Friday, December 11, 2009

What Did We Learn This Week?

As always a little Arcade Fire for inspiration.By the way look for a year end What We Learned next week.

We will let the Roomdawg begin what we learned this week because it is his last day at work until January 4th.

I learned that IU basketball really is much improved this year.  We lost to Boston and George Mason, yes..... but, we also just beat Pitt and played Maryland tough for 35 minutes.  I think this year will still feature a lot of heartbreaking losses..... but less 20 point losses.... and less losses in games where we have a 20 point lead (yes, that happened twice last year).  I learned IU is trying to name the student section at Assembly Hall..... my vote based on the options on the website was "The Hall Monitors".  I learned John Wall is the real deal and is drawing comparisons to Derrick Rose, but a better version of him.  I learned the Pack is playing real well after beating out playoff contender Baltimore on MNF.... upcoming games against beatable Chicago, Pitt, and Seattle make my "over 9 wins" bet looking good.  i learned Soriano really stuck it to the Braves by accepting arbitration, when all we can get in return for him is a pitcher that probably could be found on the streets (an ERA of 5 for a reliever???)... i.e.  whats Dan Kolb doing these days?  I'd rather have the draft picks.  I learned today is my last day for 2009 (not really learned, but I just wanted to brag).  I learned that my roommate is proud of me.

What Did the Coach Learn this week?

I learned that the roomdawg forgot about his Alma Mater’s loss to a SEC school in basketball. Does the SEC own the Big Ten in everything? I do not think they do but who does not enjoy some good Big Ten-SEC talk as long as Farrell is not involved.  I learned that Madison Square Garden is indeed the Mecca of College Basketball just as it claims. The UCONN-Kentucky game that I attended might have been the best college basketball game that I have ever attended. I learned that my buddy Todd was blown away at how southern some of the Kentucky and Georgia fans were. I learned that John Wall is the best player I have seen play in college. I think the honor before Wall went to another UK great in Tayshaun Prince. I learned that I really enjoy a good NYC walk in the fall, spring or a not so cold winter day. Nothing like 15-20 blocks in the middle of good conversation. I relearned that the Derek Jeter sandwich is one of the better things about the Yankee great. I mean who does not enjoy chicken cutlet, ham, bacon, Swiss cheese and Russian dressing? I also learned that I do not know anything about the history of South Africa and that Matt Damon and Morgan Freeman are great actors.

What did the Admiral learn this week?

I learned that maybe I shouldn’t bet lunches on the Titans anymore. A Colts loss plus having to pay for an extra Carvers and Daddy Dz lunch added to the disappointment. I learned that the Titans are out of the playoffs but it was fun while it lasted. I learned that the website is amazing and that I love dumb people. 

Those were some gems from yesterday. I learned that my fantasy team needs a big week from Aaron Rodgers and also needs Greg Jennings to come up big. I learned that a Turf grass conference is not as fun as it sounds. There are plenty of rednecks and sweat suits which I am personally a big fan of both. The chance for leads or any work related talk is not high. I learned that another 2009 ticket sales trainee will be a full time Braves employee yesterday. I learned that still gets a million hits a day from me and I still can’t get enough. 

What did Coach Eanes learn?

First off I learned Coach Mitchell’s Birthday was Wednesday, December 9th, unfortunately I did not learn this until Thursday, December 10th.  This would have been much more useful information to have in last week’s what we learned. With that said once again Happy Birthday B.J! I also learned that Cory was right when he told me after the series premiere that Community was going to be a great show. For several episodes I was skeptical about the series, but it has now grown on me like a bad case of herpes simplex. I learned that Coach has a movie coming out called “Up in the Air” where George Clooney will be playing a young Justin Johnson as he jet sets across the country every weekend for all kind of crazy shenanigans. The big guy has spent more time in the air then anyone I know and for that I am proud of him.
NFL fact I learned courtesy of Thursday Night Football: The Cleveland Browns have selected 20 player in the first 3 rounds of the NFL Draft between 1999-2004. Of these 20 players none are currently with the team and 11 are out of football all together. This is not the sign of a good franchise. As much as I dislike Coach Mangini can you blame him? The fact is I think you have to let him work his magic with the draft because it seems like he hit on 90% of his draft picks with the Jets, most of which are big time contributors still with the team.

 What did the Birthday Boy (Coach Mitchell) Learn This Week?
I learned that if my name isn’t Dan Eanes or if I don’t throw myself a rooftop party, nobody will remember my birthday.  Just kidding guys, I had a great b-day.  I learned Z knows where to find a great sandwich named after the Sportsman of the Year.  There isn’t a better lunch than the 101 with a Jeter in your mouth.  Shout outs to our travelers – Coach in NYC and RoomDawg for Vegas.  Two classic cities.   I learned Charlie Weiss is jobless.  Not much can make a 4 loss Trojan season sweet, but Notre Dame wasting millions of dollars to get his fat ass out of town helps.

What did everyone else learn?

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