Sunday, December 13, 2009

Link Dump 12/12/2009

I've been eating well lately so I'm gonna take a big dump on you today:

1 - In case you haven't checked them out yet, here is a complete schedule and rundown of all the bowls.

2 - It's that time of year again, congressional pressure for a playoff system in college football.

3 - Tiger really has no standards does he?

4 - There are some great GameDay signs from the SEC Championship here - my favorite didn't even have to do with Florida or Alabama:


5 - I'm sure by now you've heard of some of Tennessee's recruiting tactics.  This is a great image of a couple Army All-Americans being recruited by UT.

6 - 10 Bulldogs to be excited for next year.

7 - Latest whispers on the remaining available recruits from the top 100 from

8 - I know this is gonna piss Coach off, someone making the case that Peyton Manning is overrated.

9 - Now I know why the RoomDawg likes The Office so much.

10 - The rarest form creature was found in the swamps of Louisiana: White Gators - No word on if they cried their bible-versed eye black off or not when they were found.

11 - If you really want to whip your sorry ass into shape you'll take a look at this link, Maggot!

12 - Five diamonds-in-the-rough in the NBA.  A little known Milwaukee Buck who's game I really like makes an appearance.

13 - A look at which College Programs have produced the most NFL talent recently.  The top 9 are broken down pretty evenly amongst the conferences: 2 each from Big 12, Big 10, ACC, SEC and 1 from the Pac-10.  However USC's number is so high they make up for two teams really.  There's also a link to follow where you can find a full breakdown of draft picks by school.

14 - Due to John Wall's amazing success so far, here's a look at the top 15 Freshman in NCAA Basketball ever.

15 - Where the top 10 RB's in the NFL today came from.

16 - Just who was that masked man that gave the UGA Bulldogs a top 25 vote in the final coaches poll?

17 - Be careful when you're surfing those dating sites, some of those pics are misleading (SFW)

18 - For all you movie buffs here are the most overlooked movies of the past decade.

19 - Finally, in case any of you are looking at picking up Bill Simmons' newest book, here is a ton of opinion on it from different folks.

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