Monday, February 7, 2011

Ten Things JJ Thinks He Thinks

1. Superbowl Thoughts
Halfway through the second quarter I thought we were about to see a dud of a game but we ended up seeing a pretty decent game. Was the game as good as the past few years? No. However, it was not a dud like many Super Bowls of my childhood. I am happy for the roomdawg who was able to see his team win a Super Bowl. The last two years the boys of Apt 425 have witnessed their teams make Super Bowl runs. Unfortunately my Colts lost last season. Safe to say the roomdawg will not allow any Chicago Bear to move in anytime soon.

I hate to see Charles Woodson get hurt, but it was clear that the Packers were his team and the pain and wincing he showed while trying to celebrate was unreal. Before leaving the game late in the second quarter with a collarbone injury, cornerback Charles Woodson played an important role for the defense of the Packers. Woodson was on the field for 30 snaps and was able to penetrate the offensive backfield on 7 of those plays. Against five rushes, the Packers allowed just 1.7 yards per carry and collected three tackles for loss when Woodson was a part of run-blitz pressure. None bad for a safety.

While Woodson left his mark on the game in two quarters of play Pittsburgh's marque defender did nothing to help the Steelers. Troy Polamalu has made a name for himself all season by causing havoc around the line of scrimmage. In the Super Bowl, the Defensive Player of the Year lined up within 5 yards of the line of scrimmage on only three of the Packers' 55 offensive snaps and didn't record a tackle until the fourth quarter. Polamalu was ineffective in the passing game as well - Aaron Rodgers completed 2-of-3 passes for 20 yards when Polamalu blitzed. Not good for one of the premier players in the NFL. Not good at all.

I was talking with co-worker Dan earlier on Monday and the question was asked, "who would you rather have in their prime? Brett Favre or Aaron Rodgers? We both went with Rodgers. For one he can do everything that Favre can do, his escapeability is better than Favre's and he is the more cerebral of the two. A Cal guy should always be smarter than the Southern Miss guy. 

Peter King in his Monday Morning QB does an outstanding job recaping the Super Bowl and complaining about the weather despite getting paid to work the Super Bowl. Intriguing read nonetheless.

2. The Business of the Super Bowl
a. It was announced Monday that the Super Bowl averaged 111 million viewers and had 162.9 million viewers in total. Nice night to sell ads for Fox.
b. Roger Goodell says Super Bowl XLV was most watched in television history which drew some good twitter response from Grant Wahl who said it was not close the World Cup final drew more viewers. I liked Richard Deitsch response, "if I had to guess, the most watched TV program of alltime is CCTV's coverage of Beijing Olympic opening ceremonies."
c. I guess that would be my guess as well.
d. Then their is this stat: 15% of televisions that were on last night in Milwaukee, DIDN'T HAVE the Super Bowl on it. Can you tell me what these people were watching? Was their a special on Marquette or the Brewers?
e. While the Super Bowl arguably might have had the most viewers it did not have the best rating. 8 Super Bowls had higher ratings than Sunday night's 46 household rating. Basically that means more people watched the Super Bowl than ever before but with more channels less percentage of people watched the Super Bowl.
f. Great stat from Darren Rovell. StubHub: Avg. Super Bowl 45 ticket sold for $3,559. Here are other averages: 44 ($2,386), 43 ($2,402), 42 ($3,536), 41 ($4,004)
g. If you are on twitter and do not follow Darren Rovell you probably should. He tweeted Friday afternoon that he had Chick-Fil-A for the first time on Friday afternoon. I cried a little bit for him.
h. Every year the length of the National Anthem is one of the bigger bets is Vegas and in the online community. This year it got tricky as Staten Island's pride and joy Christina Aguilera performance was timed by Bodog 1:53.7 (under) 1:54.02 (over). This is a big problem when over under is 1:54. Well the people at decided to pay both the under and over bets since they could not determine a time. That will probably never happen again.
i. I think next year they will have a note on over/under bets on National Anthem that says singer must sing correct words for action.
j. Another story that received a lot of play on Sunday was the ticket snafu where 400 people were shut out from seeing the game. What a nightmare situation where a total of 1,250 seats were in affected area. 850 fans could be moved. How does this happen?
k. The NFL has done a decent job of trying to satisfy the 400 who were left without tickets by giving them a refund of three times the face value (its a shame most paid more than that) and free tickets to next year's Super Bowl. Here is a copy of the letter the NFL gave fans Sunday night. Safe to say it was put together quickly. The 400 fans were also given free food and allowed on the field for the postgame celebration. As for those 2,000 fans who had to wait until gametime to get into their seats - they'll be getting $800 back. What a nightmare.
l. All in all the NFL did a good job out of an awful situation. However, if you were bumped from your flight and missed your daughters wedding would 4 first class tickets make everything okay?
m. Seconds shown of Skechers shoes in Kardashian ad? THREE. But really who is counting anyway?
n. Northwestern Mutual in downtown Milwaukee left certain office lights on Sunday night. So awesome this must be clicked.
o. This is even better and has to be watched.
p. Sunday night my Dad emailed me and asked if Jerry Jones gets anything from hosting the Super Bowl? I know he could use the Super Bowl for some help with public financing his stadium, etc but does the NFL cut Mr. Jones a check for the use of his stadium? Does anyone know?

3. Georgia Hoop Thoughts
A 2-0 week this week following an awful 0-2 week that could have easily been an 1-1 week. The Hoop Dawgs came into the week with a 3-4 SEC record and their NCAA tournament hopes on the ropes.  They didn’t earn too many style points, but they did win both games and they are now 5-4 in the conference and in 3rd place in the SEC East. The good news surrounding the Hoop Dawgs right now is we have now won back to back games in the SEC for the first time since the 2008 SEC Tournament. For those that do not recall the 2008 SEC Tournament that is when a tornado blew through downtown and the SEC moved the tournament to Georgia Tech. By the way UGA won two games in one day during that tournament.

Another huge week for the Dawgs as they have a visit to Columbia on Saturday which has never been a fun place for UGA. However, Tuesday night will be just as important even though the game is out of conference. The Xavier Mustketeers visit the Classic City and bring a top 50 RPI with them. This is a team that probably will be dancing in March so a win for the Dawgs could go a very long way in the eyes of the Committee. The more we win, the bigger the games get each week.

4. National Signing Day

a. I am absolutely thrilled to death over the recruiting class the Dawgs were able to bring in. In my opinion the addition of John Jenkins might be what we need to build something special in Athens.
b. I love this quote from Richt on Jenkins. "This guy is exactly what we need to really make this 3-4 (defense) go. John is the cherry on top (of the recruiting class). He’s a big, massive guy who can play the center of our 3-4 defense. This is the first year we had to recruit a guy like him. To get a player who I think is the No. 1 nose in America is awesome."
c. In case you were wondering, Boise State’s starting center is 5’11″ and weighs 285 pounds.  (He was a first-team All-WAC selection.). (ht to the Senator and his great blog for the last nugget)
d. How tough is it to recruit in the SEC? The SEC had four of the top ten classes, seven of the top twenty classes, and nine of the top twenty-five classes.

e. As impressive as that all is, has Vanderbilt with the SEC’s lowest rated class.  The Commodores finished forty-fifth nationally. That is unreal.

f. Of the top 25 players in the state of Georgia this season, 12 signed with UGA, 3 signed with Auburn, 2 signed with Bama, 2 signed with Tennessee, 1 signed with Cal, Florida State, Notre Dame, Stanford and Georgia Tech. Also one of the top twenty-five signed with a junior college.

g. I do not care what kindof gimicky high school offense Paul Johnson runs he needs to sign more than one of the state's best twenty five players.

h. How awesome is it that Florida did not sign any of the top 25  players in the state of Georgia this year? When is the last time that has happened?

i. I wish the guys from Georgia that signed with Auburn and Bama would have signed with Florida State. When FSU really had it rolling they were signing tons of players from South Georgia. I would rather FSU get those players than Auburn or Alabama.

j. I love when Nick Saban says one thing but does another.“In the Southeastern Conference when a guy commits, that just makes them a target. It isn’t like that everywhere in the country. It’s really not, but it is that way here, so we expect it. We are not really upset about it when it happens. We just try to manage it.”
k. By the way coach Saban you have had at least one recruit the past two seasons commit to another school before signing with you.

l. If this had happened in Athens, the AJC would have a heart attack and make it seem like the world was coming to an end.“[Cornerback Marcus] Roberson took his official visit to Gainesville on Jan. 21, and he was hosted by Janoris Jenkins. Several hours into the visit, Jenkins was arrested for marijuana possession.” Roberson eventually signed with Florida, by the way.I am confident he will not have a problem fitting in.
m. On a side note it will be interesting to read some comments in the future from University of Florida writers now that Urban Meyer is not around to bully those on the Gators beat.

5. Baseball Notes
a. How great is the fact that when you all are reading this the Braves equipment truck will already be on I-75 headed to the Sunshine State. Baseball will be here before we know it and if we are ready or not.
b. Through 168 major league games Cameron Maybin is hitting .246 with 13 homers, 45 RBI, 93 runs scored and 19 thefts. Why does it seem a majority of that damage has come against the Braves?

c. Only three players have hit at least .300 each of the last five seasons.I bet we all could have named Ichiro and Pujols but Matt Holliday is also on that list.

d. Only three players have hit 20 home runs for the past ten seasons. We all could name Pujols and A-Rod. However, the real question is how many could name Carlos Lee.

e. On a side note Carlos Lee has one of my favorite nicknames in baseball in El Caballo. Do not ask why I think that is awesome, it just is.

f.. How crazy are the stats new Oriole third basemen Mark Reynolds puts up every season? Last season in 499 at-bats he hit 32 homers and drove home 85. Reynolds also hit .199 an struckout 211 times. Just as a reference Prince Fielder had 32 homers and 83 RBIs in 578 at-bats last season.

g. Buck Showalter might go crazy with all those K's next season in Baltimore.

h. Speaking of the O's they have quietly put together what could be one of the more impressive lineups in not only the AL East but in all of baseball. Here is how they matchup Catcher-Matt Wieters, First Base- Derek Lee, Second Base- Brian Roberts, Third Base-Mark Reynolds, Short Stop- JJ Hardy, Left Field- Luke Scott, Center Field-Adam Jones and in Right Field-Nick Markakis. The Designated Hitter will be Vlad Guerrero. You have speed and power and unfortunately a lot of strikeouts.

i. The O's do make a visit to Turner Field this summer. Could be a fun weekend in early July.

j. From 2008-10, Dan Haren is only of 3 to win 12 games w/ ERA under 3.95 and at least 200 Ks each yr. Others are – Tim Lincecum, Roy Halladay.
k. Peter Gammons posed this question via twitter...Michael Young has averaged 199 hits per yearr. He's 34, doesn't walk. If he averages 190 hits next 6 years, he gets to 3000. He won a gold glove at both SS & 2B...HOF?........I say he compares to Biggio who I think is a Hall of Famer.

l. I do not have any numbers to back this up but if I had to choose one for the Hall of Fame I would choose Biggio over Bagwell.

m. For those that have an auction style fantasy draft in the near future read this good article and two words...good luck.

n. Here is a really good read on Brooks Conrad. Love this quote from his mom...“Don’t ever come home in a clean uniform,”

6. Halftime
This week's song that Smoak and myself used to rock out to includes Jason's Aldean Dirt Road Anthem. (The video comes from Aldean's appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live, in my next life I want to be a writer for a late night tv-show). I know I normally give songs from the late 90's or early 2000's but when Smoak and myself were hanging together in October he was all over this song and now it is becoming a big hit. You can not get a thing past this guy. Speaking of Jason Aldean, I read somewhere last week that he has an English Bulldog named "Athens" how awesome is that? Congrats are in order to the greatest kicker in Screven County History who knew that Don Sutton had the most wins in Dodgers history. This week's trivia question, name the single season home run leaders for the Royals, Marlins, and New York Mets. Because I am in the giving mood here is a hint; two people share the record for the New York Mets.

7. NFL Power 12
1. Green Bay Packers-I think if the NY Giants beat the Packers in week 16 we might have the G-Men as our number one team today. But they didn't.

2. Pittsburgh Steelers-Three Super Bowl appearances in five years is unreal. How smart are the Roney's to hire Mike Tomlin over Russ Grimm or Ken Wisenhunt?
3. New York Jets-The better of the Championship Game losers. I still think the Pats beat them 85-90 times out of 100. We can say we saw two of those 10-15 times this season.
4. Chicago Bears- A lot of people want Lovie ran out of town but if he can get a second seed in the NFC with those cast of characters he had this season, the guy can coach.
5. New England Patriots- Until this season which was uncapped the Pats always had one of the lowest payrolls in come they get a hall pass for this? Especially when you consider they have not won a Super Bowl since I was a student at the University of Georgia.
6. Atlanta Falcons-The second best season in franchise history gets remembered for a choke job against New Orleans and a no show job against the Packers.
7. Baltimore Ravens- Pretty strong words from Flacco this week after they fired his position coach. This team needs to figure out how to beat the Steelers so they can get home field.
8. Indianapolis Colts- If they can cover a kickoff we get two less weeks of the Jets. Also, their special teams has been awful since I was an intern and worked with the special teams. Just saying.
9. Philadelphia Eagles- I know Kolb wants a trade but no way Andy Reid moves him this off-season.
10. Kansas City Chiefs-How bad were the West in both the AFC and NFC this season?
11. New Orleans Saints-How did they lose to the Seahawks?
12. Seattle Seahawks-I could care less they won in the first round. Do not blame Seahawks blame the NFC West for being awful.

8. College Hoops Power 5
1. Ohio State- Sullinger is the second best player in the country behind The Jimmer.
2. Texas- Texas won at Kansas thus the higher ranking.
3. Kansas- For this team to go through what they have been through the past few weeks and not skip a beat says something.
4. Duke- I watched some of their game against NC State Saturday evening and they out hustled the Wolfpack all game. Amazing how hard they play.
5. Pitt-The real question I will ask repeatedly between now and March, can Jamie Dixon get his talented Pitt Panthers to the Final Four?

9. What I Read This Week
Couple of great articles that I read this past week. This first article comes from Esquire and takes a look at NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg. I am pretty fascinated by Mayor Bloomberg,  for one he is a billionaire who takes the Subway to work every day. Second his annual salary is only $1 a day but when you are a billionaire, you can do that. Third Bloomberg depending the issue he is considered liberal, conservative, elitist, idealistic or pragmatic. Fascinating read and his green initiatives are in my opinion genius.

The second article of the week comes from The Wall Street Journal and does not look at finance, banking or stocks and bonds. It profiles my favorite college basketball commentator Bill Raftery. Raftery is well known for closing the hotel bar at night and opening up the gym the next morning. I want to spend one winter with this guy traveling the Big East. ONIONS!!!!!!!!

10. Extracurricular Activities
a. Thoughts on the tittle for this section?
b. Reason #2697 Twitter is so great and that you all should follow me @justinwjohnson is finding articles like this one late on a Friday night. The article in question looks at the final scene of The Sopranos and comes to the conclusion with the evidence presented that Tony died at the very end. Fascinating read that gives ton of background and makes me miss one of my favorite television shows of my adult life.
c. The first thing I learned from the article is that Sopranos creator David Chase is about 6 times smarter than me and I think I am pretty smart.
d. While we are discussing the Sopranos one of my favorite all-time episodes is Pine Barrons when Christopher and Paulie get lost in the South Jersey forest with a former member of the Russian Ministry of the Interior's special forces. Christopher and Paulie clearly shoot the Russian but we never get confirmation that the Russian died. I have always wondered what happened to the Russian? Also, what happened to Paulie's Cadillac that they drove down in to South Jersey?
e. Speaking of great shows How I Met Your Mother was brand new this week and was hilarious. Katy Perry made a guest appearance and showed their might be more to her career than singer. She is a very talented entertainer. By the way as much as I enjoy HIMYM it does not belong in the same breath as The Sopranos.
f. Ms. Perry is so hot as well. That should not have to be said, just understood.
g. I am big Real Sports fan and I absolutely loved the profile on Peter King. You should know I got the idea for the Ten Things from Peter King and his Monday Morning QB.
h. I am fascinated how King does his NBC duties every Sunday night and then heads straight to his hotel room where for the next six hours he will write the MMQB. His leaves his hotel room at 5:30 enough time to make the 6:00 Acela Express to Boston where he will put the final touches of his column before posting around 7:45-8:00 every Monday morning.
i. By the way I think the Las Vegas Hilton is the coolest place on earth to watch an NFL Sunday playout. The second coolest place might be the NBC studios with Dan Patrick, Tony Dungy, Rodney Harrison, Peter King and Mike Florio.
j. This past weekend it seemed like I spent more time OTP than ITP. I do not think that is a good thing.
k. I need to find a new place between Atlanta and Athens to grab quick bite to eat than Chick-fil-a in Monroe. Nothing wrong with Chick-fil-a in Monroe but sometimes it is good to change things up.
l. Am I the only one who loves Hawaii 5-0 on CBS at Monday night? Someone please tell me that they also enjoy that show, I can not be the only one.
m. I was hoping to see the Chicago Code but I missed it Monday night. Did anyone see it? Is it worth my time?

Quote of The Week
An email from co-worker Dan to BJ after co-worker Dan booked a room the two are sharing on a future road trip.
We are booked. I believe you owe me $46.46 for the room. No rush on the money the juice won’t start running for 1 week.

Tweet of The Week
This week's tweet comes from @PANTSSteve who is Steve Young the writer for Letterman not the former Niner QB.

BUSH AT THE GAME: After three bites of snack, prematurely put up "Nachos Accomplished" banner

Text of The Week
This week's text comes from Todd Easton from the Big Apple...
"If there is anything better than national signing day and national sweater vest day falling on the same day?"

Photo of The Week
Below you will find the smartest guy in Green Bay...I wish we could hold this guy to his poster and he lose his season tickets

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