Friday, January 8, 2010

What Did We Learn This Week?

As always a little Arcade Fire for inspiration.

And because they won the National Championship last night a little Hey Alabama!

Now this is what we learned, starting with the coach.

I learned that taking two weeks off of work is fun but will screw up ones sleeping schedule. I went to bed at 930 every night this week except for Thursday because of the National Championship game. I learned that squares make a dull football game very exciting. I also learned that I love all the excitement the possibilities of snow bring the Metro Atlanta area. Basically I think the networks create all the drama to boost the local economy and I have no problems with that. I also learned 2010 has started very cold and Al Gore might be full of crap.I learned that  I need to get direct deposit because not having a pay check in my account until the 8th of the month made things dicey for a few days. I learned I am going to Athens to see my favorite band Kinchafoonee Cowboys this Saturday. With Shep and T-Mac in Athens town it will be a great opportunity to learn even more. What did everyone else learn during the first week of 2010.

What did The Admiral learn?
I learned that New Years continues to be the most overrated Holiday. There are too many people out and not enough bartenders or stalls ever. I learned that College Football season 2k9 is now over after a big victory in squares after the first quarter of the BCS Championship game. I learned that snow makes the cold a little bit bearable instead of 32 degrees and raining. I learned that Jersey Shore continues to be the most entertaining show on tv right now. The directors have the easiest jobs ever. All they have to do is put lots of vodka and Yaeger  in their house and let the cameras roll. I learned that there is always a Situation going on at the Shore. I learned that Opening Day is less than 3 months away and I can’t wait. Happy New Year to all!

What did the roomdawg learn?
I learned that the Big Ten had a nice bowl season.... wins over ACC, SEC, and Pac 10.  I learned that IU is better at basketball this year, but not quite there yet.... beating Michigan and then losing to Ohio State by 20+.  I learned that the Packers are a really strong team heading into the post season and I really like their chances.  They are strong in passing, defense, and turnover differential.... they could lose to anybody, but I think they can beat anybody.  I learned that this has been one of the coldest weeks ever in my 5 years in Atlanta.  I learned that it sucks being a commissioner of a football league b/c you collect $500 and spend some of it only to have to come up with the money again once the season is over.  I learned that Turner Field was not built to heat the stadium well (I guess there are cracks in the bricks or gaps that allow massive amounts of cold air in...... brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. 

What did you learn? 

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