Monday, January 4, 2010

Ten Things JJ Thinks He Thinks

Here is the first Ten Things for the year 2010. I hope everyone had an enjoyable holiday as I know I did. I realize that I must really enjoy my job because I really have looked forward to coming into the office today. 12 days off might be to long of time. Also, many thanks to the people who share the Ten Things with their friends. As always your comments and feedback are appreciated and encouraged. I know I will always look forward to your comments even when you do not agree with me. Without further ado here are the first Ten Things of 2010.

1. Georgia Thoughts

Not sure where to begin on this game but what an impressive performance by the Dawgs this past Monday night in Shreveport, Louisiana. Playing with only one full time defensive coach the Dawgs defense nearly pitched a first half shutout against one of the Big XII and for that matter college football's better offenses. Furthermore, it was also very nice to see the defense create multiple turnovers for the first time this season. With the right hire by Coach Richt this defense could really be special in the years to come.

While the defense was impressive Monday night it was the specialness of the special teams that have me excited for the future. For once none of our units looked or played scared (please note Texas A&M might have something to do with this). The first game of the post-Jon Fabris era saw the Bulldog special teams block a field goal in a scoreless contest, return a kickoff 81 yards for the tying touchdown, block a punt in a tie ballgame to set up a one-play drive for the go-ahead touchdown, kick a 49-yard three-pointer for the go-ahead field goal, turn an Aggie fourth down at the Texans’ 48 into a Red and Black first down at the Texans’ 24 on a snap over the punter’s head, and recover an Aggie onside kick attempt. 

I also need to give credit to Mike Bobo and how his play calling improved throughout the game. Georgia ended the game with sixteen straight running plays and did not attempt a pass in the final thirteen minutes of the contest. The last Red and Black aerial came on the fourth snap of the fourth quarter and resulted in Joe Cox’s second touchdown toss and Aron White’s second TD catch. The scoring throw followed three straight running plays and represented the lone Bulldog pass of the final period. That, my friends, is Georgia football, brought to you by the offensive coordinator who holds the school record for consecutive completions in a bowl game.

Coach Richt earned his 90th victory at UGA in the final game of his ninth season. I don’t have a degree from a vocational school across the street from the Varsity or anything, but I believe that averages out to ten wins a year. Pretty good if you ask me. A couple more impressive Mark Richt stats include the fact he is now 7-2 in postseason play and his teams have scored 24 or more points in eight straight bowl games. Georgia scored 24 or more points in just eleven of the 36 bowl games played by the Bulldogs prior to Richts arrival in Athens. Mark Richt attained his seventh bowl win in his ninth season to match a feat achieved by Vince Dooley in his 24th season.

For what it’s worth, the last time Georgia beat Texas A&M, the Bulldogs proceeded to go 48-5-1 with a national championship and three straight SEC titles over the course of their next 54 games. I’m just saying.

I also have to mention that the Dawgs finished at 8-5 this season giving UGA a minimum of 8 wins for the last 13 years. The longest such streak in Division 1. How about that stat!

One more thing, I know my writing is pro-Georgia and an unbiased person may see some flaws in how I described the aforementioned game. However, if Georgia ever loses by 24 and scores a last minute touchdown to keep it from being a 30 point game and I write something like this, please call me out on it. Please remember UGA won this game by 24 points when reading the Aggie game recap.  In all fairness I thought this line was spot on; the difference between Georgia rednecks and Texas rednecks? Texas rednecks will give you a hook'em sign, Georgia rednecks will bark at you, then drunkenly attempt to coach their football team from the stands.

2. Colts Thoughts
Not to much to put into this game except it was fun watching it being played in near whiteout conditions for most of the second quarter. Everyone got what they wanted today. Reggie Wayne and Dallas Clark caught enough balls to get to 100 receptions for the year. The Colts stayed healthy for the most part as Freddie Keiaho and Hank Baskett might have been dinged up in the fourth quarter.

Curtis Painter was awful just like the previous week. Painter's stat line did not inspire much confidence - 4-of-17 for 39 yards and a pick. It's hard to hold Painter entirely accountable for his woeful stat line. He played behind second stringers while throwing and handing off to second and third line guys. If the Colts had forfeited their first and second round picks for better than a decade, this is what they would look like.

It would be nice to be 16-0, but at what potential cost. Clint Session, Robert Mathis, Dwight Freeney, Joseph Addai, Donald Brown, Ryan Diem, and Charlie Johnson should all be completely healthy. We hope for Jerraud Powers' hamstring to heal. With that group and home field throughout, Bill Polian and Jim Caldwell have to feel good about heading into the playoffs. There is no telling who the Colts might play, but the odds are good that their opponent will be someone they've beaten at least once already this season.

3. A Few Bowl Game Thoughts
a. Has this been the craziest bowl season in a long time with the Urban Meyer and Mike Leach drama?
b. The last SEC team not named Georgia to win the Capital One Bowl was Auburn on New Year's Day in 2003.
c.Could New Years Day have gone any worse for the Big East?  West Virginia lost to an ACC team that while deeply talented defined mediocrity this season and the less said about Cincinnati’s showing against Florida, the better.
d. The Sugar Bowl folks have to be wondering when they’re going to host a compelling game next… nothing’s been close since the Dawgs lost in 2006 and that game was played in Atlanta.
e. Stewart Mandel of gives a great look at the story behind tonight's Fiesta Bowl matchup. If anyone loves reading about the politics of bowl games the way I do this story is a must read.
f. For those that are looking forward to tonights game here is a great read on the TCU's 4-2-5 defense. The thing I found very intriguing was that most coordinators will tell you that your coverage works with your front 7's alignment, i.e., one can dictate the other. You dont do crazy things with your LBs in a normal 4-3 because they could be totally out of position to get into their zones or man-coverage on a pass play. However, Gary Patterson of TCU teaches them totally separately and believes the coverage is totally independent of the front aligntment.
g. One of my favorite Georgia blogs has a great look at ESPN and the Mike Leach situation. It was amazing their one sided coverage of this issue until very late in the week last week.
h. While I am trying to not make light of some of the death threats that the James family has received, but they should have known that their would be a strong reaction to this situation. For those that do not know Adam James dad Craig was an All-American running back at SMU and shared the backfield with Eric Dickerson. He went on to play with the Patriots and the Washington Federals of the USFL. After his career he has worked for ESPN and ABC. Basically, James has spent his whole adult life in football and living in Texas who should have known firsthand what the reaction would have been went he went forward with the allegations. All of it is to much he said, she said for me.
i. I do know that Texas Tech played one heck of an exciting bowl game with Michigan State. It also looks like Texas Tech did not miss a beat on offense. Texas Tech QB Taylor Potts threw for an Alamo bowl record 384 yards and two touchdowns before injuring his non-throwing hand. Then his backup Steven Sheffield came off the bench to complete 9 of 11 passes for 88 yards and a touchdown to rally Texas Tech.
j. Michigan State continued their struggles in bowl games as they lost their 4th straight bowl game. Also, Michigan State allowed an average of 40 points per game in its last three games.
k.The most exciting finish of the bowl games had to be Auburn-Northwestern. Both teams combined for 9 turnovers and Northwestern QB Mike Kafka set the all-time bowl record with 47 completions and 78 attempts. He set Outback Bowl records with 532 passing yards and five interceptions. It was the interceptions that hurt Northwestern the most. Northwestern has now gone 61 years without winning a bowl victory.
l.Auburn is now 7-3 all-time in bowl games vs the Big Ten conference. For a head coach that used to be a big name defensive coordinator this Auburn team gives up a lot of points.
m. UCONN may be one of the more underrated teams in the country and coach Randy Edsall is one of the more underrated coaches in the country. The Huskies improve to 3-1 all-time in bowl games and The Big East representative has won the Papa John' bowl in all four years.
n. Wisconsin was one of the more impressive teams this bowl season as they pretty much dominated Miami except for the first and last two minutes of the game.
o. It looks like FSU is back after dominating a decent West Virginia team in the Gator Bowl. I would like to get more of the Captains thoughts on the game and the direction of the FSU programs.
p. I do like how the Seminoles sent Bobby Bowden out as a winner. In his 33rd bowl game, Bobby Bowden won again, bringing his career bowl record to 22-10-1. His .682 bowl winning percentage is the best in NCAA history among coaches to coach in at least 20 bowl games. The Seminoles finish the season 7-6, giving Bowden his 33rd straight winning season at FSU after a 5-6 mark in his first year in Tallahassee. This is trully amazing. In watching this video Mrs. Ann is ready for the coach to get home.
q. Nebraska looks like the new power of the Big XII north and who is going to stand in their way? Iowa State, Colorado, Kansas, Missouri, or Kansas State. Kansas under Turner Gil may be the only challenger to Nebraska in the future.
r. Bad bowl season for the Pac-10 going 2-5. Thank goodness for USC and UCLA if you are a Pac-10 fan.
s. Last week I mentioned how Richard Seymour and Marcus Stroud were probably two of the better defensive line teammates of all time in college football. The Admiral emailed me and said John Henderson and Albert Haynesworth at Tennessee were another pair of stud defensive line tandoms. So my question is what other pair of college teammates made for a great defensive line?

4. Let's Make A Resolution
Like a majority of people I have made some resolutions to start the year. Unlike the previous twenty or so years that I have made resolutions I hope I am able to keep some this year. My resolutions include:
-Do not make empty resolutions that last for 2 weeks
-Start going to bed earlier and waking up earlier
-Lose a lot of the exess pounds
-Become more financial responsible and this includes eating out less and eating in more
-Read two books a month
-Improve my softball game
-Become more organized at work
-Become more organized at home
-Attend Church more often
-Continue to be awesome
-Actually make good on my resolutions.

5. Sports in 2010- A Look Ahead

Baseball will announce it 2010 Hall of Fame on January 6th while College Football will crown a champion on the 7th. The NFL will begin its playoffs and Tennis's first major will be played in the land down under. The Pro Bowl will be played on the last day of the month, this is the first time it will be played the week before the Super Bowl instead of the week after. It will also be played in Miami this year, costing many a NFL employee a free trip to Hawaii during the winter.

A busy month for the state of Florida. On the 7th the NFL will crown a champion while The Who will rock out at Halftime. On the 14th love will be in the air as NASCAR will run the Daytona 500 and pitchers and catchers will start reporting to spring training. Some noteworthy events not in Florida include the Winter Olympics from Vancouver(Feb:12-28), the NBA All-Star Game at Cowboys Stadium in Arlington (Feb 14)
and the NFL combine will begin in Indy. On the 21s USA will meet host Canada on the ice for the last Men's preliminary hockey game.

My brother will celebrate his birthday on the 10th of this month. The weekend of March 5, 6, 7 will be busy as the Dawgs visit FSU in college baseball. On the 6th the Tar Heels will invade Cameron Indoor Stadium and the Academy Awards from LA's Kodak Theater will take place on the 7th. The next week a majority of the sports world will focus on college basketball tournaments but the NCAA will crown its skiing champions in Steamboat Springs from the 10-13th. Something tells me the SEC will not dominate these competitions. The Coach will also be involved in no less than 3 bracket challenges. It should also be mentioned that we will move our clocks forward an hour on the 14th while Spring will arrive at 1:32 p.m. EDT on the 20th.

College Basketball will crown a champion in Indy on the 5th while the women will crown a champion in San Antonio on the 6th. The Masters in Augusta looks more intriguing than ever. The baseball season also starts on the 5th, division titles are not won in April but they can be lost here. My dad and aunt will celebrate birthdays. I also know someone else will celebrate an April but I can not remember who (please let me know if this is you). Everyone should pay their taxes by the 15th. NCAA Hockey will crown a champion at Ford Field in Detroit while both the NBA and NHL playoffs will begin and Turner Sports employees will begin the 40 Games in 40 Nights Marathon. The NFL will have its draft and it will now be three days of Chris Berman as the drat begins in primetime on Thursday night.

The good doctor will graduate from Med School while lawyer Dan will graduate from law school. Somewhere the Coach will be proud of them. Furthermore, the Coach will watch the ponies on television (Braves in town) in the most exciting two minutes in sports (Kentucky Derby). It has to be referenced that the Coach was born in Derby City but has yet to walk inside Churchill Downs. In true Coach style one day he will will walk in for the Derby with a gorgeous female companion in an awesome hat. Nancy O'Dell would work. The Office will have it season finale which The Coach will not like while the Roomdawg will love. Interleague games will begin the weekend of the 21st-23rd. The only National League series this weekend? Atlanta @ Pittsburgh. The NCAA will crown it champions in Men and Women's Tennis in Athens, Ga during a two week tournament.

College Baseball will crown a champion for the last time at Omaha's Rosenblatt Stadium (the event will continue to be held in Omaha).The third leg of the triple crown will be ran on the 5th at Belmont, NY. Will their be any chance of history this year? Baseball will have it draft from the 7th-9th and the NBA will have a draft on the 25th. Meanwhile, the NHL will host their draft on the 25th-26th. The USGA will host the US Open at Pebble Beach while the World Cup begins in South Africa. The All-England Championships at Wimbledon also begins in London on the 21st. The NHL will give away a famous Cup to its winner and Kobe and the Lakers will have another parade. (When did I become a Laker and Kobe fan? How did this happen?) Summer will arrive on a Monday morning the 21st at 7:28 a.m. EDT, it will have been hotter than hell for weeks in Hotlanta so everyone will chuckle will they find out it is now officially summer. The Braves will close the month playing 12 home games in 16 days and sometime soon afterward the Coach will need a nap.

Good friends Smoak and Goat will celebrate their birthdays on the 2nd. With the 2nd being a Friday, Turner Field will have Fireworks in their honor. America will celebrate its birthday on the 4th with fireworks throughout the country and a hot dog eating contest on Coney Island. Also in Atlanta people will get up and run 10 kilometers down Peachtree Street while the Coach will sleep in and dream of being able to run 10 kilometers. The Tour de France will begin on the 3rd in France the Dutch port city of Rotterdam (Yes that is correct). Also on the 3rd Wimbledon will crown a women's champion and a men's champion will be crowned on the 4th. Bulls will run in Pamplona, Spain during the week of July 7th-14th. MLB will have its All-Star game on the 13th in beautiful Anaheim marking one of my favorite summer traditions. 99.9% chance pizza and wings will be on the menu for the 13th. The best country in the World at Soccer will be named on the 11th. Golf will have its 3rd major of the year from the 15th-18th on the Old Course at St. Andrews. NFL training camps will begin and sometime during the 7th month of the year, Smoak, TMAC, Shep, maybe a Goat and the Coach will fly somewhere amazing for a few days of something awesome.

Preseason football will begin with the Hall of Fame weekend on the 7-8. The 92nd PGA Championship will take place from the 12th-15th at Whistling Straits in Kohler, Wisconsin. Little League Baseball will have a tournament in Williamport, Pa from the 20th-29th. With schools starting earlier and earlier these kids can miss school for a baseball tournament but college football with its games played on Saturday can not have a playoff because these kids could miss class. (I should have used this line for March Madness but I was preoccupied by thoughts of Bill Raftery saying something awesome). The US Open (tennis) will begin in Flushing Meadow (they make it sound so lovely) on the 30th. All in all it will be hotter than hell outside and everyone will have a keen eye on September and the football season.

The coach will celebrate a birthday on the 2nd with his boy Brice. The Roomdawg, Mr. Yang and A-Train will celebrate the 3rd. College football will return on the 4th with the Dawgs playing the Raging Cajuns from Louisiana-LaFayette. Later on the 4th lawyer Dan's UNC Tar Heels will play the LSU Tigers that same day. Something tells me the city of Atlanta will never be the same with all the cajuns in town. The Coaches Birthday Labor Day weekend will come to an end Monday night when Boise State takes on VaTech at FedEd Field in Landover, MD. The next weekend gives us the start of the NFL season and these AMAZING college football matchups; FSU @ Oklahoma, Penn State @ Alabama, Miami @ Ohio State, Michigan @ Notre Dame, Oregon @ Tennessee, Virginia @ USC, and TCU @ SMU. The same weekend the US Open will crown a Women's Champion on the 11th and a Men's Champion on the 12th. East Lake Golf Club in Atlanta will host the Finals of the FedEx Cup Golf Playoff from the 23rd-26th giving the Coach  great opportunity for an awesome long weekend. Golf on Thursday, travel to Mississippi on Friday (Golden Moon Casino visit?), the Dawgs vs Dawgs (UGA@MISS St.) on Saturday and come home on Sunday. Autumn arrives at 11:09 p.m. EDT on the 22nd. I will not notice.

Canada will celebrate it Thanksgiving and probably not watch two American teams in the World Series which begins on the 27th of the month. The coach will drive down to J-ville thinking the Dawgs have a chance to win to only ask himself during halftime why he does this to himself every year around Halloween. On the other hand the Coach hopes he will be in Atlanta that weekend for game 3,4,5 of the World Series. (Do we really think the NL will ever win an All-Star game again?) The NHL will open its season the 2nd of the month while the NBA will begin on the 26th. Just as heads up for all my married friends the 24th is Mother-in-Law day, do something nice for the lady that makes your life a living hell. October is a great month as it starts getting colder but not yet cold plus tons of playoff baseball. We will also have some solid NFL games but without a 2010 schedule I can not promote the league that needs no promoting.

America will eat turkey and watch football. Will this be the year the Lions game will be worth watching? (I have mid day napped through the last three Lions Turkey day games). The weekend starting Thursday November 4th looks like an awesome weekend in the big apple. The 4th will be game 7 of the World Series (if necessary of course), nothing scheduled for the 5th but I have hard time believing that between the Nets, Knicks, Rangers, Devils, and Islanders their will not be a contest of some sort. On the 6th the Air Force Academy visits Army in West Point, NY. The 7th of New York will mark the 41st running of the New York City Marathon. For those that are not runners I am sure either the Jets or Giants will be in action this Sunday. Other items in November include the Breeders Cup at Churchill Downs on the 5-6. The MLS Cup will be on the 21st while Notre Dame will play Army at Yankee Stadium on the 20th (Georgia Bye Week FYI). All in all we will eat turkey and nap.

The last month brings us Holidays and these holidays will begin with Hanukkah on sundown of the first. Christmas will be on the 25th (shocker) and Canada will celebrate Boxing Day on the 26th. Baseballs winter meetings will be held in Orlando from the 6th-9th. The college football conferences that play Championship games will play them the weekend of Dec 3-5. The Downtown Athletic Club will present the Heisman Trophy on the 11th. Army-Navy will play that same afternoon in the city of brotherly love. The coach will begin his Christmas shopping around the 20-21. College football bowl games will be played during the last half of the month and hopefully UGA ends up somewhere awesome, the Rose would be nice, just saying. Winter will arrive with dinner at 6:38 p.m. EDT on the 21st.

6. Baseball Thoughts of the Week
a. So far these are the big spenders of the off-season as the Red Sox, Mets, Mariners, Brewers and Braves are the only teams to guarantee $20MM or more to a free agent so far this offseason.
b. Despite the Mets signing Jayson Bay I still think their are a lot of easy outs in that lineup. Also Beltran better be ready to cover a lot of ground with Franceour in right and Bay in left.
c.Lots of unsigned players are in position to command multi-year deals. Matt Holliday leads a group of free agents that also includes Adam LaRoche, Miguel Tejada, Adrian Beltre, Johnny Damon, Miguel Olivo, Bengie Molina, Rod Barajas, Yorvit Torrealba, Joel Pineiro, Jon Garland, Vicente Padilla and Jose Valverde.

d. The players that intrigue me the most of the above list include Johnny Damon, Joel Pineiro and Jon Garland.
e. Other names that intrigue me include Erik Bedard, Doug Davis, Ben Sheets, and Brett Myers. These four alone could be a make a pretty decent pitching staff.
f. Runs produced (RBIs plus runs minus home runs) is a good tool to measure batter effectiveness. Albert Pujols led the majors in 2009 with 212 runs produced. Jason Bay ended up with 186, the same as Mark Teixeira
g. Over the last three seasons, Stephen Drew (left) hit .264 with 45 homers and 192 RBIs, while older brother J.D. Drew hit .276 with 54 homers and 196 RBIs. Stephen made $1.5 million in 2009, while J.D. made $14 million.
h. Great job by Dave O'Brien of the AJC getting this two part interview with Chipper Jones. Very informing. Here is part 1 and part 2.
i. Tough to believe that the Braves won 86 games and were in the playoff chase until the final week of the regular season without getting anything from Chipper or McCann in the second half of last season.
j. Pitchers and Catchers report in 41 days.
k. Roy Halladay and Mike Hampton each have 148 wins and one save in their careers
l. The MLB Network did a countdown show of the best walkoffs of the year and it was tough watching because the Braves had some low lights. Maybe it is not so bad that Soriano is now pitching in Tampa Bay.
m. Other must watch shows on the MLB Network include Hot Stove Live every night at 6:00 (replayed at 7:00 and 10:00 almost every weekday night). The Diamond Demos show is really good as well.

7. What I Read This Week
Two very good articles. The first one is on the iconic Ernie Harwell who is the former Tigers announcer, a position he held for 42 years. Harwell from Washington, Ga. is 91 years young and living the last few days of his life. Back in August, doctors gathered in Harwell's apartment with Lulu, his wife of 68 years, next to him and delivered the grim news. Cancer of the bile duct. Essentially inoperable. They could do surgery, but the percentage of success was low and the risk was high. One of the doctors told Harwell that if he were his father, he'd just tell him to relax, let things happen and enjoy himself as much as he could until the inevitable. Man is he ever enjoying himself, he lives more in a day that I will ever think about. Solid read from ESPN for once.

The second read comes from the NY Times and asks the question that has two answers, What's a Bailed-Out Banker Really Worth?  The story focuses on Kenneth Feinberg, the government’s special master for executive compensation, and the role he played in deciding the pay structure executives from companies that had received (and not yet paid back) billions in what federal regulations call “exceptional assistance” from the government’s Troubled Asset Relief Program, or TARP. This read is worth printing out and reading while one hits the treadmill or exercise bike. I know both sides of the political spectrum read this column and I would like their thoughts on this article.

8. Football Thoughts
a. Great finish to the season by the Chicago Bears. Chicago scored 73 points over its final two games compared to 74 points over the previous six before those.
b. Even Jay Cutler stepped up his game during the last two weeks by throwing for four touchdowns in each of the last two games.
c. The Falcons posted back-to-back winning season for the first time in franchise history with a 9-7 finish. That is an amazing statistic. Also, why are the Falcons still airing season ticket commercials?
d. It is hard to believe that the Jaguars were 7-5 and in control of their own destiny 4 weeks ago. Since then back to back home loses to the Dolphins and Colts. Then back to back road loses to Pats and Browns will end your season on a very sour note.
e. Another team that did finish the season at all was co-workers Dan and Sims Miami Dolphins. After rallying from an 0-3 start to get to 7-6 the Fins lost their last three including home games to Houston and Pittsburgh to finish the season.  This is their third losing season in the last four years.
f.  Another team that did not finish the season was the New York Giants. After starting the season 5-0 the Giants went 2-9 to finish the season. Look at the Defense for reason why, the Giants gave up 427 points this season, their most since 1966. Only Detroit (2-14) and St. Louis (1-15) allowed more in the NFC.
g. Pittsburgh finished the regular season on a three-game win streak after losing its previous five games.Do not lose to the Chiefs and or Raiders and you will go to the Super Bowl. How much did Troy Polamalu injuries play a role in their mid season struggles?
h. Has anyone improved their fantasy football draft status more than Jamaal Charles the last 6 weeks of the season? Charles rushed for a franchise-record 259 yards on 25 carries and finished the season with 1,120 yards -- the eighth-best single-season total in team history.
i. Great point by the weeks playoff game will be the third Packers game in Arizona this season and the first time the fans will see the starters. The previous two, the last preseason game and the last regular season game.
j. The Raiders finished 5-11 and are 29-83 since reaching the Super Bowl in the 2002 season. Baltimore owns a 6-1 all-time advantage over the Raiders.
k. Should I be worried that Brian St. Pierre looks better than Curtis Painter?
l. A long flight home for Jim Zorn after what probably was his last game as head coach of the Skins. All Zorn did was go 4-12 this season and the skins are 12-20 in two seasons under Zorn.
m. Zorn is probably headed to Cleveland and will reunite with Mike Holmgren is some sort of role. I seriously doubt it would be as head coach.
n. Darrelle Revis is without a doubt NFL defensive player of the year and probably should be NFL MVP. Charles Woodson picked a bad year to have a career year. 
o. Awful performance by the Broncos. Two years in a row good starts have been wasted with no playoff appearances. Denver became the third team to start a season 6-0 and miss the playoffs. The Vikings in 2003 and the Redskins in 1978 are the other two teams.
p. The Jets showed the Giants how to close a building. Wow what a performance.
q. 3 of the 4 playoff games this weekend will be rematches of week 17. I doubt this has ever happened before.
r. In my opinion NBC got the better games on Saturday with Jets at Bengals 430 Saturday and Eagles at Cowboys Saturday night on NBC.
s. Sunday is not to shabby either with Ravens at Pats at 100 and the roomdawgs Packers at Cardinals at 430.
t. Pretty good football week for the state of Texas. TCU Bowl Game tonight, Texas in National Championship on Thursday and Cowboys in playoffs Saturday. Preety, preety, preety, pretty good.

9. NFL Power 5-This is how I rank teams heading into the playoffs.
1. Dallas- Has anybody played better heading into the post season than this group of misfits.
2. San Diego-Extended their win streak to 11 games -- matching their best single-season streak (1961) -- and won their fourth straight season finale.
3. Indianapolis- Maybe more pressure on this team this postseason than any other Colts team.
4. New England- Learn the name Julian Edelman. The former Kent St QB will play the role of Wes Welker.
5. Green Bay-Finished 7-1 since the debacle in Tampa

10. Non Football or Baseball Thoughts
a. All country music fans need to keep the June 10-13 weekend free. It will be CMA Music Fest in Nashville. They have yet to announce what performers on what days but if you look at he 2009 schedule one can not go wrong. Thanks to The Admiral for the heads up. By the way the Braves are on the road this weekend.
b. The Dow Jones finished up 18.8% for 2009, if I were President Obama I would mention this in every speech. Also, how come this story is not in every newspaper?
c. If BrickBreaker were a recreational drug I would need an intervention because I am addicted.
d. When watching Kentucky play basketball this season it is hard to believe that Georgia won on Senior Day at Rupp Arena last season. This makes no sense.
e. The new "Ghostbusters" film will start shooting next summer. This has me pretty excited.
f. Saturday Night Live might be must see this week as Charles Barkley is hosting. No telling what craziness might happen.
g. This may only bother my layer buddy Dan and myself but the fact that the Long Island newspaper Newsday had gone subscription only, really bothers me. This paper has lots of good entertainment reads and Neil Best Media Watchdog blog is/was a must read. Knowing Dan the way I know him he probably has a password that can get me access.
h.Speaking of lawyer Dan, congrats are in store for him as his law article The Need for a Worldwide Draft to Level the Playing Field and Strike Out the National Origin Discrimination Inherent in Major League Baseball will be published in Loyola Law School in their next Law Review. I have a copy if anyone is interested in reading as it is a tremendous read.

i. Pretty big weekend for the crew from Sylvania and myself. I know TMAC, Shep, maybe a Smoak and myself are going to be in Athens, Ga for the Kinchafoonee Cowboys. For those that do not know about the Cowboys they are one my favorite cover bands and some of their own stuff is pretty decent.
j. Anyone up for a drive over to the Classic City on Saturday?
k.Last week I mentioned how I hoped to get to one of the following movies this week, Brothers, Sherlock Holmes, Pirate Radio, The Hurt Locker and A Single Man.Well I did not get to a single movie this week. Pure laziness.
l. How the show Friday Night Lights is not on NBC, ABC, CBS or Fox is beyond me. One of the better shows on television.
m. It is absolutely freezing in Atlanta this week. As I write this it is 25 degrees in Atlanta and 30 degrees in Denver. It is 21 degrees at East Rutherford, NJ where my buddy Dan is watching the last game at Giants Stadium. But as a Jets fan Dan refuses to call it Giants Stadium instead calling it The Meadowlands. They make it sound so nice by calling it The Meadowlands when really is not.
n.The Georgia government passed a super speeder law that started on January 1st. Can not say that I disagree. The next law they need to pass is a limit of cell phone usage and texting while driving. Nothing wrong with a hands free device if you ask me.
o. For the past three years I have been mesmerized by the outdoor hockey being played on New Years Day. Click here for great photos from the Boston Globe. Here is a nice 360 degree view of Fenway Park.
p. Family Guy continues to be one of the more funnier shows on television. Most of the comedy is Pg-13 or R rated and I like it.
q.Michel Cera's new movie Youth in Revolt looks awesome. Click here for a trailer.
r. We are 13 days away from Season 8 of 24. I am excited. Click here for a trailer.
s. I am looking forward to the Return of new episodes of How I Met Your Mother, Big Bang Theory, 30 Rock and The Office.
t. Saw the finale of the FX show The League. Pretty good show that got better throughout the first season.
u. Click here for pictures of Wladimir Klitschko and Hayden Panettiere canoodling. Why is canoodling a word that only applies to celebrity couples? For those that do not know Wladimir is a boxer and once had a role in Ocean 11. He was going to fight Lennox Lewis before Danny Ocean and the boys cut the power on Vegas.
v. I will end with a link to a youtube of the Eric Church song Livin Part of Life. This may be one of his better songs and that is tough to say because I absolutely love Young and Wild, These Boots, Love Your Love The Most, Two Pink Lines, Guys Like Me and Pledge Allegiance To The Hag.  I should mention that Mr. Church will be opening for Jason Aldean at the BI-LO center in Greeneville, SC on the 22nd of this month.

Quote Of The Week
From the Real World DC and the character Andrew. This was within the first 30 minutes of the first show.
I am definitely not a racist. I joke about it a lot. I am a big basketball fan you can't be racist and enjoy basketball.

Quote Of The Week II
The second quote of the week comes from TMAC and his memories of New Years Eve.
The More I remember about last night (NYE) the more I realize I had a good time.

Text Of The Week-Lots of good texts this week but I will go with these two. Proud of everyone that texted me something awesome this past week.

The first text comes from my Mom who sent me this randomly on the afternoon of New Years Eve;
Just had something outstanding and sinful from Chick-fil-a...a peppermint chocolate chip milkshake...omg

Text Of The Week II
The following texts comes from a conversation I was having with a great friend...I continued the conversation by saying...hopefully I will shed some lbs and become even hotter if that is possible...the awesome reply...Not possible. But I hear the shedding part. Christmas was good to everything except my thighs.

Just awesome.

I hope everyone has an awesome week. Just as an fyi...I have some squares if anyone is interested. The squares are $3 a piece. First and Third Quarter winners will take $30, Halftime $80 and if you get the Final Score you will take home $160. For those that do not know what squares are visit this site. Happy New Year everyone and I hope you have a great week.

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