesting news from 'a friend' of mine about Ferguson. Told me that he is ours. That is all he said. ;)" 

Apparently Darious is pretty confident that his efforts with Ferguson have paid off and that Ferguson is coming to Tallahassee.  As a result here is a Revised Captain's Prediction on JR Ferguson: Florida State

Lamarcus Joyner: Nothing to say here other than I'm really excited for this kid to get on the field.  ESPN and Rivals have both intimated that there may eventually be some Heisman rumblings in Lamarcus' future. Tallahassee Democrat had a good write up on him this past weekend.

Christian Green: 
I went on record last week as predicting FSU for Mr. Green's services and I'm sticking by that prediction.  However I just wanted to pass on a quick quote from Jamie Newberg who is Rivals.Com's main recruiting guru in the Southeast.  Jamie was on Rivals Radio this morning and said that Christian, as recently as last night, was committed to UGA but had a change of heart and is now going with the Seminoles when he announces tomorrow.  I never knew it was this close, and I'm still confident that we get him, I just hope it's not a false confidence.

Enjoy all the commits and excitement around NSD tomorrow, this is like the NFL draft for College Football!

And just in case you want the opinions of guys who actually get paid to predict these things, here are Rivals.Com's final predictions

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