Friday, March 26, 2010

What Did We Learn This Week?

For the first time in a long time we will are giving an update on what we have learned over the past week. Since we got the idea from Dan Patrick and his awesome radio show we use some Arcade Fire as inspiration......ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

What Did The Coach Learn?

I have learned that March Madness is more than some basketball tournament where America turns its attention for a couple of weeks, it is the last couple of weeks before the baseball season where things have been flying by and I absolutely have no idea where the last week and half have gone. I also have learned that I have not been to Carver's in about 6-8 weeks and that will change this morning. Allie is rolling at 1105...who is coming with? I also have learned that I will be attending the practice round of the Master's on Tuesday April 6th and I am looking forward to walking the course and taking some awesome pics for the award winning website I really need to invest in a digital camera. Am I the last person on earth without all three of these items...1. A Facebook Page 2. A digital camera 3. An Ipod or similar device? Some may not have all but I would think 98.6% of the country has one of these items. I also relearned how much I miss DP as I have been to busy to listen at work or check out a pod cast or listen at home. I really enjoyed his interview with Bill Rafferty on Thursday and the Smoltz interview was decent. (Credit to Evan for the Smoltz find on DP). I also learned that the softball season has started up again and I have done an awful job of staying in shape this offseason. I guess I will have to work my way into playing shape as the season continues. I also think I need to spend more time in the cage. What else have you learned?

What Did The Roomdog Learn?

I learned that NCAA squares are pretty awesome.... 63 chances to win some money.  I learned that if there is going to be an exciting basketball game, it needs to be broadcasted by either Gus Johnson or Bill Rafftery.  Side note about Gus Johnson.... He was as excited during an IU/Minnesota game this year as we was during last nights Xavier/KSU thriller.  I learned the Bucks are pretty bad ass since the John Salmons trade a couple weeks ago and are looking good for a 5 seed and possible 1st round matchup with the Hawks.  I learned I was going to be on live tv for one of the studio shows on NBATV last Friday about 30 minutes before it happened.  I learned how excited I am for baseball after having my first 2 fantasy baseball drafts last week.  I learned I have a chance to win the Braves bracket pool if Kentucky beats Ohio State in the championship game (I may need St Marys to beat Baylor along the way for this to happen, but at least a 2nd place finish and money would be in my future if that title game matchup happens).

What Did Evan Learn?

I learned that pulling tarp is absolutely miserable...nothing like going to New Orleans for the 1st and 2nd rounds of the NCAA Tournament, and having to be back in Pearl to pull the tarp of the field at 9 AM Sunday Morning. I learned that I love the media picking against the Cats. As one person close to the team said last night before UK beat Cornell, "this is the most focused I've ever seen these guys. Kind of scary". I learned that Demarcus Cousins is pure genius when it comes to the media. Sure he may be a little hard to understand at times, but he's always prepared with something witty. March madness is about basketball, not about who can read a book the fastest or solve a rubick's cube in less than 3 minutes! I hope to learn why SAT scores were compared when talking about the Kentucky/Cornell matchup.....must not have a class in Cornell's campus about how to stop the dribble penetration.  I learned that Kentucky is a very generous bunch of players. Since apparently this guy thinks the job market will be tough for Cornell (Give me a break, you graduated from an Ivy League school, you'll be fine), we wanted to give them a head start on the job search. I learned that I can't wait for the A-Braves to get started and damn do I miss Carver's: someone please add a side for me....

What Did Coach Mitchell Learn?

I learned Thursday and Friday of the NCAA Tournament are the two best days of the year, and I don't really like college basketball that much anymore.  I learned eating full lobsters in Sea World that has been rented out just for our company is pretty impressive.  It must be nice to be able to live that kind of life everyday. I would like to thank Seth Davis when he was on DP a few weeks ago for the tip to buy Cornell.  I also learned ticket exchanges suck. 

What Did Coach Eanes Learn?

What have I learned....I learned that our Wednesday Night softball league is shaping up to be pretty competitive. I also learned that I am not ready for the chaos that is about ready to come, but I am very ready to be working well into October! I learned that I am fully on the Heyward band wagon and am pretty jacked up to see him in right field on opening day (hopefully he gets a better jersey #). I also learned that in order to sell 3000 fund-raising tickets for a high school baseball team each player will have to sell more than 20 tickets, right JJ! I learned that getting a passport is a expensive process and they actually make you raise your right hand and take an oath. I mean really I am at the post office and some part time postal worker making 25k a year gives me a sworn oath and then allows me to sign the paper. Speechless! I learned I am exhausted and have nothing else left to right!

Till we learn again........

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