Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Coach Serves Up A Nice Link Buffett

Grab your plate and fill it up. Seconds are encouraged.

Ever wonder about a company's logo and how most are done with class. Here are some Logo Fails.

Two times a week Drew Magory at Deadspin gives us a mailbag column that he calls a Fun Bag. I find this material must read. For the lady readers you might finally learn about what most men are thinking about. Most of it is not work place appropriate.  Here is last Tuesday's Column. You can find Thursday's Fun Bag here. Here is yesterday's column.

Last week ESPN gave us an amazing 30for30 on "June 17, 1994", by far and away the craziest day in American sports history. Author Will Leitch (founder of looks at this date from a different perspective. 6/17/94 was the last day Leitch played organized baseball.

Speaking of June 17 1994 and OJ Simpson bringing the Nation collectively to our television sets. Here is a collection of OJ Prank calls.

Ever wonder what jobs of today will soon be obsolete? I have no clue but here is a list of jobs from yesteryear.

Everyone knows the second thing I will do when I win the lottery is buy a place on Cape Cod. Here is a list of clam and lobster shacks that I will visit often. Just as a side note one of my favorite restaurants Mac's Shack is featured in this list. 

This story reminds us all why we need the 3 hour rule that limits how airlines can treat us.

The reason this is so funny is because it’s true.

When I was a student manager at UGA I was lucky enough to make two visits with the team to Omaha and the College World Series. This year will be the last time the tournament will be played at Rosenblatt Stadium. ESPN has put together a nice tribute to the nice little ballpark on the hill. In my opinion the College World Series is the greatest sporting event no one knows anything about.

Entourage starts on Sunday and Turtle is game for a movie once the series is over. I seriously doubt you can find anyone more fired up than me for the start of Entourage. 

This one of my favorite scenes from Entourages and it includes one of my favorite songs. Here are a couple of Ari Gold moments that are must see. Here is another.

For the past couple of years my dad has wanted to travel via Amtrak to Denver from Atlanta. Something about leaving the ATL on a Monday night and rolling into the Mile High City on Thursday morning does not seem appealing to me. Karl Zimmerman gives us his story of riding the rails from NYC to LA via Chicago and Seattle. 

The SEC has had at least one team finish in the top 10 nationally in rushing defense every season since 1988.
Interestingly enough, Georgia is one of four current SEC programs not to have contributed to that streak.

Finally, best wishes to Georgia beat writer David Hale on his new job. He will be missed.

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