Friday, January 22, 2010

What Did We Learn This Week?

As always we will begin with some Arcade Fire for inspiration.OOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.

Let's all welcome Evan back to the group this week...welcome back Evan. Also, this is Coach Eanes last chance for participation, no participation this week he is out forever. Now onto what I learned...

I learned I love 3 day weekends and when I win the lottery tonight my future business Johnson and Co. will be the least productive company since Krueger on Seinfeld. The work week will end after a big-time lunch on Friday and not begin until Monday after lunch. I also learned I need a lot of work if I am going to be a successful salesman or at least a lot more training. After reading this article in the NY Post I learned Rex Ryan consumes about 7000 calories a day. He also loves a version of Mexican food he calls Rexican...if he wasn't coaching the team playing the colts this weekend I would probably be his biggest (no pun intended) fan. I also learned that I have more self discipline than I realize as in the past week I have made a trip to Athens and sat in a suite with free alcohol without drinking. I also learned that my next major investment will be a wii. Is it possible the wii is more addicting than cocaine? I also think some wii golf tournaments with cash being wagered is a great way to spend an evening.

What did everyone else learn this week?

What did the Mr. Mitchell learn?

I would like to welcome myself back after a week off for renewals.  I learned no matter how hard I work, renewing a season ticket is more luck than anything considering I am 10% behind right now.  Unbelievable.  Welcome back Evan...Things have a way of working out, even if you are in Mississippi.  I have learned that since an ipod was purchased for me on my birthday, I can catch every second of the Dan Patrick show, commercial free, which has me hooked for life.  God Bless you people at Apple and making podcasts free.  I learned Peyton is the best and I love the Colts more and more as my Rams flounder between 1 and 3 wins every year.  Good luck to #18 this weekend.

What did Coach Eanes learn this week?

I learned that not sharing what we learned could lead to ones dismissal from an email chain.  I will start off by stating the past few weeks I have had a tremendous case of writers block. For that and my lack of participation, I apologize. With that....I learned that I love my new place. I have spent about $30 in gas in the past 2 months due to the lack of commute I now have. I learned that the big guy and I have the same dream to one day own a Wii as ridiculous as they are it sure makes for a great night of beers and stupidity. I learned that with some preset protocol I too can "sell like hell"....How's that sound?

What did the Roomdog learn this week?
Congrats to Evan and welcome back to the school of learning things every week.  I learned I'm really scared for Favre vs. Saints and pray that the Saints win b/c it would kill me to see Favre lead the Vikings to the Super Bowl and a Saints win would put me at ease from the devastating loss the Packers had to the Cardinals 2 weeks ago.  I learned IU basketball could have had a decent year if our best player didn't get hurt the game before the Big Ten season started.... They are 3-3 and blew a 15 point second half lead to Illinois.... And was within about 5 points of Michigan with 5 minutes left.... IU being 5-1 would have been one of the top 2 or 3 stories of college basketball.  3-3 is still solid and I'm happy with the progress.  I learned that next week I will be attending Hawks/Celtics and WWE Royal Rumble and it might be a top 5 weekend for 2010 for me.  I learned just a couple seconds ago that today was payday for my part time job and it is much needed.

What did Evan learn this week?
I learned that Mississippi's roads are all horrible, but maybe life in the state's largest city (pop. 170,000) won't be too bad. I learned that their SEC Network coverage here sucks. The two largest universities in this state represent the SEC, and the states largest city doesn't have a separate channel for its affiliate, ala Atlanta using P'tree TV. I learned that my dream season is still a possibility, if our PG's, who some call the best backcourt in the America, can limit our turnovers. If we are able to take care of business against the Hogs Saturday, what a great story this season can become.....NIT to No. 1! I learned that I like going in to work at 9 much better than 8:30. I also learned that I LOVE not having to deal with traffic on the commute to and from work. I learned that one of the bigger night spots in Jackson is called the "Electric Cowboy" (insert homo joke here). Not sure if I'll be visiting that location. I also learned that while having your own apartment is peaceful, moving everything up the 3rd floor--MISERABLE. I learned I like the Central Time Zone so much better than Eastern. I can watch all my shows, and still get good nights sleep. I learned that I need to learn a couple of good restaurants in the area for lunch. I also learned that having wrecks will really screw you over when it comes to getting your own car insurance policy.

Thanks to everyone for their well wishes. In case you're wondering, that's everyone except Eanes. That guy really has it out for me, I swear!

What did the Admiral learn?
I learned that playoff football is amazing to watch and I'm sad there are only three games left on the season. I learned that Vince Young will be playing in the Pro Bowl. It just had to take about 5 QBs to drop out. I learned that David Rubinstein does not like Shane's Rib Shack or free suite food. I learned that Vandy basketball has some big games coming up and I can't wait to see how they hang with the big boys. I learned that I hate waking up before the sun comes up and I hope to not see 6:30 for a long time.

What did you learn in internet land?

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