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Link Dump - 10/30/2009

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  • Hopefully Warchant creator Gene "Dot Com" Williams doesn't find this Blog.  I'll post in it's entirety his well written article concerning Jimbo Fisher and FSU's future.

Whether it happens in a couple months or a little over a year from now, Jimbo Fisher will become Florida State's next head football coach in the not too distant future.

When the announcement is made, it will mark the end of an era at Florida State. That's because soon to be 80-year old head coach Bobby Bowden has been running the show in Tallahassee since 1976. During the past 24 years, the coaching legend has racked up well over 300 wins, created a football dynasty during the late 80's and 90's and led the 'Noles to two national championships.

Regardless of when the change occurs, Fisher will have the monumental task of taking over for one of the greatest coaches in college football history.

Gene Williams -

Fisher will likely take over as FSU's head football coach in 2010 or 2011.
Unlike most new head coaches, Fisher has had the unique opportunity to see his future program from the inside. In December of 2007, the 'Noles' offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach was named "head coach in waiting" with a $5 million buyout to kick in if he isn't named the head coach by January of 2011.

Ever since the head coach in waiting plan was announced, fans and media have debated as to when the torch should officially be passed. But the question remains, when it is passed what kind of head coach will Fisher make?

While Fisher's resume coaching quarterbacks and coordinating offenses is impressive, he has never served as a head coach at the college level. As a result, many will be dubious of a rookie head coach's ability to run a major football program. While that may be a difficult transition for most first time coaches, Fisher has had the unique opportunity to work under two of college football's most successful coaches.

Fisher's first stint as an offensive coordinator at a major college took place at LSU from 2000-2004 under Nick Saban. During those five years, LSU's program reached new heights including a national championship in 2003. In 2007, he arrived at Florida State and has since had the opportunity to soak in vast knowledge and experience from Bobby Bowden.

So what head coaching traits has he been able to learn from two outstanding coaches with very different styles?

"First thing it shows you is that both styles are successful. That's the first thing you learn," Fisher told "The biggest thing I learned from both of them is I have to be me. When that time comes I can't say 'well, coach Saban would have done that' or 'coach Bowden would have done that.' You reference it in your mind but you have to make that decision, you have to act upon yourself and trust on your own instincts. As much as anything from being around both of them, coach Bowden is coach Bowden and Nick is Nick, and they don't let people influence them one way or another. I think that's the greatest thing I can take from both of them."

In FSU's last game, the 44-year old coach gave a hint on how his style might differ from the 'Noles' current head coach.

After drawing a staggering 16 flags for 126 yards in the North Carolina game, Fisher didn't hesitate to call out the officiating and even referred to a couple questionable calls as "asinine". If they haven't already, those comments will likely result in some kind of sanction (most likely a warning) from the ACC office but his players see it in a totally different light.

"We know he is going to take shots for something like that, but it lets us know that he's got our back." wide receiver Bert Reed said. "You go out and give 100 percent and don't worry about the referees and he took care of it... I'm glad he handled that. It brings a smile to my face."

The perception that Fisher will put the team's best interest first should serve him well when he takes over the top spot. And his ability to effectively communicate with the players should also enhance his ability to lead.

"Just showing that he's really with you, 100 percent behind you and in it with you," Reed added. "When we lose he hurts and when we wins he feels good. I really feel like that's a big plus for Jimbo because he really communicates with the players well and that's going to be a big plus when it comes to him being a head coach."

In addition to a strong resume when it comes to developing quarterbacks, Fisher is a renowned recruiter. Just last year, he was primarily responsible for recruiting six of FSU's highest rated commitments including five-star cornerback Greg Reid, who he won in a vicious battle with Georgia and Alabama.

Jimbo Fisher Resume
2010 or 11-
Head Coach
OC & QB Coach
OC & QB Coach
OC & QB Coach
QB Coach
OC & QB Coach
Not surprisingly, most recruits are committing to Florida State with the knowledge that Fisher will be running the show some point during their college careers. One current player that kept that in mind before he signed with the Seminoles was quarterback E.J. Manuel.

The former Rivals100 member says he evaluated Fisher both as his future position coach and as a head coach. After developing a close relationship during the recruiting process, the former blue chip quarterback got a good vibe about Fisher's ability to run a major football program.

"When I was coming out I pretty much knew he was already one of the best quarterback coaches in the country," Manuel said. "Just by the relationship we had and the communication we had, I could tell that he had some great leadership qualities in him and that he would be an awesome head coach once that time came. I took that into account."

Being around Fisher on a nearly every day basis over the past year and a half, Manuel's opinion of his ability to take over the reigns has only been enhanced.

"He can just take charge. You look at coach Fisher and you can believe in him," Manuel noted. "Every time something bad happens in the game or things break down in a game, he'll call up the offense and you look at him as a leader. You know he's not going to put you in a bad position or tell you anything wrong to hurt you. You feel very confident playing for a coach like that."

When he does take his place in the big chair, Fisher won't have much time to get comfortable. Since he has already had a heavy hand in recruiting and in directing of the offense over the past few years, the fans and media will expect a quick turnaround. If not, the Bobby Bowden's shadow over the program could become pretty daunting for the young coach.

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