Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Movie Review: Pirate Radio

This evening my grandmother and I decided to take in a movie at the local Indie movie theater.  First off, I love Indie movies and really don't have much use for the mainstream stuff that comes out. If you see it at AMC, chances are I won't ever see it.  I can't urge you enough to support your local indie theater and enjoy all it has to offer.  The popcorn and sodas taste just the same and the movies are always better.

This evening the movie of choice was Pirate Radio.  It's the true story of a 60's radio station broadcasting Rock & Roll at a time when it was just starting to gain popularity with the masses.  However "The Man" had absolutely no tolerance for Rock & Roll or the stations that were playing it.  In England at the time there was a rule that no station located on or within 3 miles of English soil could broadcast Rock & Roll; thus the station "Radio Rock" was located on a boat that was anchored more than 3 miles off-shore.

The story begins when "Young Carl" is sent to live with the station manager by his mom because of troubles he had at home.  It progresses to show just how quirky and morally inept the people on the boat were.  It's a strange cast indeed that follows some strange rules.  One of those is that no woman are allowed on the boat; except for one and she is a lesbian that does all the cooking and cleaning.  This causes all dozen or so men living on the boat to constantly think about sex and subsequently so does the lesbian.  Every other Saturday ever man on the boat is allowed to invite a female, or females, to the boat for the day to enjoy themselves for a few hours.  Needless to say, some hilarious situations arise.

The movie absolutely flies by.  It is 116 minutes long and I didn't feel as though I was even in there for an hour.  The story is told at a fast pace with plenty of hi-jinx as well as some heart-warming moments.  However all of these moments pale in comparison to the soundtrack.  If you are any kind of a classic Rock & Roll fan I implore you to see the movie as you'll have just as much fun picking out the different songs as watching the movie.

The soundtrack is 2 discs with tons of classics on it running the gamut from Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, Smokey Robinson, The Beach Boys all the way to my all-time favorite, Otis Redding.  I'll include a couple of the songs here, but if you want a great playlist I'd suggest just following that link above and compiling that on your ipod.  It'd be a great background for an hour workout or a damn fine night of hanging with some friends.

Enjoy, and Rock On!

The Kinks: All Day And All Of The Night

Procol Harum: A Whiter Shade Of Pale

The Who: My Generation

Moody Blues: Nights In White Satin

Jimi Hendrix: The Wind Cries Mary

And We'll finish it up with the legend, Otis Redding: These Arms Of Mine:

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