Sunday, April 25, 2010

Ten Things JJ Thinks He Thinks

Below you will find 10 Quick Thoughts on the week. This weekend I had the Ten Things 75-80% done when Firefox crashed on me and I lost almost everything. I think I said the F word about 80 times the next few minutes after that mishap. Bobby Knight would be proud, my mom would not. Thus proving that machine will not hold man down here are my quick ten thoughts for the week.

1. On Thursday the Yankees turned their first triple play since June 3, 1968….Guess who turned the last one for the Bronx Bombers? That would be Braves skipper Bobby Cox, on a line drive to the pitcher who threw to him at third and he threw over to Mickey Mantle at first.

2. After watching Roy Halladay Wednesday night in Atlanta, I think 20 wins are almost guaranteed and I would not rule out 25. By the way the last pitcher to win 25 games was Bob Welch in 1990 and he won 27 that season. The last NL pitcher to win at least 25 games was Steve Carlton in 1972 for the Phillies. Lefty won 27 that season as well.

3. I watched two high school baseball games this weekend and I was so impressed by the coaching of both Northside-Columbus and Carrollton. Both teams play hard and do a lot of the little things that I love.

4. On Sunday I went to Montgomery I watched the Mississippi Braves play the Montgomery Biscuits. The Montgomery Biscuits might have the coolest name in all of professional sports. They also have one of the coolest stadiums in Minor League Baseball. Set in downtown Montgomery, Riverwalk Stadium It is built into an historic train station and has a capacity of around 7,000. Even the suites down the first base line are built into the former train station and they are very cool.

5. I watched Braves first round pick and former Vandy Commodore Mike Minor pitch. I absolutely love his change-up as it is one of the best I have scene. Fastball sat at 90-93 and he commanded both sides of the plate. Very impressive despite giving up 5 unearned runs.

Halftime: Congrats to Brice Scott for winning the trivia contest two weeks in a row. He will receive two tickets to a Braves game. One for his bodyguard (his son Hayden) and one for himself. Everyone that I know is proud of Brice for his efforts. Keep on keeping on. The song that Smoak and myself used to rock out to while cruising the streets of Sylvania was "Mr. Jones" by the Counting Crows. I had a lot of good baseball talk with Smoak, T-Mac, and the greatest kicker in Screven County History Donald Sheppard. Great stuff...what will we come up with to discuss this week? This weeks trivia question is: What former Calder Trophy winner for NHL Rookie of the Year was also the winning pitcher and MVP at the 1989 Little League World Series?

6. I saw the movie "The Losers" on Tuesday night. I thought it was really good and a lot of fun. I will not go as far as saying it was great but it is definitely worth a see. I think Roger Ebert describes the movie the best when he says, ""The Losers" knows what it's doing and how to do it.The movie gets the job done, and the actors show a lot of confidence in occupying that tricky middle ground between controlled satire and comic overkill. It's fun."

7. A couple of great reads from the week include Amy K. Nelson's look at Rockies president Keli McGregor who was found dead this week in his hotel room. Very good read on a tragic story. The second read is a profile of Oklahoma City Thunder GM Sam Presti. To find out what you need to know about Presti is this fact, when he was a player at Emerson College he once took six charges in a game against Daniel Webster College.

8. Last year, Patriots made 7 trades on draft weekend and 12 total picks. This year, Patriots have made 7 trades and 12 picks. How is Captain Hoody able to pull off such shenanigans year after year?

9. Why did the Panthers draft three quarterbacks? Granted one will play wide receiver but I think they saying goes if you have three quarterbacks, you do not have one quarterback.

10. On the way back from Montgomery we stopped by Auburn's campus to look at scenery and as we drove by Jordan-Hare stadium I could only think to myself I hope I never have to sit in the upper deck in this place. Steep and very tall. I am looking forward to going to the loveliest village on the plains next fall for my first football game at Auburn. Hopefully sitting on the lower level.

Quote of The Week

This weeks quote comes from a random person working out with Brett Michaels on the Celebrity Apprentice.

"You are in my top 5 celebrity passes"

On a side not if I were to ever get married I might agree to the celebrity pass. Who knows I might be in Brooklyn Decker's blogger top 5 celebrity passes. George Costanza was Marisa Tomi's type after all.

Tweet of The Week

Again @Justin_Stangel provides us with multiple tweets this week

Not paying my cable bill this month. Blaming volcanic ash.

We are now in hour 10 of #NFLDraft pre-show. They just interviewed the guy who buffs the podium.

I do not plan on celebrating Earth Day. When has the Earth celebrated my birthday? Stupid Earth!

Text of The Week

From New York Met fan Dan Hauptman to me after I sent him this stat while watching the Braves Sunday night: Braves are 1-14 with runners in scoring position in 14 innings past two nights. 


I wonder how Dan likes the fact that the Mets have not thrown a no hitter and Nolan Ryan has thrown seven? For those that do not know Ryan was a Met for a couple of years at the start of his career. 

Photo of The Week

I love when there is a typo on a major website and readers send it to Deadspin for everyones enjoyment. Thanks to for the photo.

Hopefully your week and my week is better than the Yankees Friday night...just saying.

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