Monday, September 27, 2010

Ten Things JJ Thinks He Thinks

Here are the Ten Things for this week. We really need to focus on stepping up our texts. Weak sauce the past few weeks. I also need to apologize for the lack of NFL notes as I decided to stop writing after Sunday's Braves game. Needless to say I was not in the best of moods.

1. Georgia Thoughts

Not good, not very good at all. Let's just say the last time the UGA Dawgs lost in Starkville was in 1951. The last time we lost to the Bullies was in 1976 in a game played in Jackson. When I was in high school the lineman would break down every drill with "Linemen win games," well linemen also lose games and exhibit A is your 2010 UGA Bulldogs. So much for the best offensive line in the country as Phil Steele proclaimed in the summer. Furthermore, we also forget that UGA lost Geno Atkins and Jeff Owens on the defensive line. So not only does our veteran offensive line suck, our defensive line is not as good as it has been in years past (when knew this when the season start). I know a majority of you all are thinking how could I write seven sentences and not mention Mike Bobo. Well I hate to tell you Mike Bobo is not the problem. When you get nothing from the offensive line and your starting running back (Ealey) does not gain one yard after contact what are you to do? If Ealey does not fumble at the one (for the 2 time in three SEC games) and we do not hold for no reason on Kris Durham's touchdown UGA goes into the half up 17-7.

On a second note, what the  has happened to Washaun Ealey? Last year I thought he was on of the better runners in this conference who ran hard and always fought for the extra yardage. This year he almost gotten Murray killed against Arkansas, chronic fumbles in the Red Zone and runs like a Division II tailback. If you are Bobo or Richt I do not know how you trust him to play right now.

Yeah let's blame Bobo for all of this. I am not sure who really gets the blame, I know everyone from Richt to the supposedly 5 star recruits to the student managers deserve some blame.  Why did we pay Todd Grantham $750,000 to see Mississippi State receivers run wide open and their QB to run the ball up the middle at will? Also, what has happened to Rambo? Last year he was my favorite player and this he has been awful and that is to put it lightly. On Saturday he lets the ball hit him in the leg on the punt return and then he plays pitty-pat with a Mississippi State ball carrier multiple times causing me to go on a profanity laced tirade near the end of the game.  Let's keep blaming coaches when players keep under performing and their is no senior leadership to be seen.

On a side note thank god for Aaron Murray.

Update: I wrote that about 130-200 in the morning Saturday night/Sunday morning. The more I think about it the more I have to question why are we not ready to play or seem excited to play? That is more of a coaching direction of the program type question. Richt has built this monster, let's see if he can correct it.

2. College Football Thoughts
a. Last week I mentioned the SEC having 6 teams in the Top 15 and how crazy I thought that was...look at this stat. SEC has had at least 5 teams ranked in AP Top 25 for at least one week every year since expansion. The league expanded in 1992. That is unreal.
b. Saw this unbelievable stat at halftime during the Bama-Arkansas game. The Crimson Tide are only 2-5 when trailing at half under Saban. (Make that 3-5) On the other hand they haven't had to come back very often. This halftime stat from Fayetville is even crazier; rare when you see a team averaging almost nine yards a carry as Bama is 143 yards on 16 attempts and be down 17-7.
c. The last two halftime come backs for the Tide was the improbable win on Saturday and the memorable comeback against the War Turkey's in the Iron Bowl last season.
d. Does anyone else find it fascinating that Bama QB Greg McElroy has not lost a game as a QB since he was in the 8th grade. In games where the Tide is trailing in the fourth quarter since 2009, McElroy is 17-23 with two TDs and no picks and has a pass efficiency rating of 194.6.Why do I love watching the Tide so much?
e. Interesting dynamic: In the house for Arkansas-Bama... ex-Hog Jerry Jones and his VP/Marketing Greg McElroy Sr... yes, Greg''s Dad.
f. Raise your hand if you thought on September 27th that the NC State Wolfpack would be the only undefeated team in the ACC. My hand is not in the air.The game announcers were proclaiming Russell Wilson the best QB in the ACC. While, I think that is crazy (I would take Christian Ponder) to proclaim Wilson the best QB in the ACC he has thrown for 744 yards this season with 8 td's and 0 int's including a career high 368 yards Saturday on the flats. We will learn more about the Wolfpack when they play the Virginia Tech Hokies next weekend.
g. If he has these same numbers at the end of October we can begin the best in ACC discussion.
h. It seems defense is still the problem for the Yellow Jackets as they have given up 1471 yards on offense. That is an average 367.75 yards per game. In two ACC games they have allowed 879 yards an average of over 439 yards per game. I thought Al Groh was going to solve all the problems of that Tech defense. I guess not.
i. Texas might be in trouble this season. If they can not stop UCLA how are they going to stop the Sooners or Cornhuskers? I know Texas turned the ball over 5 times but their defense still allowed 264 yards on the ground. Not good for the fighting Muschamps.
j. Furthermore, I read all summer how the Longhorns were developing a power running game. Saturday, Texas ran for a pathetic 59 yards. Two weeks ago, Stanford who deserves a top 10 ranking far more than Texas ran for 211 in a 35-0 win against the Bruins.
k. Speaking of Stanford the Cardinal became 4-0 for the first time since 1986. Furthermore, Stanford has beaten Notre Dame two times in a row for the first time in the history of the series.
l. The Fighting Irish have lost 11 straight games vs. opponents ranked in the AP Top 25 and five straight at home. The last time Notre Dame beat a ranked team was Sept. 9, 2006 when it beat No. 19 Penn State 41-17 in South Bend.
m. The game of the week next weekend might be Stanford-Oregon. It is a shame that this contest kicks off at 1130 pm eastern time next weekend.
m. Speaking of Oregon, how do the Ducks only win by 11 when Arizona State QB Steven Threet throws INTs and the Sun Devils turn it over seven times vs. Oregon.
n. Gameday should be in Eugene for Oregon-Stanford but they will probably be Dallas for Texas-Oklahoma.(Update:Since I wrote the previous statement, ESPN has announced they will be at Oregon-Stanford next week. It was also announced that the game was moved from 11:00 eastern to 8:00 eastern and will be televised on ABC)
o. It looks like the Gators are getting better and better each week. After gaining 64 total yards and 0 points in the 1st quarter of the 3 games this seaoson, Florida gained 155 yards and 14 points vs Kentucky. They scored 31 on Kentucky in the 1st quarter last year. Then there is this stat, since Urban Meyer arrived, Gators are 21-4 vs coaches with a national title on their resume. 
p. Florida's Trey Burton was the first FBS player with at least five rushing TDs and one TD reception in a single game since WVU's Steve Slaton did so on October 15, 2005.The freshmen also broke Tim Tebow's (remember that guy) school record for touchdown's in a game.
q. What a choke job by the Gamecocks Saturday night in the loveliest village on the plains. The last four Gamecocks possessions ended in turnovers. Not good, not good at all. Even worse was the Gamecocks rush defense, the Tigers entered with the SEC's top-ranked rushing offense while the Gamecocks had the conference's No. 1 rush defense. Auburn won the battle with 334 rushing yards against South Carolina.
r. True freshman Michael Dyer rushed for 100 yards for Auburn. In addition, Cameron Newton rushed for 176 yards and passed for 158 more as the Tigers beat the Gamecocks for the fifth straight time.
s. I got to watch Michigan's Denard Robinson play for the first time and 'shoelace' is a special talent. Despite leaving early with an injury, Robinson followed up his first three spectacular games by completing all four of his passes for 60 yards and running five times for 129 yards and two TDs. Michigan needs to find a dynamic running back but it looks like Rich Rodriguez has found his Ann Arbor version of Pat White.
t. Interesting weekend ahead in college football. SEC games are Tennessee @ LSU and Florida @ BAMA. Big XII marquee games include Oklahoma-Texas and Texas A&M-Oklahoma State on Thursday night. The Pac 10 gives us Oregon-Stanford. The ACC gives us VaTech-NC State, Miami-Clemson and Boston College hosting Notre Dame in a battle for the hearts and souls of Catholics all over this country.
u. The Big 10 gives us Penn State-Iowa and Wisconsin-Michigan State. While the marquee matchups in Big East include . We also can not forget Navy at Air Force next week as well.
v. One more fun fact: This is the first Top 25 without a Big East team in it since Oct. 15, 1995. WAC and MWC have two each, by the way.

3. NFL Thoughts
a. I saw these fun stats about NFL players and I figure you all would enjoy. So here goes. States w/most high school players in NFL-California 211,Texas181, Florida 177, Ohio 85, Georgia 80, Louisiana 68, Pennsylvania 56, New Jersey 55, Michigan 53, Alabama 50, Virginia 50, South Carolina 46, Illinois 43, North Carolina 42
b. Louisiana is state w/most HS players in NFL per capita...1 per 65,720 peeps. Mississippi next w/1 per 76,883..then Hawaii w/1 per 80,769.
c. Hometowns with most HS players in NFL: Houston 24, Miami 22, LA 20, Detroit and NOLA 15 each, Dallas and Jacksonville 12, Cincy and Cleveland 11, Tampa 10.
d. I am surprised that Atlanta is not on the list, if one includes the metro area it has to be on the list.
e. Anquan Boldin now has 606 career receptions. He is the fastest to 600 (98 games) in NFL history. Who would have thought Mr Boldin would hold that record?
f. Randy Moss now has 151 career TD catches, joining Hall of Famer Jerry Rice (197) as only players ever w/ 150 TD catches. Furthermore, Moss now has 14,604 career receiving yards, passing Marvin Harrison (14,580) for 5th-most in NFL history. (more on Moss later)
g. Cowboys won 400th game (inc. playoffs) since 1970 AFL-NFL merger. They join Steelers (406) as only teams since '70 with 400 wins.
h. Watched most of this game and with Houston's left tackle out you knew Demarcus Ware would feast on Matt Schaub and he did with three sacks. I thought the Dallas pick was the easiest this weekend for those that like to handicap the games.
i. There has been OT game in each of 1st 3 weeks for 1st time since '02. In each OT game, both clubs had at least 1 possession.
j. In early NFL games underdogs went 6-3 vs spread w/ 4 winning outright (Titans Falcons Chiefs Cowboys)
k. Overall Dogs went 9-6 with six outright winners.
l. Got this stat from Peter King this morning, Vick has thrown no INTs, and has a 110.2 QB rating. Never has had a QB rating higher than 81 in career.
m. If you want more NFL go read his Monday Morning QB....yes it was him I got the idea for the Ten Things.

4. MLB Thoughts

a. I know I have hammered Dan Uggla in the past but he has become the first second baseman in major league history to hit 30 home runs in four consecutive seasons.Only four other second basemen in big league history have had three seasons of 30 homers or more: Rogers Hornsby (1922, 1925, 1929), Jeff Kent (1998, 2000, 2002), Alfonso Soriano (2002, 2003, 2005) and the Phillies' Chase Utley (2006, 2008, 2009).
b. On Friday night Aroldis Chapman hit 105 MPH on the gun. According to this story this is the hardest recorded pitch in MLB history. Joel Zumaya hit 104.8 in 2006. Mark Wholers also hit 103 with the Braves in 1996. (Yet he still decided to throw Jim Leyritz a slider in the 1996 World Series-yes, still bitter 14 years later.)
c. Here are highlights from Chapman's outing on Friday night.
d. We have to congratulate the Texas Rangers who on Saturday clinched the AL West. The franchise that has been in existence for 50 years as the Senators/Rangers has gone 1-9 all time in the postseason. Will that improve in a couple of weeks?
e. Before the Braves won on Sunday they were 0-10 in their last 10 games when they had 86 wins. That includes an 0-6 to end the 2009 season and an 0-4 this week.
f. Marlins Scott Cousins is the first player to hit a triple in consecutive pinch-hit appearances since Willie McGee in 1982. Willie McGee now there was a ballplayer.
g. I knew Taskashi Saito has been very good for the Braves this season, but I had no idea he had been this good. Saito has made 55 appearances with a 2.52 ERA, holding opponents to a .196 average and averaging 11.57 strikeouts per nine innings. In his last 16 appearances, he has allowed no earned runs with 20 strikeouts and one walk.
h. The only two seasons that Adrian Beltre has ever hit over .300 and ever driven in over 100 runs are in his contract year of 2004 with the Dodgers when he finished at .334 with 121 RBIs and his contract year this season.
i. Who knew that the Royals are the only team that hasn’t lost a game when leading after the eighth this season (49-0). What does that say about Joakim Soria.
j. How about this stat on the Diamondbacks that Coach Smoak will not like. The Diamondbacks broke the major league mark of 1,399 strikeouts Tuesday, fanning six times to get to 1,403. The main whiff artists are Mark Reynolds (206), Adam LaRoche (163), Justin Upton (152), Chris Young (137), and Kelly Johnson (136).
k. The last Pirates pitcher to record back-to-back double-digit-win seasons was Josh Fogg (11-10 in 2004, 10-9 in 2003).
l. In Sunday's Rays-Mariners game 12 of the 18 batters had a batting average of .240 or less. I think that says more about the Mariners than the Rays.
m. Reds first basemen Joey Vatto is making a play at the NL MVP as he has homered in 2 straight games, in 3 of his last 4 games and in 5 of his last 13 games. 
n. Can you give Pujols MVP with his team not making the playoffs?
o. Mets reliever Pedro Feliciano has appeared in 88 games this year. If he appears in one more he will break the franchise record which he currently holds.
p. How is Cole Hamels 0-4 against the Mets this season?
q. Before the Phillies lost on Saturday night, not only did they lose their 11 game winning streak, they also had a 30 game streak going when they scored first till loss to Mets. Their last loss before Saturday was 7/19
r. Alex Rodriguez ranks 19th all-time in RBI with 1822 -- but with 39 more RBI, he'll move up to 11th all-time and pass Mel Ott.
s.Troy Tulowitzki might be one of the best 5 players in baseball and he has 40 RBI in September, breaking the team record for one month set by Dante Bichette (39 RBI in June '96). Babe Ruth has the record for RBI in September with 47.
t. In 5 September starts including today's loss to the Mariners, James Shields of the Rays was 0-3, 7.00 with a .333 opp BA. Not want you want going into the playoffs.

5. MLB Power 5
1. Minnesota Twins-Does anyone want to play outside in the Twin Cities in late October? I got no problem making a trip there with the Braves.
2. Tampa Bay Rays-Besides James Shields you have to love this teams starting rotation.
3. New York Yankees-
4. Philadelphia Phillies- If I did not hate these guy so much I would love them for the way that they play
5. Texas Rangers- Have set 3 man rotation of Cliff Lee, CJ Wilson, and Colby Lewis for the playoffs


This week's song that Smoak and I use to rock out to while driving the mean streets of Sylvania is Disarm by the Smashing Pumpkins. Last week trivia answer was answered correctly by both the Admiral and Andrew Walters. Since both are a big time Vandy Alumni they knew that the last SEC win for the Dores before last weekend was against UK in 2008. This week's trivia question is: When was the last time the Dawgs started 0-3 in SEC play?

6. NFL Power 5
1. Green Bay Packers- Excited to see the game tonight with the monsters of the midway
2. Pittsburgh Steelers-3-0 without their QB and playing great defense. Look out AFC.
3. New Orleans Saints- Cant knock them for losing to the Falcons in OT after short week.
4. Chicago Bears- Can Jay Cutler get away from the Packers pass rush?
5. Indy Colts- I know they have a loss and Chiefs are undefeated but who actually thinks Chiefs can beat the Colts?

7. NCAA Power 5
1. Alabama- Mark Ingram gained 80 of his 157 rushing yards against Arkansas after a defender made contact with him. Ingram has gained almost 50 percent of his rushing yards this season after contact.(Take notes Mr. Ealey)
2. Ohio State- The 73 points scored on Saturday were the most the Buckeyes have scored since 1950 when they scored 83.
3. Boise State- The Broncos are now 6-1 against BCS conference teams in the last four seasons.
4. Nebraska-If I cared about style points I would probably drop them out of the Power 5. A win is a win is a win even if it is only 17-3 against the Jackrabbits of South Dakota State.
5. TCU- The Horned Frogs have now won 18 straight regular-season games and 30 of 33 games overall.

8. Ten Moments in Sports I Wish I Would Have Attended
1. Braves Win The World Series-The only championship won by a professional team in the city of Atlanta.
2. UGA wins National Championship - A Sugar Bowl win over the Irish in the Sugar Bowl. It is true you can not spell Sugar without U.G.A
3. 1980 Winter Olympics- Team USA led by college players beats the professional Russians in hockey to win Gold. Watch the movie Miracle if you do not know this story.
4. First ever game at Yankee Stadium-Babe Ruth homers and the announced attendance was 74,217 (with another 25,000 turned away). When asked about the new stadium the Babe said it was "Some Ball Yard"
5. Jordan's Final Shot - How memorable is this shot?
6. The Greatest Game Ever Played- Colts-Giants in old Yankee Stadium.
7. UGA goes to the Final Four-The only Final four in school history in 1983-lost to NC State in the semifinals.
8. Buck Belue to Lindsay Scott-Maybe greatest play in UGA football history.
9. Wilt scores 100- Greatest game ever.
10. Colts win the Super Bowl-In the rain and against the Bears no less.

9. What I Read This Week

Once again what I think are multiple good reads this week. The first article is written by S.L. Price and comes from the Sports Illustrated vault. Published in late August 1997 Price takes a look at then Marshall wide receiver Randy Moss. Moss who lost scholarship offers from Notre Dame and Florida State before landing in Huntington, West Virginia is a complicated person today, think how complicated he was as the nation's best football while playing at Marshall. Also interviewed for the story was Red Dawson who get to know better in the movie, We Are Marshall.

The second read is an excerpt that appears in Vanity Fair from an upcoming novel titled Frank: The Voice by James Kaplan. The only person from the this time period that fascinates me more than Sinatra is JFK. The title of the excerpt is The Night Sinatra Happened. Very captivating.

10. Non Football or Baseball Thoughts
a. TV had a pretty good return to the fall season. I enjoyed How I Met Your Mother and Modern Family. Did not have time yet to see The Office, 30 Rock or Big Bang.
b. I absolutely loved Boardwalk Empire. Steve Buscemi is very good and it is about time he has a show for himself. For those that do not know Boardwalk Empire is set in Atlantic City, New Jersey, during the Prohibition era. The show is adapted from Nelson Johnson's book, Boardwalk Empire: The Birth, High Times, and Corruption of Atlantic City by Emmy Award-winning screenwriter and producer Terence Winter of The Sopranos.
c.Not only is the very talented Winter involved but so is Martin Scorsese, who directed the Pilot episode. From what I read, Scorsese and Winter would meet once a week to review what went on and Scorsese would have comments and suggestions. Martin Scorsese is expected to continue to be creatively involved in the ongoing production and if the series continues he would like to direct more episodes.
d. Boardwalk Empire's premiere episode gained HBO's highest ratings for any premiere since 2004's Deadwood. How does that happen opposite the Manning Bowl last Sunday night? I know that game was a dud but come on.
e. How many of you gentlemen saw Katy Perry on SNL? Wow.
f. Apparently this video with Katy Perry and Elmo created a stir with the Sesame Street crowd. I do not see many Dad's complaining.
g. The skit with New York David Peterson was probably the funniest thing I will see on tv this week. Hilarious.
h. I randomly found this top ten list this week. This list is titled Top Ten Urinals. Some cool stuff here.
i. Speaking of urinals, I love going into old buildings and finding urinals like these. If I ever get rich I will have some of these in my Man Bathroom which will be of off my Man Room.
j. Where am I going with the last two thoughts?
k. Saw the Amazing Race Sunday night, very good start to the season and this clip from the show is about as good as it gets.
l. I should also point out that the Mother-Daughter team both have Georgia ties with the mother residing in Cumming and the daughter going to the greatest school in the world. The University of Georgia. In all seriousness, this is a great read on the team.
m. I also saw this morning where Southwest has now purchased Airtran. I wonder if my bags will fly free on Airtran. Also, great job by Southwest getting into Atlanta market something they have wanted to do for a while.

Quote of The Week
Comes from Bill Cowher on NFL Today.

Brett Favre has a better rapport with his receivers in the jean commercial than he does with the Vikings.

Text of The Week

From me to my Dad at 7:05 Monday (today) morning after the first day of boot camp.

Did first day of boot camp today....I think I'd rather be fat than do that again.

Tweet of The Week
Comes from @EricStangel 

Braylon Edwards arrested for DWI. His blood-alcohol was .16, then they added on another.15 for taunting. Not good.

Picture of The Week I
This is what the skies around the Little Apple (Manhattan, Kansas) looked around noon time on Saturday. A little scary if you ask me.

Picture of The Week II
Below you will see Khagendra Thapa, who is expected to be the world's shortest man next month when he turns 18, checking out the legs of Miss Nepal beauty pageant winners during a news conference in Kathmandu. Who am I to judge?

Have a wonderful week and GO BRAVES!!!!

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