Sunday, July 18, 2010

Ten Things The Good Doctor Thinks He Thinks

1.  Damon Evans
What was Damon Evans thinking?
I am sure that most of you know that the Bulldog Nation took a punch to the gut a couple of weeks ago.  In a drama better than “As the World Turns” Damon Evans life just took a serious nose dive.  At 40 years old he was on track to make over $500,000 this year.  He has (had) a beautiful wife and two young kids.  Instead of going to Martha’s Vineyard with his family, he chose to go have a cocktail in Atlanta.  One drink led to another and another.  Instead of calling a cab, what does he do?
 Mistake #1 :  He decides to get behind the wheel of his 2009 Mercedes Benz.  Not a good choice at all.
Mistake #2 : He has a 28-year old woman (Courtney Fuhrmann)  in his car with him.  To make matters worse he decides to “hold” her red panties behind his legs.  At least they weren’t orange or blue panties.
My reliable sources in The Classic City saw a moving truck parked outside the Evans’ home this past Sunday.   It appears the young and promising Athletic Director is about to get his own apartment in the very near future.

2.  Da’Rick Rogers
Wide Receiver Da’Rick Rogers was once considered the crown jewel of the University of Georgia’s 2010 football recruiting class.  He was the top player in Georgia, ranked as a top-10 player nationally, great size at 6-3 and 206 pounds.  On signing day he jumped ship and signed with the University of Tennessee at the last minute. Huge loss for the Dawgs, right? Well, um…not so fast.
It appears he and a few other teammates got involved in a bar fight last night that resulted in injuries to an off-duty police officer, and Rogers is now charged with resisting arrest and disorderly conduct. Georgia fans likely became less sad at this news.

3. Dontavious Jackson and Tavarres King
In keeping with the theme of, “How big of a screw up can I be?”, two Georgia football players were arrested  on alcohol-related charges this weekend and were suspended from the team Sunday night by coach Mark Richt. Backup tailback Dontavius Jackson and starting split end Tavarres King have been suspended indefinitely from all team activities, Richt said. More specifically, Richt said, Jackson will be required to sit out at least the first six games of the season — half of the schedule — and King will miss at least the Sept. 4 season opener against Louisiana-Lafayette.

Classy. Real Classy.

Coach's Update: Jackson has now decided to transfer once the summer semester is over.
Classy. Real Classy.

4.  What I read this week

a. Harriet Lane Handbook: A Manual for Pediatric House Officers

The Harriet Lane Handbook represents over 50 years of expert guidance for pediatric residents and all those who treat children.

b. John Grisham’s The Summons – solid read as are all his novels.

c. Damon Evans’ Arrest Report –

d.  The back of my eyelids because I have been really tired lately

 5. LeBron James

Well I don’t know about you but I am thankful that saga is over.  I was getting tired of hearing about everything LeBron when I turned on SportsCenter.  I feel like I knew when LeBron ate, took a shower, and when he went to bed.  Why is everyone so excited about a guy who has yet to win a championship?

For all you gamblers out there, I hope you placed your bet on the Heat before “The Decision.”  The Heat were at 20-1 to win the NBA title next year before LeBron’s announcement.  They are now  8-5 favorites. 

6. LeBron James’ Mom

Now this is a much better story.  Check out the link:

Classy. Real Classy.

7.  Worst Franchises in Sports

This week Sports Illustrated had a nice article on the Pittsburgh Pirates.  The article focused on their demise following there epic collapse in Game 7 of the 1992 NLCS.  This got me thinking of my Top 5 Worst Franchises in all of Sports.

1. Detroit Lions

2. Kansas City Royals

3. Golden State Warriors

4. Pittsburgh Pirates

5. Auburn University – no data to back this up.  I was raised in Columbus, which is about 45 minutes from Auburn.  I just hate them that bad.

8.  Picture of the Week 

9. Text of the Week

This week’s text comes from my good friend, Jill.   She was apparently out dancing the night away in the ATL.

 Time of text: 1:03am

Call me the landlord.  Cuz I own the dance floor.

 10.  Non-Sports Thoughts

a. Why did I not invest in a DVR before this past year?  These things are absolutely amazing.

b. Residency is getting in the way of my social life.  I just finished my 3rd week of residency and I have already worked something like 225 hours.  Coach wonders why I haven’t finished my Top 10 earlier.

c. Stub Hub – what a great idea.  Why did I not think of this years ago?

d. My 10 –year high school reunion is next month.  Should I go?  Where has the time gone?

e. July 4th on Tybee Island is solid.  There are a lot of people that should not be wearing bathing suits.  However, there are definitely some that are nice on the eyes.

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