Friday, January 1, 2010

What Did We Learn in 2009?

Happy New Year Everyone! Like everyone else in the blogspheres we will have a year end feature and let you our important reader, know what we learned this year. So far only the roomdawg and myself have contributed but hopefully we can add some insight from the other cast of characters as soon as they turn in their final draft. If you learned something significant in 2009 their is always a comments section to let us know. Until then Happy New Year and like always a little Arcade Fire.......

What did the Coach learn?

I learned I love living in the Old 4th Ward/Inman Park Neighbrhood a lot more than Brookhaven. Both areas have their pluses and minuses but the Ace of Spades is the 5 minute commute to work every morning. The King of Spades is probably the proximity to Tin Lizzy's, 6 Feet Under, Publix on Ponce, and Jack's Pizzeria of the Old 4th Ward. I also have a solid roomdawg and while we are probably not the two cleanest guys in Atlanta, we have the coolest rooftop in the city. I also love having the Freedom Trail running right by our building. It would be great one day to run all the way to Downtown Decatur which would be about 7 miles one way from my current place of residence, but I might have to move to another place along the Freedom trail closer to downtown Decatur to reach that goal. I also learned that I love watching 60 minutes every Sunday night that I remember to watch it. It is always great to learn something new every Sunday night. I learned I love playing co-ed softball with coworkers and that Coach Mitchell always puts a competitive squad on the field. I look forward to playing in the spring and summer and conceivably in the fall of 2010. Hopefully, I will not trip over first base this season. I also learned that I need to be careful what pictures I take in the future because what you think is an innocent picture will end up on facebook (me) or worse in a power-point presentation showed to the whole front office (The Admiral). I re-learned that I think their is nothing better than a good tailgate and we had multiple good tailgates this season. We just need Coach Dan to make an appearance in Athens in 2010. We are 247 days away from September 4th, 2010 and a visit by the Louisiana-LaFayette Ragin Cajuns to the classic city. I learned that going to four weddings in one summer is expensive but at the same time a lot of fun. I had great times in Boston, Bryant Park in NYC, a tent on a farm outside the metropolis of  Millen, Georgia, the Fox Theatre in Atlanta, and a great time with my best friend Brice in Statesboro, Georgia. Brice learned how much I am his boy by missing the Greg Maddux retirement ceremony to attend his wedding and by waking up at 700 am the morning of his wedding to help him run some errands. Right now I do not know of any weddings in 2010 but I know my buddy Todd in NYC is being pressured and their is always a surprise along the way. I also learned it is a lot of fun when one your best friends has a kid because you get to go over to his house, enjoy a nice day of football, play with a cool little dude and go home the next day without any real responsibilities. I learned I love writing about football and sports and my thoughts on life in general for friends over email and now on the #1 website, even though I have no idea what I can ponder for the ten things after the football season. I do know this year will be easier as we have the Winter Olympics right after football which should take us into March Madness and the start of the baseball season.

What did the Roomdawg learn?
I learned that there is a place between work and my home that I can stop by for a free drink after a Braves game with a ticket stub.... Tin Lizzys... which is also good for tacos/drinks/good times.  I learned that Andrew Bogut is more important to the Bucks than their all star shooting guard Michael Redd that puts up 20+ points per game.... the Bucks have a way better record with Bogut in the lineup than without.  I learned that during Spring 2009 when the Bucks couldn't hang on for the 8 seed in the playoffs without the big man.  I learned that the Braves would have been in big trouble attendance wise without the 6 games against Boston/New York.  I learned that I would miss my nephew's bris (circumcision) ceremony b/c he was born  8 days before one of my best friends weddings.  I learned that there were a lot of quality trainees in the Braves 2009 trainee class.... and that they thought way too highly of themselves as a whole.  I learned that Arcade Fire can be really inspirational when trying to think of things one may have learned.  I learned that my roommate for 2009 would be sticking around for another year.  I learned my roommate writes one hell of a blog.  I learned that the 13 hour drive home for Thanksgiving is a lot more enjoyable when you have a co-pilot.  I learned how much I hate a guy like Glenn Beck and the Fox News Network (although i actually gained a little respect for Mr. Beck when he did an interview on Jay Leno out of character).  I learned how great Colbert and Stewart are at making news funny and getting people who normally don't follow the news interested in it.  I learned that the trip I've been saving up for during the last 3 years will be a cruise to Alaska for a week in June 2010.  I learned that I could have been contributing to my Time Warner 401K while working for Turner Sports all this year.  I learned that I probably won't be doing anything for New Years Eve this year.  I learned that I learn stuff every week and I learned stuff this year.  I learned that Brett Favre is a traitor.  I learned that Tommy Hanson is the real deal.  I learned how much I enjoy watching Brandon Jennings play.  I learned that Aaron Rodgers is pretty damn awesome.

What did everyone else learn?

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