Thursday, August 5, 2010

Countdown to 2010 - #28 Warrick Dunn

Isn't that photo great? Go to hell Gaytors!

Captain's Memories: Warrick Dunn is on the short list of best athletes, and people, ever at Florida State University. he was the starting running back for the 1993 Championship team that also featured Heisman winner Charlie Ward, and he would go down in Florida State lore for a play early in his Seminole career.

Early on the game looked to be a blowout as the Seminoles built a 27-7 lead in the fourth quarter.

The Gators would make a comeback behind freshman Danny Wuerffel, who would lead Florida to two quick scores to cut the Florida State lead to 27-21.

Charlie Ward would win the Heisman trophy on what happened next.

With six minutes remaining in the game and the Seminoles facing a third down and 21, the Swamp was shaking so hard it registered as an earthquake.

Ward would not be fazed by the noise or the shaking. He would find the other talented freshman Warrick Dunn, who raced down the sideline for the 79-yard touchdown.
I remember absolutely losing my mind when Dunn broke free down the sidelines and I was convinced he was never gonna make the endzone, it seemed the field was 200 yards long. I'm pretty sure I peed just a little I was so happy.

I searched high and far for video of this play as it's possibly the best play he ever had at Florida State but it was deleted from YouTube for some reason. In the end I think this deletion may be a good thing though as I ended up finding a video that I think works better.

For as good a player Warrick Dunn was on the field he's an even better person off the field.

Dunn is from Louisiana, and according to Wikipedia:

"In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, Dunn challenged all NFL players, except for those who play for the New Orleans Saints, to donate at least $5,000 to the effort. The effort received over $5 million in contributions."

Warrick's long been known for his Warrick Dunn Foundation, started when he played for the home state Tampa Bay Buccaneers. However it's in small circles that he gets the praise he really should. If you're interested in finding out more about Warrick Dunn and his charities please google "Warrick Dunn Foundation" and donate to the cause; I make sure to do it every year.

In closing I want to say that Warrick Dunn is one of my favorite athletes I have ever had the pleasure of cheering for. I could have posted a list of his statistics at FSU, gone on about his role in bringing championships to Seminole fans, sang his praises for his generosity in giving back to the school or detailed the numerous athletic awards and achievements Dunn has been given for his prowess on the football field. However, I feel proud to root for Warrick Dunn the man, and that makes him one of the truly elite athletes of his era and a True Seminole.


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