Sunday, December 6, 2009

What Did We Learn This Week?

As always a little Arcade Fire for inspiration.

What did the Coach learn?

I did not learn much this week but I did learn that The Office is not as good as it was a couple of years ago. I know it is still one of the roomdawgs favorite shows but for my entertainment dollar 30 Rock and Community are now must see tv on Thursday nights. I learned that Tiger was not as faithful to his wife as we all thought. On the same note about 75% of the membes of the media who are calling out Tiger for his actions are probably guilty of doing what Tiger did and in my opinion this is no ones business but Tiger's and his family. I learned that I might be a better athlete than Mark Sanchez because I know how to properly execute a slide. All I would need is a plastic sheet, water hose and baby shampoo and I could have Sanchez sliding in just an hour, I have seen me do it at many a UGA Baseball Camp. I learned Billy Wagner will be closing games for the Braves in 2010 and this makes me excited because he was the best closer on the market. I learned that Jeter was SI Sportsmen of the year and there might be nothing this guy can not do. What a fine american.

What did the roomdawg learn?

I learned I have a lot of tv to watch after being home for a week, and what makes it tough is that sometimes I can only make progress on a couple shows, b/c new stuff is being recorded.  I learned that my Packers over 9 wins bet looks pretty decent for a "push" at worst after 3 strong weeks to get to 7-4.  I learned our holiday party is missing something.....the free food and drinks is great, the WII's were nice, and I enjoy hanging out with many/most of my coworkers..... but it just felt like something was missing this year more so than any year before.  I learned how clutch it is to save a PTO day for the day after a holiday allows you to drink until 3am and not have to worry about anything.  I learned my boy Cooper is going to try to stick it out in Atlanta for as long as he can in hopes of finding full time work with the Braves or in Atlanta in general.  I learned our bullpen probably will not have Soriano or Gonzalez in it next year when I previously thought at least one of the two would be back.

What did the Admiral learn?

I learned that Murfreesboro is boring during Thanksgiving and will probably be the same around Christmas time. I learned that Vince Young is doing the things we need him to do. He is being a leader. He is studying film. His mood is constant and not manic depressive anymore. I learned that Bill Simmons thinks Chris Johnson's name is too boring and should be Crispus Johnson. I learned that Vandy basketball has some potential this year and excited for the Vandy vs Kentucky and Vandy vs UT matchups already. I learned that will be getting a million hits from me this offseason. Who Ya With!

What did Coach Mitchell learn?

I learned Weiss is gone.  So long lard @$$!!!  Good job Notre Dame, I have to applaud them one more time for the 10 year extension after two seasons in which he “won” with another coach’s players.  I learned DP continues to be great.  There are not many things better than posting up and watching the 101.  Shout out to the Coach for watching the 101 and eating B & G the day before Thanksgiving.  That’s something to be thankful for.  Fight On Trojans!

What did oach Dan learn?

He did not respond this week. 

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